Best international destinations for poker



Travelling is something everyone likes. And we do it for fun, for business, or for different activities, such as sports or different passions.


One of the most popular games in the world is poker, and this is a big reason why people travel across the country, between the countries or even from a continent to another.


There are millions of poker players in the world, and from time to time they gather in tournaments or in different locations.


And even though the truth is that is more difficult to travel these days, fortunately we have the option to play online poker. We don’t have to go outside the house to make it happen, and the top online poker web sites, like Unibet, always have attractive promos and offers.


But if you want to mix them both, here are the best international destinations for poker:


  1. Las Vegas


Honestly, we couldn’t have started with any other destination. Maybe many players have great memories from other cities and gained big in different tournaments around the world, but Las Vegas is the first place that comes into your mind when thinking about gambling and poker.


There are more than 400 poker rooms in over 130 casinos in this city. And poker is actually the most played game in the US casinos.


The main attraction is the Las Vegas strip, with its famous fountains and casinos. So, if you are thinking of a great destination to travel to, pick Nevada’s Las Vegas.


  1. Atlantic City (New Jersey)


And there is the other side of the United States, on the Eastern Coast, where the main poker attraction is New Jersey’s Atlantic City. The city is part of an area known for gambling, and includes the Borgata poker room, for example, maybe the most luxurious of them all.


Tourists from around the world come here for gambling and nightlife, and there are tournaments every day, some of them famous at an international level.


  1. Macau


The special administrative region of China is maybe the best place to be called the Vegas of Asia. Some think it is the next Las Vegas in terms of gambling popularity.


It has a lot of casinos and poker rooms, and one of the most famous is The Venetian. There are also the Casino Babylon and the Casino Macau Palace. All these make it the ideal poker destination for poker players who want to visit the expanding new world of gambling and poker.


  1. Monte Carlo


Here we have the Monte Carlo Casino, in one of the most glamorous places in the world. The Monte Carlo Casino is the ideal poker destination, hosting the annual European Poker Tour Grand finale, and also many other all-budget poker tables.


And if “just poker” doesn’t convince you, then the beaches, the luxurious streets, the restaurants and the F1 race maybe will change your mind.


  1. California


Both northern and southern California make it to this list, and that means the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles with their surroundings. The area is filled with beaches and lots of popular tourist attraction, but also many poker rooms.


And you can have a vacation here also for the scenic driving along the Pacific coast.


  1. Arizona


The Phoenix and Tucson areas have some popular poker rooms, like Talking Stick in Phoenix and Desert Diamond in Tucson. The cities are also known for their warm weather, restaurants, and desert landscapes.


  1. Canada


Oh, Canada! Online and casino poker are both legal in Canada, and there are many poker players here. Such a country with many casinos and some incredible landscapes must be on many poker players’ list.


One city to be visited is Montreal, which has the Casino du Montreal and The Playground poker rooms, but also fine cuisine, art, and natural beauty.


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