AT&LU backpedals, tells workers to report to work

Wigley George



Further to our press releases dated 16 & 17th September 2021, Employees working
for those institutions that are governed by the Essential Services Act No. 9 of 2008,
are required to report for work as usual.

These include Water services, Electricity services, Hospital services, Fire services, Prison services, Air traffic control services, Meteorological services, Services rendered by persons employed in the Government Printing Office, Services rendered by the Port Authority, Services rendered by an entity providing telecommunications services.

The membership is further advised that the Union will over the next two weeks,
gather its members from the various bargaining Units in groups at the Headquarters
of the Union for the sole purpose of providing information relative to the COVID19 Pandemic.

To this end resource professional to include, Doctors will be on hand to address the concerns and questions from the membership.


BREAKING: AT&LU calls on ALL EMPLOYEES to stay home on Monday and Tuesday in protest of mandatory vaccination


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    • Essential Workers cannot strike without giving due notification. It has been the Law for many moons now. They could call out sick and bring Doctors notes.

      • Call out sick, really. When people who real sick can’t see doctor, who will be writing this Doctor note of which you speak..
        Boss, the health system is on the verge of collapse so don’t encourage anyone to pretend to be ill.

  1. These eunuchs without balls only backed down after Gaston told them he will discontinue the automatic deduction of union dues.
    They also trying to save face, because they know that the chickens in antigua will never stay home and stand up if they believe in the freedom of choice

  2. This is actually better for the ESSENTIAL WORKERS since they don’t have to strike at all to send a clear message..They should ALL show up for work and Continue to REFUSE THE vaccine JUST LIKE THE NURSES AND DOCTORS and the government connot send them home because they are ESSENTIAL..THE GOVERNMENT CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. IF the the government tries to victimize any of them, they would each have constitutional motions to file against the government. Because they can’t treat ESSENTIAL HEALTH CARE WORKERS ONE WAY, AND OTHER ESSENTIALS ANOTHER WAY!


  3. It was clear the unions would have to back down here because most workers would simply have turned up to work because they don’t want to lose pay. A union that is truly a union would be advocating for safe work conditions and stay home pay for non-essentials. Instead, after doing nothing to improve workers wages and conditions for years, they come out supporting a small group of trash workers who believe conspiracy theories. Time for the union leadership to go!

  4. The union leaders obviously don’t know what to do. I suggest they collect the concerns and recommendations from their membership and bring it to the minister and the media. They could issue a letter on behalf of their members saying that they were being injected under duress and will take legal action in response to any negative side effects. At least prepare for future action

  5. Why is it about money and not health and freedom.
    I hear the vaccine was made from dead fetus if so it could kill u in 30 years that’s why cannibalism is illegal but we dnt know the government should be educating the people about the vaccine and answer their concerns then this would move smoothly.
    You have fail us pm your arrogant ways have surface as an investor you only care about your investment and to hind the fact that all the money stolen from the health care system is now needed

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