AstraZeneca vaccine’s blood clot ‘trigger’ uncovered by experts in huge step forward


Scientists have made an AstraZeneca breakthrough, believing they have found the “trigger” in the vaccine that causes extremely rare cases of blood clotting.

The research team from Cardiff and the US discovered that a protein in the blood is attracted to a crucial component of the vaccine. They believe that this starts a chain reaction in the immune system, that can result in extremely rare but dangerous blood clots.

While the rollout of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is thought to have saved over a million lives by protecting people from COVID-19, concerns about the rare blood clots have meant that many countries have opted for alternatives.

In the UK, the under 40s were offered other vaccines like Pfizer or Moderna instead, while the EU delayed rolling out AstraZeneca for some time after Britain, with French President Emmanuel Macron even slating the jab as quasi-ineffective too.

It led to a rigorous investigation into the jab to determine what was causing the rare blood clots and if there was any way to prevent this life-threatening effect.

The Government gave provided the Cardiff team with funding to conduct the investigation.

And scientists from AstraZeneca also took part in the study after earlier results from the team were published.

An AstraZeneca spokeswoman said that is more likely that blood clots form because of a COVID-19 infection than because of the vaccine itself, and that the team has still not developed a full understanding of why it happened.

She said: “Although the research is not definitive, it offers interesting insights and AstraZeneca is exploring ways to leverage these findings as part of our efforts to remove this extremely rare side effect.”

But the team made two initial discoveries that gave them a better understanding of the cause of the rare blood clots.

One was that a higher risk of clots was seen only with some of the vaccine technologies.

The other was that people who experienced the blood clots had unusual antibodies that were attacking a protein in their blood known as platelet factor four.

Vaccines rolled out in Britain all take a piece of the genetic code virus into the body to train the immune system.

While some of the vaccines store the code ins spheres of fat, the AstraZeneca vaccine sends a snippet of the adenovirus (a common cold virus from chimpanzees) to your cells.

The researchers suspected that the adenovirus may be linked to the blood clots seen in some people.

They performed a technique called cryo-electron microscopy to snap images of the adenovirus in molecular-level detail.

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, unveiled that the outer surface of the adenovirus very strongly attracts the platelet factor four protein to it.

Professor Alan Parker, from Cardiff University, said: “The adenovirus has an extremely negative surface, and platelet factor four is extremely positive and the two things fit together quite well.”

He added: “We’ve been able to prove the link between the key smoking guns of adenoviruses and platelet factor four.

“What we have is the trigger, but there’s a lot of steps that have to happen next.”

The researchers believe that the next step could be “misplaced immunity”.

But this does need confirmation from further research.

It is believed that the body starts to attack platelet factor four after mistaking it for part of the adenovirus it gets stuck to.

This causes antibodies to get released into the blood, which sticks together with platelet factor four and triggers the formation of blood clots.

The clots, which have been given the name vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia, have been linked to 73 deaths out of nearly 50 million doses of AstraZeneca administered in Britain.

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    • Also, the sheeple do not realise that global governments have been using ‘Behavioural Scientists’ from the get go, to instil, fear, shaming, and TOTAL compliance, to ensure that their brainwashing tactics continues unabashed, in order that the vaccination programme and the lockdowns continue … BAAAA … BAAA … BAAA!!!

  2. The first of many adverse reactions to be discovered. I keep telling people that drugs and vaccines take years of clinical trials to determine all of the possible adverse reactions. We are all in that clinical trial phase.

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  4. LMAO!… “Scientists have made an Astra Zenica breakthrough ‘BELIEVING’ they have found the trigger in the vaccine that caused extremely rare cases of blood clots.”
    “Believing” I know it’s just a word, but it’s a very important distinction. Scientists are supposed to have some EVIDENCE that leads them tentatively to some conclusion. If they need time to prove their BELIEFS why is the media putting this information out to the public prematurely? Is it to subconsciously program peoples brains to ‘believe’ Astra Zenica’s vaccine is now safe? All this ‘believing’ is beginning to look like some kind of religion.

    • Yes Sup, a religion or a cult, makes no difference to the sheeple, and the vaccinated. They will keep bowing and worshipping before Gaston Browne’s alter; and will continue taking his ‘Kool-Aid’ vaccinations until their immune systems completely breakdown. SO, SO SAD!

      • @ Brixtonian, one member of the Mass Formation aka Hypnotized Cult keeps stalking us. Hope they don’t catch a stroke trying to police the dissenters. ROTFLMAO!

  5. I’ve got a great idea, why don’t you, “Apples”, “Ras Smood”, “I told you so” and “*****” move to Redonda and start your own Vax free zone. You’ll be safe there. I’ll provide you with free one-way tickets. You can conspiracy-theory yourselves into oblivion.

    • It looks like you believe in tyranny and totalitarianism, and not in any freedom of speech whatsoever – AM I GETTING ANY CLOSER TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE YET?

    • @Say What? 🌞it’s a sunshiny day, I am smiling and will continue to do so without any assistance from fuckers like you.

      Thanks for the offer, however, you can keep your filthy lucre and wipe your ass with it, then burn it, since you have that much money to waste.

  6. You can’t mask your lies and misinformation as free speech, it can’t be so. Oldest trick in the book on your part though, your cheap and dishonest attempt to say I believe in tyranny and totalitarianism. You spout your lies, rhetoric and conspiracies, yet you call me a totalitarian tyrant when I challenge you. That’s your idea of free speech? Anyone who challenges you is a paid shill? I’m free to speak as long as I agree with you? What a joker you are.

    Listen, you post a lot of garbage on this board, not just about the pandemic, but others as well. I ignore most of it because, frankly, no one really cares what you say, including me (though I do notice that more people are challenging you lately). And it’s the same handful of people who stroke your ego every time you post. But when it comes to public health, and the damage your influence can have on people who are genuinely confused about everything they hear through the media, family and friends, and social media, it’s important for your claims to be fact checked. Simple as that, ezzy peezy. So keep posting, I’m going to continue to fact check your most egregious and offensive claims. By the way, you’ll note that I’ve never pushed a treatment or a cure for anything, unlike you… not a one. If anyone is a paid shill around here, it’s you. My message has been consistent… discuss your health care options and concerns with your doctor. Full stop!

  7. The fearful and unbelieving will always doubt the truth even if the truth is infront of them, they have been lied and they know it so they continue to believe the lies to comfort their minds not to face reality

  8. So Astrazeneca spokespersons says they ‘believe’ the cause of the bloodclots is COVID-19 infection🤨🤨. Wasn’t the Astrazeneca supposed to PREVENT COVID-19? This is the reason vaccines take years, not months to develop.

    So, “AstraZeneca vaccine sends a snippet of the adenovirus (a common cold virus from chimpanzees) to your cells.” – Surprise!! They say Omicron (pronounced mOronic) looks like it includes parts of a common cold virus. Where did Astrazeneca test their products? Could it have been…Africa?

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