‘Assisting Police’ …Or ..Being Interrogated For Murder?


Comment by Rawlston Pompey 

ASSISTING POLICE?: …NA-A-AH!: ..BEING INTERROGATED FOR MURDER: Can say without a shadow of doubt, this woman, parent of some ‘…9 CHILDREN’ never ‘…JUMPED FROM ANY MOVING VEHICLE.’ STILL: ‘…ONLY’ a Pathologist could confirm ‘…CAUSE OF DEATH.’ This shall be ascertained by ‘…THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022.’

WELL: ‘…No ‘…SUSPECT:’ (a) ‘…Husband: (b) …Wife: (c) …,Boyfriend: (d) …Girlfriend: (e) …Acquaintance: or (f) …Stranger,’ has ever ‘…ASSISTED POLICE.’ This is a misnomer. On members of the public do. EXPLANATION: ‘…When ‘…Police: (i) ‘…Detain: or (ii) …Arrest’ a person, it is simply because they have been ‘…REASONABLY SUSPECTED OF COMMITTING A CRIME.’

In the former, it is for ‘…INTERROGATION.’ In the latter, it is usually when they have ‘…PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE’ that the person ‘…ACTUALLY’ committed a ‘…KNOWN CRIME, FOLLOWED BY THE APPROPRIATE CRIMINAL CHARGE.’ In this instant case, ‘…POLICE SUSPECT’ that the victim was ‘…MURDERED.’

Only a ‘FOOL’ wouldn’t harbor such ‘SUSPICION.’ From practical professional investigative experience, ‘…SUSPECTS’ often come up with their ‘…OWN VERSION OF EVENTS.’ WHY?: …The ‘…DEAD MAN/WOMAN’ cannot refute their versions.

Comment was posted in response to the report below:

Boyfriend assisting police with investigations into death of Monica Phillip

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  1. Irrespective of your feelings, the suspect is still in process of assisting the police as they are still gathering substantial evidence to lay down the charges that will stand up before a grand jury. The responses of the suspect during the interrogation will “assist” the polices’ argumentation.


      Nowhere in any ‘…POLICE TRAINING MANUAL,’ not even in the ‘…GREAT UNITED STATES,’ would you see the words ‘…CRIMINAL SUSPECTS’ are ‘…DETAINED OR ARRESTED TO ASSIST THE POLICE.’

      Such ‘…an APPEAL’ is ‘NEVER’ made, and ‘…NO MONETARY REWARD’ has ever been ‘…OFFERED’ to ‘…CRIMINAL SUSPECTS,’


      Some in the form of: (a) ‘…INFORMANTS: and


      These comments are neither about ‘…FEELINGS,’ nor ‘…HAIRSTYLING or ‘…HAIR-BRADING.’

      Simply sharing practical ‘…Law Enforcement’ and ‘…Criminal Investigation’ experience with those that may not know.

      Even this ‘…NEWS PORTAL’ appreciates this particular comment.

      Not sure what you may glean from these ‘…LEGAL MAXIMS:’



      Though it was not raised, ‘…CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION’ is not about ‘…INNOCENCE or GUILT?’

      These are not for ‘…Criminal Investigators, but for ‘…JURIES.’

      That bridge will be crossed ‘ONLY’ when it is met.

      CONSTITUTIONALLY, persons charged with criminal offences, enjoy the ‘…RIGHT TO THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE’ [CO: 1981: S1ECTION 15].’


      ASK double-murderer ‘…STEADROY ‘FOX’ MC DOUGAL’ [December 25, 1998: ANR: May, 2022].

      Blessed Tuesday Evening, ‘..DAVE.’

  2. This is the reason why the police make a fool of themselves in court and lawyers like Robinson is see the police as “easy pickings”.

    The police should never approach an investigation with preconceived thoughts of innocence or guilt.

    Conduct the investigation without prejudice and allow the facts gathered to determine the course of action and leave the rest to the court..

  3. Everyone has a lot to say. We weren’t there with them in the vehicle. We cannot assume that the gentleman had anything to do with this tragedy and we cannot assume that he did not. The powers that be need to do what they were hired to do and charge the guilty party/parties if any at all are implicated. This is very very sad and heartbreaking news. I feel it for those kids who now have to grow up without their mother. We need to also keep in mind, that we do not know what people are going through. Sometimes, the persons in our life whom we label as “strong” and “resilient” and “always there to help others” and “always happy”…. Those are the ones who actually need someone to be there or need a shoulder to cry on. People don’t always express what they are going through. A lot of us are suffering in silence. But only God knows what truly happened and we can only pray that the truth reveals itself in due time.

      • Say it louder!!!!!! a woman mi be but we f****,k up big time!!!!
        The poor boy could be innocent think it easy to push someone from a moving veh she would a fight no body gonna sit an let somebody stretch cross Dem hand an push Dem out a car kmt I would a hold on to the steering wheel an that car would a crash with us both cause mi ain’t going deh

    • That’s wat I say impossible to push her out like that while driving an the car no crash?????
      Come on lot a crazy ppl out there they fighting battles we do not know of just because she has nine kids give mi a dam break my sister tried killed herself an she has 7 kids she slit her risk lock herself in the bathroom an do it an her baby father came just in time saw blood running under the door an burst it down an called the ambulance,so ppl should not judge the boy

  4. Smh I am not a police but come on the far didn’t crash for someone to push Yu out a moving veh like that some stumbling would a happened he has to stretch over Yu to open the door you have to fight back an the car is going to crash,it would be so sad to see an innocent man go prison for something he never did.Justvhecause she has nine kids dnt mean she would not do it you have crazy ppl out there,wen upset they do anything that boy brought her hospital she Wasn’t dead wen he brought her kmt this need some serious police with sense,I do not know her or the boy.i Kno the family going to say he did but a police with sense would see the difference she would a fight back wen he try pushing her out,the car would a crash some struggling would a take place check her finger nails maybe some scratching would a take place it is unfair if he goes to prison for wat he did not do

  5. Whoever police CID is on this dnt listen to the family point a veh this man could be innocent
    Aggression make Yu do things not because she has all Dem kids dnt mean she wouldn’t do it,all those ppl who killed ppl did Yu Kno they were capable??????
    Come on

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