Asot Michael condemns the position taken by ABLP political Leader Browne as dictatorial

Browne and Michael in happier times

The High Court has again stopped moves by Prime Minister Gaston Browne and other leaders of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) to prevent Asot Michael from functioning as the duly elected parliamentary representative of the St. Peters Constituency and as a member of the ABLP.

In the order dated November 12, 2021, the High Court restrained General Secretary Mary-Clare Hurst, Chairman Paul Chet Greene and Political Leader Gaston Browne from proceeding with a number of actions in their pursuit to sideline the St Peter MP from the ABLP:

“By interim injunction” Hurst, Greene and Browne “are restrained from taking any action with the aim or effect of” (i) removing Asot Michael from the ABLP; (ii) preventing Asot Michael from functioning as the duly elected member to the House of Representatives for the Constituency of St Peter within the party structure; and (iii) from preventing Hon. Michael from carrying out his functions as the duly elected representative of the constituency of St. Peter within the ABLP.

The court order also specifically restrains the ABLP leadership trio from:

  1. Excluding Michael from Central Executive Meetings of the ABLP;
  2. Giving effect to any decision at a Central Executive Meeting of October 22, 2021 from which Michael was excluded;
  3. Recognizing any Constituency Branch Executive of the St Peter’s Constituency elected on October 27, 2021 without the knowledge and/or participation of Michael;
  4. Recognizing any other Constituency Branch Executive other than that provided for under the revised Constitution of the ABLP.

Michael welcomes the injunctive relief granted to him (the second in 12 months) as he sees it as vindication of his decision to take legal action against the leadership of the ABLP for the unlawful suppression of his rights as a member of the ABLP and duly elected Member of Parliament for the St Peter’s Constituency.

In recent Statements made by Prime Minister Brown, he has declared that he does not want Asot Michael in the ABLP and that Asot Michael cannot run on his ticket.

Michael has condemned the position taken by the political Leader Brown as dictatorial:

“This is a very disturbing case of one man seeking to establish absolute control of the ABLP as his private business or gang. When you challenge him or fall in his disfavor, he strikes out to destroy you with impunity.  Not just Asot Michael, but anyone in the ABLP who does not align with his personal plans or vision. He does not use party machinery to resolve issues; he uses his Public Office and his radio station. He did it to others, like comrade Michael Freeland, Benjamin and James or anyone who questions him, criticizes him or does not agree with him.

“This is of grave significance to our Party and our Country at this time. We must all take note. We must all resolve to stand up, fight back and save what we have from the dangers of abuse of power,” Michael said.

The matter returns to court for a hearing between the parties on December 8.

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  1. He can talk from now til he reach McNish mountain, he will NOT be the Labour Party candidate come general elections!!!! He can even complain to Dali Lama and the Pope……it just ain’t you boo

    • Enough is enough with Asot Michael….. ABLP does not want him neither is he needed. He perhaps can go & form his own political party. But with him at the helm his party will surely fail. .

    • One leader that needs to be replaced Gaston brown ! I’m not a upp supporter , but has done a bit too much he has been in office!

      • “A bit too much” is right. Topping the list is the UWI FIVE ISLANDS CAMPUS! In the midst of the barking dogs, he kept the wagon rolling. Nothing was “a but too much” for him to do to secure the 4th landed campus.

  2. Asot just GO HOME and spend some quality time with your wife and children…and grandchildren. Your days as a political leader are over, so now you can spend some quality time with your family. Stop stirring up things that are seeingly making people dislike you more and more. Why not settle down and rest on your past accomplishments of years gone by. Time has changed you, it seems, and it’s hard to recognize you these days. Is everything okay?

  3. Asot ya done!!!! Karma is real!!! Ya nar run pan ABLP ticket!!!!! Take a hint and gwan go ya merry way😛😛😛

  4. Asot,he does not need your monies anymore.His new found friends are of the same complexion as you and very,very,rich. Just ask the man known as too big to fail and YIDA.

  5. This saga is a very interested one.

    Some ‘CUNNING PEOPLE’ are trying to spin this to say ‘Asot is trying to get a Court to tell the A.L.P. ‘who’ their candidate should be’.


    Asot is challenging that the A.L.P. IS NOT FOLLOWING ITS RULES/CONSTITUTION that is in place to GUIDE the organization.

    Now this is interesting.

    If the A.L.P. CANNOT FOLLOW or WILL NOT FOLLOW its rules/constitution, do you really expect different at the National level?

    Put another way, is the A.L.P. following the Antigua & Barbuda Constitution or is it ‘bending it’?

    In my opinion, what we see happening here (allege abuse of the party constitution) is what is happening with the A.L.P. on the National Stage.

    Let us VOTE OUT the A.L.P. come the next General Elections.

    • You are so shameful and have no integrity. The rotten mango was deemed a disgraceful, dishonest and thieving politician by the UPPITES, they even to put him in 1735. Now you’re disgracing yourself with your political foolishness. Please have some class and integrity. Trying to score cheap political points is not a Governing strategy. These are so many of the reasons the UPPITES failed before and you using the same old play book of deception and lies.How about those buses?

      • The UPP was not re-elected because a plenty Antiguans foolish like you who don’t know what a good government is.

      • BUT is it true (?) that the UPP doesn’t want Asot either???? The poor guy has no political home. Looks like he can still make some noise, but it’s all “sounding brass and tinkling cymbal”. He history.


    I am ashamed of TABOR and UPP. I am listening to MAGIC ( THIS MAN WHO WENT TO JAIL / PRISON for CHILD molestation and Magic is a UPP Spokesperson ?????. SHAME SHAME on TABOR and UPP. MAGIC is a top UPP SPOKESPERSON.

  7. Not thick as thieves anymore though

    They should all be replaced by some decent intelligent folks (not UPP or DNA)

    Some doctors, teachers, nurses, professors, business owners, regular folk who love their country not people who get into office to pad their bank accounts

  8. The people should be glad the top dawg a show mercy so man can eat a little food fu Christmas 😆 🤣 😂 😹

  9. the whole set of alp members in government from elected ones to appointed ones is compromise. I convince the same is so for a few of them in upp too. but most of them in upp much better in character than them in alp. so me going with the better group and fighting anybody that not up to scratch.

    i never hear more politician in government involving they self in private business while they supposed to be focusing on the business of the people as these alp people do. they have a leader who start up a farm. i will be surprise if he involve in tour business for tourist, heavy duty business, and more too while he is pm for the country. then you have another one getting plenty land for farm and he is a minister while another minister people say going have fowl farm near big creek. one senator done get 5 or more acres for farm too. and me hear bout the talk up in english harbour too where ministers get land that the donor did leave for locals who no have land to buy to build they home on.

    they competing with local farmers and getting tons of land when people who really need to farm can’t get land and waiting for years to get piece of land from agriculture. these guys can get land at ease and people who really need a suffer in the wilderness. then you have the 70 plus million dollars that get send down a sink hole to pay for ebooks that never use in the schools. since they come in power in 2014 look at who son getting big business with government so much so that a man in government can call he own on radio and tell he son to supply things somewhere for government. that can’t be right that is plain nepotism.

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