Asot hints at running independent, declares he will win the seat


The sitting Member of Parliament for St Peter, Asot Michael has declared his intention to run as an independent candidate in the next general elections. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

Michael doubled down on his candidacy during an interview with state media as he walked through the constituency making home to home visits last weekend.

He disclosed the strong possibility of running for a fifth term – even on what he called “Asot Michael’s ticket”.

“I’m sure you would be aware that the Prime Minister says I’m not running under Labour Party, but we will see how that unfolds. Of course, there is a possibility that I would be running independent, especially since the Prime Minister has declared that I am not running on his ticket.

“Asot Michael shall be running in the next general elections and Asot Michael will win his seat resoundingly. The people of St. Peter are not stupid,” he declared.

On July 10, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) held its General Convention where party members and supporters alike gathered to hear and approve revisions to the party’s Constitution and discuss plans ahead of the election date announcement.

Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister, Lionel “Max” Hurst told Observer hours before the Convention that revisions included changing the headquarters location and the frequency of hosting party conventions.

But, state media confirmed that a critical revision consisted of “giving the Central Executive the discretion to select election candidates using a method other than a primary” as well as accepting the findings of a report from the Suitability Committee which determined that Michael was not suited to run in the next general election.

This move has surely changed the game between the St Peter MP and the ABLP, as a part of the ruling handed down by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court stated that Michael’s fate would be determined until there are fresh actions/proceedings initiated and conducted in accordance with a revised ABLP constitution.

Prior to this ruling, Michael filed an injunction against the ABLP to prevent Rawdon Turner from becoming the party’s pick to represent St Peter as a candidate.

Michael responded to these developments by assuring his constituents that his display of “strong leadership” will continue after the last 18 years of being the St Peter representative in Parliament.

Additionally, the hopeful incumbent said he has gotten “extremely positive” feedback from St. Peter residents. — OBSERVER

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  1. ERIC ( THE RED ) July 19, 2022 At 6:18 pm
    This is an EXCELLENT ARTICLE. This is the reason for the RESULTS for 2023 ELECTION AS FOLLOWS.






    • @ Eric the Red Gaston batty kisser

      When others win the elections I want know if you going to start kissing their batty too.

      Your lips already shit coloured brown.

  2. Gaston Browne breaks the ABLP’S own constitutional agreement/policy to circumvent so that he can continue his vilification of Asot Michael, and in so doing, ignore the recent court ruling.

    Our Prime Minister is not above the law and must follow the judgement.


    Hopefully, Asot Michael will go ahead and run as an independent and split the vote of the ABLP, allowing the UPP to win comfortably.

    The good thing about this recent Browne/Michael development, I still have plenty plenty popcorn 🍿 and ‘nough Wadadli beer 🍻 … should keep me going until end a month 🤜🤛

  3. go ahead Mr. Rotten Egg. If you think your money can buy Labour Party people. The Convention has spoken. You are not fit to run on a Labour Party Ticket. Lester should have done this long long time ago. You’re the one that cause the man his 2004 defeat. Hadeed and Stanford both switched their support from the ALP to the UPP. Although that was only for one term. But they sent a clear message that you were toxic for the party. You thought you could control Gaston, but you were mistaken. Thank God for that. We took political power from you. All you now have is your money. Go and do something useful. Help poor people.

    • Sideline, why don’t you tell Gaston to help the people of Antigua and Barbuda. The only thing he can do is insult Antiguans and support Spanish women. He is not doing anything to uplift Antiguans. That is very despicable and disgusting. Time to see the back of him. He is not a good leader. TIME FOR CHANGE. Majority of Antiguans are tired of him… We have absolutely nothing to loose. I beg you to tell me what we would loose when Gaston is gone. NOTHING!!

    • @From The Sideline…

      …sorry fu #Marga_Dawg!
      …#Marga_Dawg tun round bite you.
      …bad mindedness is wus, than #Obeah!
      …at each, and every crossroad ❌ lives a #Swastika!
      …Cold Cases do get solved!

      Asot knows Interpol, CIA, FBI, DEA are all interested in interviewing him.
      This is just another chapter, in #da Marga_Dawg Saga, and the hounds are smelling blood!

      To be forewarned is to be forearmed! 🌚🏴‍☠️💀☠️🌚

      • Just by bringing the UWI Fifth Campus to Antiguan’s is such a major accomplishment for the people of Antigua and Barbuda that will dispel any of you all slander. With the housing revolution he is again making sure the people are empowered. Giving duty free on cars for so many years has again empowered many to own a vehicle loan free. So ordinary people now can own a house and car so easily. And with all the construction going on, tradesmen are hard to come by. I’m still waiting for a plumber and an electrician to do a small job.
        We changed in 2004 and we saw what happened. We aren’t going there again anytime soon.

      • You know DEA came for him many times before under Lester. And Lester saved his ass. But the gangster that he thinks he is, he will one day meet his match.

        • @From The Sideline…yes! Yes! Yes! Allegedly, the DEA came for Asot, but Lester protected him, “saved his ass,” according to you, since, Lester knew of the implications eg, #Death_2_Labour.

          A…why do you think, I mentioned “cold cases do get solved?”

          B…throwing Asot, to the International hounds of Law Enforcement may make Gaston Browne, PM look good, in the eyes of Labour supports, whom, all of a sudden can’t stand the smell of the SHIT(pun intended) nor Asot’s farts which smell like “rotten eggs” but to those who would like good governance with transparency, morality, decency, integrity and the likes, Asot SHIT, has being recycled and is fertilising the truth making it smell like lavender and ladies of the night!

          Jumbee_Picknee says his popcorn 🍿 bucket needs to be refreshed!

  4. I will vote for Asot any day over Gaston’s pick. Mash up the apple cart. Get rid of the crooks, Gaston, Cutie and the rest of them…A fresh idea of Independents is good for our country.. checks and balances…

  5. Hello Everyone

    Is Eric ( THE RED) a real pollster? He has been predicting this for months. I hope he is wrong. If not, UPP sarl.

  6. so 3 Labour Party candidates and 1 DNA candidate running in st. peters.

  7. …da #Marga_Dawg SAGA continues.

    This riff between Asot and Gaston has being in the works for several years. It got really heated, about three(3) years ago. This was predicted.

    A couple of things….

    A…Asot Michael is to Parham, what Gaston Browne is to Point.

    B…Parham will not forget what Asot did for them. After the last election, as the riff between Asot and Gaston got wider, Gaston pulled ranks, Parham & St. Peter’s suffered, as a result. Parham will vote Asot Michael.

    C…Asot helped to push Gaston into the Leadership of ALP(ABLP), and of course into the PM’s seat with his monies and expertise in politics.

    D…Asot is going to do his very best and will spare no expense, at getting back at labor(ABLP).

    The Saga Cont…rattling/shaking da bones of Mami_Wata and Papa Elegba!


  8. Wonder how this analogy would play out if the ALP won eight seats including Barbuda and the UPP won eight seats also, then St. Peter’s vote Independence? What a day of rejoicing that would be!

    • @Alex…Alex, you and the other readers have to forgive me, for being all over this topic. I’ve being following this UNION – Political Marriage between Asot and Gaston since, 2000, when they both instituted the Posse and Garrison Style Politics to Our Nation, through the Street Gangs – #Speaks_Posse yo #White_Shut to #Red_Shut!

      What your suggesting should play out a tie with St. Peter’s going INDEPENDENT would be cause for “rejoicing,” however, the stagnation, mayhem, instability which this would cause, may and could put the Nation, on the same path as Sri Lanka.
      Good for “rejoicing,” but could be the catalyst or ignition into civil disorder!


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