APUA Managers Summoned To Explain Water Problems


The General Manager of APUA Esworth Martin and the Water Business Manager Ian Lewis have given the Cabinet a long list of reason for the latest round of water problems in the country.

They were called to explain the water shortage after MP’s said they received complaints from constituents.

The manager reported that APUA is performing preventative maintenance on several water tanks and lines before Christmas.

The APUA team also reported that though three units are located at Ffryes Bay, only one could be utilized these past 14 days because of the “ground swell”.

The men reported that reduction in production caused more than 14 million gallons of potable water not to be produced, in the past two weeks.

“Some additional investments will be made to limit the sucking-up of sand and other debris by the plants,” the Cabinet reported after its meeting on Wednesday.

The APUA team also estimated that nearly 40% of the water produced by APUA is lost to cracked and broken mains, especially in the old city of St. John’s.

The broken pipes were said to be another problem which the Cabinet insists “must be replaced and directed the APUA to secure the financing required to change the broken, older pipes.”

In seeking to explain the Brown colour of the water the APUA officials reported that:

“The bore in the pipes is also reduced over time by encrusted materials that build-up on the inside of the pipes, narrowing delivery amounts; the material cannot be removed. The discoloration of water is the result of encrusted tanks, one of which was recently opened for cleaning and was clearly the culprit in discolored water. The tanks store water for onward delivery, especially at nights when consumption slows.”



  1. What preventative maintenance these APUA management talking about? I guess they meant to say that they’re doing repair or corrective maintenance on these old and leaking pipes.
    How can you have 3 Reverse Osmosis Plants at one location, and why not spread them around the island at different sites?

  2. Wait! Wait! So how APUA at crabbs have water to sell everyday to hotels n business places via trucks without these lame excuses, but the residents who a pay each month can’t get water thru the pipes. Every month them come with another excuse and these mp’s knew well that people na get water from the pipes since how long. The 14 days no gone yet?

  3. 40 percent of the supplied water lost through the pipes. It’s been an issue for years. Did it ever occur to anyone that a delivery system must be fully functional before any supply capabilities are established. Why spend millions on Desalination plants if the water is escaping through the pipework before it gets to the user?

  4. Please GYPG out the dam place.Tired hearing these dumb excuses.Esworth Martin needs to go,the man is as arrogant as arrogant can be ,and full of shit.Mr PM time for you to take the blinders off your eye’s and stop allowing Robin Yearwood to put his friend above the interest of the entire nation.Time for the General Manager to go.Long overdue man

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