Antigua logs 62 cases of COVID-19: Active cases at 321


(Dashboard Update for August 29, 2021)

The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre has revealed sixty-two (62) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Friday 27th August 2021 at 6pm.

Two hundred and twelve (212) samples were processed at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

The Epidemiology Unit will provide a comprehensive update next week as it relates to the imported vs non-imported cases.

Meanwhile, ten (10) recovered cases were recorded increasing the total to one thousand three hundred and forty-eight (1348).

One (1) Covid-19 related death was reported at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is one thousand seven hundred and thirteen (1713); which is inclusive of three hundred and twenty-one (321) active cases and forty-four (44) deaths. There are twenty (20) hospitalized cases; sixteen (16) mild, one (1) moderate and three (3) severe.

Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda has fully vaccinated thirty three thousand three hundred and ninety-one (33,391) individuals while six thousand nine hundred and eighteen (6,918) have only received their first dose.

The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. These cases will continue because people continue to do nonsense. Thursday night Stadium was packed to capacity. About 200 vehicles outside.

    There is no way you could space and fit all those people for triple thursdays. The police needs to do a better job of stop these gatherings, no exceptions

    • If you think thats bad. I was driving around and i saw Xtreme blocked off their windows and had 5/6 cars outside. That looks fishy to me….. police should look into that too.

      • I saw it too and I was like that looks so obvious and suspicious for them to cover the doors and all the cars parked outside!

  2. People continue to do nonsense and they arent protecting themselves or anyone. Just look at what happened Thursday night at triple thuradays. Easily 200 vehicles outside and police did nothing to shut it down after i called and reported it.

  3. Public health must come first. Business wanted to keep making profit and ordered their government to open up. Now we see the results. They will all have to lockdown sooner or later now until the numbers go down. The delta variant is more than twice as infectious as the original, so numbers will rise very quickly from here. You need to enforce the vaccine card mandate, isolate anyone who refuses a vaccine, lockdown and continue giving shots as fast as possible.

    • I’m vaccinated but i don’t agree with this statement. Enforcing vaccine mandate is infringement on the rights of the people. Also this dashboard does not tell us out of the active cases, who is vaxxed and who is not. However, I do think those who haven’t taken the vaccine need to move more discreetly and cautiously by imploring more stringent hygiene habits in order to catching COVID-19 altogether.

  4. The scientists comes out in with their expertise. Cases will increase you can’t expect people to travel from countries where the population of infected cases is higher than our entire population and have no cases. They are going to say 10 imported cases 290 non imported, it could be a million tourist travel here 15 imported 250000 non imported cases.

    • @wake up 💯 correct! Seems we buying this smoke n mirrors Antiguan stastician serving up.

      Everyone MASK. DISTANCE SANITIZE, reduce gathering, eat plenty fruit & veg
      Consider getting vaccinated, 95%+ of people suffering covid in hospital in this region are NOT vaccinated.

      Yes, vaccinated people can contract & spread, but your chance of being really sick and/or dead, is very small comparatively.

  5. When I read Arnold comment I realized that he is an in infidel stop divide the people with these kind of talk.Of course people must be more responsible but I am afraid the road that you all are going down will lead us to the amagedion war it will fight among us are you ready.Check the recent swine flu that is coming to the Caribbean their will be a food shortage my brother it is designed that way for it to happen.

  6. It’s the anti-vaxxers and those that refuse the public health orders who are responsible for all this. It’s time to crack down on these spreaders with heavy fines followed by jail time if they don’t pay up, or until they pay up. The law and the rules are the same for everybody, with no exceptions. Is that clear!!!

    • @CErmle: Do you really believed. The so called Anti-Vaxxers are responsible for the surge in Covid cases in Antigua and Barbuda. Maybe so,maybe not. Because those of us who are fully Vaccinated. Could get the Covid and spread that Virus. Those who are not Vaccinated could do the same. The differences those who are Vaccinated. Could get the Virus and not be Hospitalized. While those Un-Vaccinated could get the Virus and become critically ill. Wearing your masks,use proper hygiene,physical distancing.would help us all.

  7. 321 Active Covid -19 cases? That is very high. How did we as a Nation,jumped from zero cases for many weeks to 321 active cases?

    • Look at us. The fear factor really have some of us all phucked up in the head. Nobody thinks critically anymore? The way we behaving as a society is jus how the plan was set out to devide us. We are something less than human at this point. “The unvaccinated is selfish because they refused to take something their minds are not comfortable with taking” but the “vaccinated is not selfish to want them to be forced to take it.🤔. Live and let live. When it is time for us to leave this earth there’s nothing we can do to remain here.

  8. It’s time to water the marigolds, cut some basil and spinach(callaloo), cut some zinnias and dahlia, and give to the #Lady #Queen of the home.


    Good day folks🤓

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