Antigua and Barbuda Set to Launch UWI Five Islands Campus Expansion Project with Saudi Arabia’s 216 Million EC Dollar Loan

UWI FIC was originally meant TO BE a primary school

The Expansion Project for the UWI Five Islands Campus is set to kick off early next year, marking a significant milestone for education in Antigua and Barbuda.

This development comes to fruition thanks to the fulfillment of a promised loan from Saudi Arabia, totaling an impressive 216 Million EC Dollars.

The first phase of this ambitious project will focus on constructing the Five Islands Primary School, a crucial addition to the campus infrastructure.

Following this, the expansion will include the construction of dormitories to accommodate international students who choose to study at the UWI Five Islands Campus.

Antigua and Barbuda are experiencing a construction boom, with new buildings and homes sprouting up across the islands.

The expansion of the UWI Five Islands Campus is expected to further fuel this growth, driving demand for building supplies, aggregates, skilled labor, and workers.

This development not only enhances the educational landscape but also contributes to the local economy by creating jobs and stimulating various sectors.

As we eagerly await the commencement of this transformative project, it is clear that Antigua and Barbuda are on a path to becoming a regional educational hub, attracting students from near and far to this beautiful island nation.

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  1. Is this place the University of Antigua and Barbuda or the University of the West Indies.Why is the Administration footing all of the loans that involves the University.We the taxpayers in the Nation would be paying those loans back into years to come.Why the loans that pertains to the University are not joint loans by the Government and UWI.

  2. Our little twin island states is in too much debt, to know wisdom and get understanding is good, but those in charge need to realise that many difficult consequences follow afterwards.

  3. As important as tertiary education is to me, I still believe that this loan should have been for infrastructure development. The Saudis are also great at infrastructure development and could have also assisted in the entire planning and implementation. Especially since high percentages of these funds ends up into corrupt government officials pockets.
    After the proper infrastructure is in place then we can think of expanding the university. Can you imagine expanding the university that the dorms do not have any water to flush toilet or the student cannot take a shower. The health care system must be in place to accommodate more regional students. We are talking about a bumper tourists season- our infrastructure cannot support any increase in tourism. Are we going to have more tourists driving over the unfinished bridges. The highway and community lights are poor. So in my estimation the infrastructure should be addressed before the university expansion . Unless we have money to do both at the same time- another loan !

    • Oh hush ya badminded arse. UWIFI will always and forever go burn ya heart out cause yall though it would.not come off. So many person now have the opportunity for a university education that would not be possible if UWIFI was not established. Me seriously can’t believe Antigua people can be so blasted negative towards something so positive. Even if you don’t support the government of the day this is the only good thing I have to say about them. They provided many with a chance that they otherwise could not get.

      • Many of those who are registered at UWI FIC cannot do an addition in their heads. They should be going to a Remedial school because they don’t even meet the qualifications for State College.

        It looks like the idea is to full up the roll at Five Islands whether they qualify or not. It means that the secondary schools and the state college is skipped for higher force ripe education. Kinda like picking a avocado too early and riping it with no taste.

        Nowadays, a university education does not bear the same weight as before. We are graduating students who can’t even put a proper sentence together. It is all about pride and fulling up the place to make money and not a damn thing to do with getting these young people a decent education.

  4. Gaston Browne, this reminds me of Trump. Don’t care if he mash up the Republican Party, as long as he gets his way. The man is a dunce and say he was American president? Shame on America.

    With all the shortages and financial problems we have, all you can think about is borrowing money to expand your bogus university so you can boast off? You don’t care about your people’s suffering? What kinda human being you be? What kinda mother mek you?

    And you UWI people? You have no shame? Is a man with mental instability you all relying on to preserve your legacy? A university that you make from a secondary school that you rob the children from their school? You old bunch of farts have no dignity. You are so desperate your new champion is Gaston Browne. Shame on all ah allyuh.

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