Antigua and Barbuda represented at State Funeral of slain Japanese Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe


Minister for Education and Sports the Hon. Daryll Matthew was among thousands of guests and global leaders from Japan’s closest allies who attended the state funeral on Tuesday of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was assassinated in July this year.

Minister Matthew represented the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda at the funeral of the 67 year old politician who was shot twice by a homemade gun in July, which shocked Japan which is unused to gun crimes or political violence.

Minister Matthew, who was accompanied to the funeral by Antigua and Barbuda’s Honorary Consul in Japan, Hiroshi Sato paid his respects to the widow of the late politician, Akie Abe and also conveyed the condolences of Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan.

In expressing condolences in an official message to the government of Japan in July, Prime Minister Browne stated that the Government and People of Japan have been very kind to the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Minister Matthew said that he was pleased to show Antigua and Barbuda’s respects at the State Funeral.

In his message, Prime Minister Browne also highlighted the recent assistance from Japan of two million US dollars to assist with recovery after Hurricane Irma in addition to two million US dollars to assist with the acquisition of equipment to manage the sargassum seaweed plaguing the coastline of Antigua and Barbuda.

Japan and Antigua and Barbuda have had very strong bilateral relations for over forty years from since independence.

Japan has helped to build capacity in a number of areas to include the construction of  the fish landing and distribution facilities throughout Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. This ALP government sure can waste taxpayer money. These Ministers travel for every little thing on our money. Sheesh

    • Wise thinking, sir. These trips of respect go a long way in concretizing the relationship between countries. The government is afforded several comp tickets throughout the year from the airlines. It is honorable that we were represented at such humbling occasion. It shows prudence and humility for our partners’ misfortunes. What they have donated to our country over the years is priceless compared to this trip of condolence.

      • WFY Tahl.
        Why is it that you are always thinking of begging? Always about what you can get. For one single time think about giving the pensioners their money on time.

      • Sing Dave Ray,sing. Sing until your throat gets tight,for you are singing for the Rum tonight.How is the women fake hair business doing?

  2. The Japanese Government and people have been very generous to us as Antiguans and Barbudans over the years. It is only fitting that we attend the funeral of one of its former Head of State and great Statesman. We cannot “look so near” and criticize our Government for sending the Honourable Minister to convey our sympathies and condolences to the Government and people of Japan. Our response to these matters go a long way to developing peace and friendship amongst nations. RIP Shinzo Abe and our condolences to his family and the Japanese people.

    • @Sharon Lycorish…This son of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba CHRISTened #Jumbee_Picknee at life’s #crossROAD of SWASTIKA & SQUARE asks,

      A…are the Japanese Mega Trawlers still trawling our waters and making millions in the process?

      B…besides the few buildings which serves some of the local fisherfolks, why isn’t the Government negotiating or getting scholarships from the Japanese Government regarding the PEARL INDUSTRY?

      Pearl Farming is big business and would be a great introduction into the local market education and business wise.

      The Caribbean Queen Conch produces the most beautiful pink pearls and food, once they’re done producing pearls.


  3. Like DM is being groomed to take over – from whom? The Chairman is being downgraded so he will not challenge the big dawg!
    Fear of the unknown is making some persons very rattled.

  4. What has the Japanese government done for Antiguans? Oh wait it’s the water drums and two busses? Trying to remember.

  5. I wonder how much is the per diem to Japan, the members of this cabol have been flying over the globe like wild geese, trying to make up for what they lost during the pandemic lockdown.

  6. Dave Ray commenting on every damn thing since Gaston and his renegades came to NY. Beg Beg Ray get another foolish promise.

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