Antigua and Barbuda opens book of condolences on the passing of Prince Phillip


In responding to the official notification from Buckingham Palace regarding the passing of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda, His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams wrote:

“On behalf of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, Lady Williams and I express our grief at the passing of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh and extend our utmost condolences to Her Majesty the Queen, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the other Members of the Royal Family.

“His Royal Highness dedicated himself to the service of the Commonwealth and his sense of duty and commitment has been an inspiration to many.

We commend the life and work of His Royal Highness and his long and distinguished support of charitable causes throughout the world”.

In respect for the life and service of HRH The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Office of the Governor General will open a book of condolences at Government House with the following signing schedule:

Tuesday April 13, 2021                                                                                 

           9:00 am

Their Excellencies Sir Rodney and Lady Williams

The Honourable Prime Minister and Honourable Maria Browne

The British High Commissioner to the United Kingdom

1:00 pm -3:30 pm

Members of the Cabinet and Members of Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament

Members of the Diplomatic Corps


Wednesday April 14 – Friday April 16, 2021                                                 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Members of the General Public



The Governor General’s Flag will be flown at half mast until the day of the funeral service of HRH The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

BREAKING: Buckingham announces death of the Duke of Edinburgh, at age 99

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  1. The ability for Europeans to convince Africans and African descendants to identity with their historical oppressors even more so than they identify with themselves is nothing short of astonishing.

    To the uncolonized mind, it is cringe worthy to observe the lengths which our so called leaders go to appease individuals who have shown repeatedly that we mean absolutely nothing to them.

    • @insurgent What actions would need to be taken to show that Antigua ‘means something’ to the UK? Apart from the foreign aid, give that a bly….

    • No matter what may think “Insurgent”, BUT Elizabeth II IS the Head of State in Antigua and Barbuda right now, and the Governor General is her resident representative. ELIZABTH II is the HEAD OF STATE.

      • “Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ” (Ephesians 6:5)

  2. You say,we do not mean anything to them. Maybe so. Do we as a people mean anything to our new Colonialists,The Chinese. They are all over the African Continent and now Antigua.Our new Asian Massa.

  3. A man in Antigua who knows it all called into 911 VOP and was quick to correct Paddy saying the man name the duke of Edinborugh and not Edinburgh as stated by Paddy. He went on to say there is no such thing as Edinburgh and that Edinborugh is some place in Scotland from which the title wa given. All my research says Edinburgh. Was Ivor Sword correct that he was actually the Duke of Edinborugh as he stated emphatically?

  4. He was Prince Philip,The Duke of Edinburgh. Born in Greece on June 10th 1921.Edinburgh is the Capital City of Scotland. Ivor Fjord think he knows everything about all things. That man in his mind is never wrong.

    • However, the Prince was primarily of German blood, and two of his sisters were married to high level Nazi military men in Germany, however, the Prince joined the military in England and fought against the Germans. What a history. Besides being a Prince of Greece, he was also a Prince of Demark, and later in life his own mother (the mother in law of the Queen) became a nun in the service of the Orthodox Church. What a history!

  5. Do we really mean anything to ourselves before we argue who is head of state.. Look at the state of this place and the minds which are still enslaved 🤔

    • Right you are. Do we mean anything to ourselves? The UK is still helping the islands. America is helping the islands yet you people criticize the hands that feed you. I’ll always love the islands whether British West Indies or West Indies. I’m patriotic in that sense.

  6. I am so over this mornachy businesses . This born into entitlement is way past it’s time . Oppressors still have the chain on our ankles and SOME OF US MINDS .

  7. Where is the book of condolences for Prince Nigel Christian? He died tragically in the prime if his life.and his family will possibly never forget this ordeal, I don’t even want to think about how his mom feels. I know of Nigel’s contribution to our nation. What has Phillip done for us again?

    • ” A Voice Amen to that ! Some people are still mentally inslaved . They scream and be the first to curse at you BUT IT DOESN’T CHANGE THE END RESULT . WE WILL ALWAYS BOW TO THE OPPRESSORS just read some of admirations .

  8. Who cares about the colonizers and their history?I am not interested in my oppressors history but solely my ancestors history,my roots and true identity and heritage.

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