Antigua and Barbuda appoints actress Angela Basset as Tourism Ambassador responsible for promoting the destination



The Cabinet agreed to appoint Angela Basset and Dawnn Lewis as Tourism Ambassadors responsible for promoting the destination.

Miss Basset has shown her love for Antigua by visiting frequently, and using her star power that has been earned by participation in scores of movies.

Miss Lewis, who starred in Grey’s Anatomy, A Different World, and many movies and sitcoms also loves Antigua.

The appointment is voluntary, does not involve any remuneration and they have agreed to make appearances on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda.

The movie stars are both currently in Antigua to participate in Sailing Week and in the entertainment events that form part of the week long activities.


Captivating, gifted, and sensational, Angela Bassett’s presence has been felt in theaters and on stages and television screens throughout the world.

Angela Evelyn Bassett was born on August 16, 1958 in New York City, to Betty Jane (Gilbert), a social worker, and Daniel Benjamin Bassett, a preacher’s son. Bassett and her sister D’nette grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida with their mother.

As a single mother, Betty stressed the importance of education for her children. With the assistance of an academic scholarship, Bassett matriculated into Yale University.

In 1980, she received her B.A. in African-American studies from Yale University.

In 1983, she earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Yale School of Drama. It was at Yale that Bassett met her husband, Courtney B. Vance, a 1986 graduate of the Drama School.

Bassett first appeared in small roles on The Cosby Show (1984) and Spenser: For Hire (1985), but it was not until 1990 that a spate of television roles brought her notice. Her breakthrough role, though, was playing Tina Turner, whom she had never seen perform before taking the role, in What’s Love Got to Do with It (1993).

Bassett’s performance earned her an Academy Award nomination and a Golded Globe Award for Best Actress.

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  1. I did read where Angela Bassett and Dawn Lewis were appointed as Tourism Ambassadors of Antigua and Barbuda.How many Ambassadors are on our payroll? Have they ever been to Antigua and Barbuda? If not,how could they sell somewhere they have not visited? What has become of Whoopi Goldberg,Mary J.Blige and Mike Tyson? They were supposed to be the NEXT LEVELS of Investors and Ambassador in Antigua.We are a Nation of 170 Square Miles.Why do we need that many Ambassadors? What are they bringing to improve the Nation go forward.

  2. @wanna bee
    While Antigua calls these Tourism Ambassadors they fall under the category of celebrity influencers. But as usual, Antigua and Barbuda lives in a world stuck in the 60s. Ms. Bassett seems to be particularly enchanted with the bucolic environment of Barbuda.
    Antigua and Barbuda’s concept of tourism promotion is a laugh Rather than the obese hillibilies that get off the cruise ships that is called tourism product Miss Bassett and her cohorts bring value to the economy.
    In todays, vernacular they are celebrity influencers but the geniuses who runs Tourism are stuck with the notion of Tourism Ambassador.

  3. Angela amazes me because she shares the same birthday as my 1st son and my granddaughter all the best and I honestly believe that you’ll do a marvelous job 😘😘

  4. Tour guides are the countries first ambassadors. We need more recognition. These people just looking strip and our government love friend and company

  5. Was Jazzie B ever made a tourism ambassador? He actually has Antiguan ties as his parents are Antiguan.

  6. Was Jazzie B ever given tourism ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda? He has direct ties to 🇦🇬 since his parents are from these twin sister islands.

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