Ambassador to Indonesia sets the record straight on his involvement in opening of St. Paul Empowerment Centre


Ambassador to Indonesia sets the record straight on his involvement in opening of St. Paul Empowerment Centre

In the wake of questions and controversial comments about the St. Paul’s Empowerment Center voiced on Saturday, February 12, the non-resident Ambassador to Indonesia is explaining his involvement in the opening ceremony.

Elaborating on his participation in the event, Ambassador Paul Ryan says the Government of Indonesia funded only the learning centre and recording studio, supplying computers, recording equipment, furniture and air-conditioning.

The lab and studio, which are located in what appears to be a building that is privately owned by the St. Paul MP, E.P. Chet Greene, are “offered for public use rent free,” Ryan says.

Accordingly, any questions about the cost of the building are for the MP to answer and not the Indonesian Government, he adds.

The building reportedly houses other private businesses, including apartments, a radio station, and a bakery, apart from the MP’s constituency office.

In a radio program on Progressive 107.3 FM today, United Progressive Party Chair D.Gisele Isaac asked her audience how this situation differs from that of the donation of buses that lies at the heart of a court case against three former United Progressive Party Ministers.

Although the vehicles were used strictly by the community, the licensing and insurance of the buses at the expense of the “UPP Three” were taken to be criminal acts amounting to conversion, Isaac says.

Therefore, she adds, it would be useful to know why another friendly government’s donation is being housed in a building ostensibly belonging to the sitting MP and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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  1. Here is D. Gisele Isaac grasping at straws and trying the old trick of equivocation. The fact is that the bus case is premised on completely different terms: three buses were donated to the GOVERNMENT and they ended up in private hands. That’s called conversion and IS a crime.

    Chet Greene OWNS a building that he built with his own money. There are several businesses in the building and excess space. He therefore decided to open a learning centre and recording studio. In doing so, he sought donations and received the same from the government of Indonesia.

    The difference between the two situations is that in the former case, items donated to a GOVERNMENT were converted and placed into private hands. In the latter case, Chet Greene, in his own persona, asked for and received donations for his personal project.

    • As you been saying in the bus cases, governments don’t give gifts to individuals, only government to government. How come government of Indonesia making gift to Chet Greene? You people are such hypocrites and liars. How can anyone believe anything you people in the ALP say?

      • @PJ are you the Campaign Manager for Miss Cleon Athill? How is she looking in the pollls? Is she the next MP for St. Pauls or is she just a FART IN A GALE FORCE WIND?

  2. Is this what Miss CLEON ATHILL is hoping to campaign on to unseat the incumbent? Grasping at straws in true Lovell-esque fashion as DESPERATION deepens? MISS CLEON ATHILL you are going to have to dig real deep to find something substantial to convince the people of St. Pauls to vote for you.

  3. Congratulations 🇦🇬👏 to the people of St. Paul’s
    Please take care of this investment. It is yours to help advance yourself individually and collectively.

    Kudos to MP Greene, Indonesia and the contractors, builders and constituency who worked together to make it happen.


  4. Paul left the UPP? Remember when he was part of their Rural North branch. Lookk aat so many abandoning the sinking ship, yet misery want company

    • Have you heard anything about a recording in circulation with an “upstanding” radio host berating a family member? The radio host comes across as “prim and proper” and raised in Sunday school, so their utterances were quite shocking and of a guttersnipe level.


  5. I wish Jamal Pringle´s PAID RESERACH OFFICER was invest this same energy into helping him with his parliamentary debates. Still waiting for him to ACTUALLY DEBATE THE BUDGET.

    She is hating onthe people of St. Pauls while the Leader of her Majestys Loyal Opposition is going down in flames. He struggles greatly with SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT and PLURALS. Why Gisele dont give him some REMEDIAL COURSES in basic grammar, comprehension, and common sense?

  6. You big head boy, give me a big ass break. The whole of Antigua know that you in Gaston and Chet camp. Who you think yuh fooling? Ah dem who buy your expensive cars. That half cocky story you telling can’t wash. Besides, you not bright enough to sell that story. You went to Liberta and you kiss the ring. You know yuh nuh want Lovell to win the election. But he too dunce to see that.
    UPP is a dunce party. They still have you up inna dey sudden. Gaston woulda throw you out long time. Keep the count going -, Winston, Namba, Colin, Lamin, Ambassador Paul. Think you should stay until nothing more there to tell Gaston about what they doing in their camp.
    UPP. The Red Cross, Salvation Army party. Duncing party.

    • Not only he too damn lie, he too damn scampish. Both he and he brother Truths full a shit but then again they learn from their puppa.

  7. Only in Antigua. Look another no good underhanded scamp is an ambassador.

    Antigua is a joke. Black people always taking advantage of black people.

  8. Who ever wants to jump high or jump low that is there business. The optics of the situation does not look good. In no civilized country would it be accepted that a friendly government would fund a learning center and recording studio housed in the private building of a politician. This could not happen in the UK or USA just to name two countries. It certainly is not illegal but it is improper. A neutral building i.e., not attached to any politician should be utilized for the purpose.

  9. Tifffany Ryan this sounds like the Gastonites saying people are jealous of Gaston’s success. What is the success of Paul Ryan? Is his success that of his father Sir George Ryan? Please tell me.

    • We are jealous of Serpent’s “success” with his 26 ACRES!!! of wasted farm land.

      Jealous we didn’t get the chance to go to St. LUCIA or GRENADA. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

      • @ Hmmmmmmm
        Did you see the video that Wilmoth Daniel talking about Someone ( RADIO PERSONALITY ) raped a young Girl in St.Lucia? Do you know who He is talking about ?.Please advise. Hope Charles Tabor will intervene.

  10. It is okay for the Government of Indonesia to give to Chet Greene. After all,he is a Comrade. Antigua is willed to the Labor Party. So if something is willed to you. It is owned by you. So UPP,you do not owned Antigua,for it is not willed to you.IN ANTIGUA,COMRADES CAN DO NO WRONG,THEY OWNED IT. ONE DAY WE WOULD WAKE UP AND THE CHINESE WOULD BE IN CHARGE OF OUR FREEDOMS.

  11. I said this before when the issue of the buses were in the press. It was said that the actual building was a donation. I am no fan of D. Gisele Isaac but she is correct in this instance. Our ambassadors should not be receiving gifts from foreign governments on the behalf of private individuals, especially a government minister and more so Minister of foreign affairs. This is not poor judgment anymore, it is corruption to the core. Let’s say this minister loses the next election , what do you think the end result going to be . He can just lock down the building and keep all the so called donations for himself. Caribbean politicians toó thief. Too much self enrichment with resources of the state. They rob the blind bought television etc for them. Could not buy flour for Yaso and now in a few short years they are millionaire. CORRUPTION! It’s full time we put a stopping to things like this. If not fir ourselves but for our children and grandchildren. It’s so sad that UPP is such a weak opposition and most likely ALP will win the next general elections. Then the greed will continue. The self enrichment will reach to new levels. Dunce headed BABA head of St.John’s board used by Daniel to get nice cars got rich. Now he switch and used further to self enrichment. Time for investigation, forensic auditing. 1735

    • We won’t have change without a change in government. Please tell all your family to vote UPP. And when UPP get elected we hold them accountable.

  12. The buses were donated to the GOVERNMENT OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA and 3 individuals REGISTERED THESES BUSES IN THEIR NAMES. The donations made to the St. Paul’s Empowerment Centre are NOT registered in the MP’s name!!!

    No stripper poles present in the Community Centre either. This is not a Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS project.

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