Airport Authority’s CFO hands in resignation, at short notice, reportedly on account of policy differences with bosses


REAL NEWS- The abrupt resignation of a manager at the Antigua & Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA) reportedly has thrown the staff into some disarray, according to inside sources.

These persons tell REAL News that the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Kebra Nanton, quit the job, allegedly at very short notice, on account of policy differences with her bosses.

Nanton declined to be interviewed, since she did “not wish to become the news,” but did confirm her resignation.

Other persons allege that there was a rift between the CFO and her superiors – the substance of which goes back to the tenure of the previous Chief Executive Officer, the late Stanley Smith.

Previous reports traced that situation to an “unauthorized” operations-review that recommended salary increases for line staff – in particular, employees charged with various security duties.

It was alleged, then, that Smith – reputed to have been “a fair man” –

supported the increases while his superiors did not.

Accordingly, when the pay hike did not materialize, the Airport Authority experienced some degree of industrial unrest. At one point, protest action reached a height where Defence Force and Police personnel had to be brought in to undertake critical screening and security duties.

It is alleged, now, that the CFO’s sudden resignation was triggered by much the same issues and, further, that earnings by the Authority are being used to support another statutory organization.

In the meantime, disgusted employees tell REAL News the Authority ought to be using its funds to maintain terminal operations, alleging that only one out of seven screening machines at the Airport is working.

They say the single machine is meant to process oversized luggage. However, given the way it is being over-used now, they fear that it, too, is destined for a breakdown soon. In addition, the conveyor belt also needs to be repaired, the staff say.

An observer says this disarray at the Airport makes a stronger case for the removal of the Cabinet Minister in charge, Sir Robin Yearwood, who, he alleges, “has already lost a grip on APUA.”

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    • I hope you mean his good deeds
      No one is perfect and what he did for the airport makes me forget the one (1) bad deed.
      He helped me to realize that Jamaica still has good people, and this is not an attack on Jamaicans because Antigua is in the same (bracket).🤔

  1. Robin the Hood gave it up a long time ago. He is just buying time in Political Office. It really amazes me,that he has such a huge Portfolio. Yet,he is on NYAMCO Board. He was also on LIAT’S Board. There is no wonder those areas of his responsibilities. Within this Administration are in a disarray,APUA,AIRPORT.Time for you to be boooooted out,or be a Robin and fly away.

  2. Let the dead bury their dead!

    A Professional young woman being used to keep up the triumvirate of politics – the anathema of aviation. Congratulations! You have come to your senses- there is only one way now, Up!

  3. Pussy Salad time has been up for many years now but he refuses to go. Wants to run again rather than let a younger person with new ideas contribute. He refuses to change with the times. GWAN go lie down, Pussy Salad. You time has come and gone!

  4. Gyal you right. Walk away before they get you in an untenable situation. A Nanton you be. Protect you name.

  5. I don’t understand the parliamentary representative for grays farm area is replaced by by Gail Christian, the reason given by Gaston Brown is that he is too old. Yet Robin Yearwood and Maulwin Joseph much much older are still running in the upcoming election. Both these gentlemen have long passed they useful stage politically and should be rejected by the electorate. Time for new energy, new ideas a younger crew to take the ship to higher higher. I don’t even understand why pussy salads continue to be so greedy. Still grabbing for acres upon acres of lands. Remember the PM said that the beach bar on long bay will not be built there because it is legally to close to the beach. Then he thought it was the poor boy “Borrow” that was rebuilding. Only to find out is the greedy Robin and Old Buddy he backed off completely. He was also protecting his land swap deal across the road . Harold promise the people that this type of corruption will stop. I hear UPP supporters and operatives are saying their time are coming. As Stan said On observer yesterday. With this type of attitude when will be Antigua time. To build up to its full potential. I GOT HIS POINT.

  6. Like i alwsys say the old foggies need to go and give space to the young ones im tired of them now their performance poor. Its so unfortunate but everything has its time. Emigration becareful of who you bring into the country safe gaurd this country not because they are from your country alike cause anything happens the blame will be on you. Only thing left to said whats next cause its one bad news after the next. Albp time to step down without a frown.😒😒😒😒😒

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