Antigua to offer immigrants amnesty


The Attorney General of Antigua and Barbuda Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin has confirmed an immigration amnesty bill will be brought to Parliament to regularize non-nationals and illegal immigrants living in the country.

Benjamin was responding to a suggestion by St. Peter Member of Parliament Asot Michael who wanted the amendment to be included in yesterday’s amendment during the committee stage.

In his response captured in the video below, the AG says the amendment would require its own bill which will be brought to parliament on another occasion.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Antigua must provide a path for residents who have resided in the country for a long time to get citizenship.

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  1. If I would have know this, I wouldn’t have spent $100,000 to obtain Antigua citizenship by investment (CBI). I could have just stayed in Antigua illegally and saved myself $100,000, would have ended up with a free passport.

    Actually, Antigua Citizenship by Illegal (ACI, a new program) is even better than CBI. At least with ACI you won’t have to pay an extra $50,000 simply to get married to a new spouse, or pay an extra $10,000 if you have a newborn kid.

    • Couple 100??? Thousands of votes you mean 🤔🤔🤔this will harm the UPP chances of winning over the non-national community to vote for them and we all know that an election without the non-national community support is a big defeat for the party being affected.

    • If the UPP hates non nationals, they should come out and tell the people why. It would be foolish to hate non nationals when it is the labour government that is creating any animosity towards these people.
      Gaston and his people have no respect for Antiguans and Barbudans and think we are all fools. The idea that some of the criminals and low class uneducated people coming to Antigua can determine the outcome of our elections is an insult to the Antiguan and Barbudan people. We know that UPP is afraid to talk about what is really going on with this government allowing all kinds of people in the country and granting amnesty after amnesty. A lot of these people are a source of cheap labour for the construction companies some of which are owned by people in government or their families. Do you notice who are security officers and who own some of the security firms? Why should Antiguans work for $300 per week. How many Antiguans are working in road construction?
      A lot of non nationals don’t really care about Antigua. They are here to make money to send back to their country.
      Trevor Walker spoke the truth. Antiguans have to get rid of the labour government and put a government in power that really cares about native Antiguans and Barbudans

  2. An Amnesty without an END !! Why are we having all of those AMNESTIES?
    What are the roads to Amnesty Citizenships? Do they have to show a history of employment? That they have been gainfully employed and paying into all of the Governmental Systems? Are those Amnesty Citizenships being given to pad the Voters Registration? Just asking,not accusing.

  3. The PM is indirectly buying votes. This precedent setting move is a page out of Joe Biden’s manuscript. Just answer this, how can it benefit Antigua?

  4. Who thinks about these kinds of things during a pandemic?
    They should be thinking about reducing the size of the population since
    1 YOU are under a state of emergency
    2 you have a health crisis
    3 Jobs are non existence
    4 Social Security is broke.
    5 No consistency in social programs to assist the vulnerable.
    6 limited health facilities and medical staff.
    7 Home owners cannot get their rent.
    8 They are a burden on the people’s back.
    9 To stay in power politician’s will do anything.

  5. Gaston, everything is for a time and a season and your days running this country will come to an end. I hope this happens sooner rather than later. If you are such a good leader why do you pander to the non nationals for their votes? You think you can do anything you please for you and your government to hold on to power because you have the majority of seats in parliament. I am praying for you and you know what Antiguans mean when they say they are praying for you.

  6. This is a travesty! The UPP must make a clear commitment to reverse this affront and deport all illegals. It’s Antiguans or the foreign criminals. The time for fence sitting is over.

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