Administrator in discussions with “two viable investors” for LIAT


The latest announcement from Prime Mister Gaston Browne on the LIAT issue; two viable investors.

He did not name them but said talks are ongoing with the administrator Cleveland Seaforth.

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  1. World dictator traitor tyrant liar has done disservice to our people, especially the former employees of LIAT.

    Keep on voting for that piece of trash and you’ll see who’s next. We are nothing but financial slaves to him and his cronies.

  2. Every time employees get agitated then all of a sudden there is “investors” interested in LIAT, ready to invest and pay severance. Don’t be fooled! Just another trick to distract the employees. The plan is make them suffer, become so desperate that they will accept anything and sign away their rights. Wicked and heartless. LIAT employees, friends and families…don’t forget these bastards come Election Day!!

  3. When will that lying Guyanese come straight with the people and government of Antigua and the LIAT employees who are working their tails off with months upon months of no pay?

    He said he could fix LIAt in 6 months and he had 6 investors, failed. Went to court, asked for 6 more months indicating that he had 5 investors. He failed once again. Hi court imandated tenure which has been nothing short of a disaster for LIAT ends in June. He wants another 1.6 million dollars to put in his pocket whilst the hardworking staff starves.

    This man is a crock. The only investor speaking to these people in Grace Kennedy from Jamaica, It was the little black boy from St Lucia who put them in contact with Grace Kennedy, who cut the deal and set it all up. As soon as the Guyanese thought he had a deal he unceremoniously kicked out the likkle black bai.

    Grace Kennedy has made it abundantly clear that they are only willing to work with the likkle black st lucian because is he did all the ground work.

    This Guyanese is a liar, a failure and a crock. Get rid of him and the headless chickens , so called directors up at LIAT.

  4. Dude need to stop with this potential investors ,ain’t none so please stop the crap.the mentioning of LIAT and investors just protects your administration from political suicide.

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