OPINION: Achieve “herd immunity- Then lift state of emergency

Grant with Health Minister Molwyn Joseph

By Arvel Grant, Political and current Affairs Analyst – 1268 770 0922, Whatsapp only

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Recently, Antigua-Barbuda, Barbados and St Vincent Et Al, experienced different degrees of COVID?  Protests. Actions  in Antigua-Barbuda and Barbados,  were  somewhat muted, compared to SVG’s.


Why? In recent times, the governing parties in both countries, gained  office with big electoral margins. There-by    gutting their political opponents, of the “fire-in-the belly” for mass demonstrations…


In the case of SVG,  things seemed a bit more intense, even bordering on the murderous, with  an apparent, attempt  on the life of  PM Gonsalves.  Perhaps, the intensity of protests in SVG (   is to be understood in the context that, the governing UlP, has been in office for more than 20  years. Perhaps, even  harder for the opposition NDP  to swallow, is that, PM Gonsalves, has been  leading the Ulp to repeated  victories  with a 1-seat majority since 2010. So near, yet so far!!! …


  • Well,  is there pent-up   frustration in the ranks of the Vincentian  opposition, because of its   sustained failure to remove the Ulp  at the ballots?
  • Is  COVID,  tempting  the NDP  to try and unseat the UlP using mass-demonstrations?
  • Did  the NDP over-play its hand at that demonstration where PM Gonsalves was injured?
  • Check this, SVG could get abig  outbreak, if the protest, serves as a super-spreader. Very tricky for a country which may yet  be among the highest per capita users of “herbal treatments…


At another level, it is shocking to hear some political and union leaders  of   the  anti-vaxxer campaign, say they are fully vaccinated against ”COVID” but they are “fighting” for the right of their followers’ to refuse vaccination against the deadly pandemic condition – Encouraging supporters to choose  sickness or death over life?  What kind of a choice is that?  ? I guess, the more people get sick and die from COVID related illnesses and the sooner the broader health services collapses,  the better the anti-vaxxer leadership will look???…


Politicians hoping to be taken seriously, must recognize that, left unchecked, the COVID virus will sicken,  and kill  many persons,  while crippling national health services.


IN those days,  political leaders  caught  on record,   discouraging vaccination against COVID,   will be held responsible for such disasters.


The more sensible and strategically useful hand for opposition parties to play, is to call for and support achievement of herd immunity plus 10%, followed by   lifting of emergency  conditions.


In a  COVID state, prudent opposition politics and union education tactics,  is to educate  the population on how emergency conditions, amend  human rights and privileges.


Instead, anti-vaxxer: politicians and union leaders, continue to   mislead un-informed supporters and workers, into believing that rights remain in full effect, under emergency conditions.


Walk good until next time.

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  1. Please, there will never be no # HERD IMMUNITY with these viruses and their #Fast & #Furious Mutants of the God Father COVID-19.
    STOP BAMBOOZLING the People.
    There are too many variants, therefore, the vaccines are a short term fix. Today, August 12th, 2021, the CDC and FDA, the American lead dogs which you are following is giving the #GREEN LIGHT, approval for BOOSTER SHOTS to the vaccines which they have already administered.
    Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA which is using a cocktail of vaccines to achieved this so called #HERD #IMMUNITY is being led down a rabbit hole.
    Tell the people the phucking truth about this #planDEMIC.

    Again, WHO already have names lined up for the mutants which they have already IDENTIFIED, like NOAA have names for hurricanes and cyclones! So, which vaccine’s and their BOOSTERS are going to be the sliver bullet to assassinate COVID-19.

  2. Well. Who believe chupit a raw sole. Free up Wadadli people!!! Stop make people choose between vaccine and arwe bread!! It a go get drastic.

  3. 1. Does the vaccine provide immunity?
    Immunity – to protect or exempt from something.
    *There is no protection if you are still able to contract so we won’t even bother to define ‘exempt’.
    2. If you had the virus and successfully recovered, why is that not considered immunity, why do you still need to be vaccinated?
    3. Are vaccinated people dying in Antigua?
    4. Why are leaders interested in securing farmland. Is there going to be a shortage of food?
    5. Are we allowing only vaccinated tourists in our hotels to be chauffeured by our vaccinated operators and fed by our vaccinated chefs with beds made by vaccinated maids?
    6. If vaccinated people can carry the virus does that not mean they can be silent hosts? Does that mean that they are more a threat to the unvaccinated than the other way around?

    Somebody tell me THE TRUTH!

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