ABLP’s Rent-to-Own option will be constructed through grant funding


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given more details about low income housing options to be offered by his government.

He revealed over the weekend that this will include rent to own homes which will be constructed as part of a $100 million grant from China.

In this video the prime minister gives details about exactly how his government’s low income housing will work.

Listen here as the prime minister speaks on the Browne and Browne show:


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  1. I wonder if world dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne will pay all their property taxes, light bill and water bill?

    This rent to own thing sounds exactly what the opposition had in mind. World dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne getting desperate now.

    Regardless of ruling party, I wonder how they will pay their taxes.

  2. Wow! Absolutely amazing. Didn’t Gaston Browne say a few weeks ago that the idea put forward by Harold Lovell of the rent to own concept was a DUMB idea. ANR please find that tape from POINTE FM and post it on your news portal.

    • Tabor Gaston had mention since he introduced the Boobey Alley Housing project that he was going to create a carve out for some to have rent to own option. And this is because he realizes that not everyone would be able to purchase. And because the finance is a grant is given by the Chinese government this would be possible. Whereas Lovell has no clue how he would finance building the houses and then put them on a rent to own basis. Perhaps Harold should explain how he would finance this project.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE even a simple issue like this is befuddling your mind. Gaston said that the concept of RENT TO OWN was a DUNCE concept. It was also Wilmoth Daniel’s idea that he proposed in the 2018 general election. The point you need to appreciate is that Gaston is a hypocrite. You can rationalize as much as you want you cannot change the fact that he is a BIG NOTORIOUS HYPOCRITE.

        • Smh … the PM said “Lovell’s 900dollar rent to own idea was a dumb idea… and it remains so. A rent to own idea is good but the point was Harold Lovell just played numbers from the top of his head having never built a house to sell yet.

          • Thank you. I hope Tabor read this. I had written a very long piece about rent to own, but for some reason the editor says they haven’t seen it. And I never save my comments. So I’ll have to write it all over again

        • Don’t stress too much about Gaston. Pressure kills. Whether or not you find him to be a Hypocrite is irrelevant to me. I was dealing with the fact that Lovell should explain how he would finance his rent to own project. The capital outlay for one house is about 300 thousand. Unless they are chicken coops he is going to build. And then you have the Land Development cost. I mean you are talking about financing of millions of dollars. Remember even Bau Panel only build a few model homes. Thereafter they waited for customers to go to the bank and get their loans so that they could build their homes. So, Lovell please tell us how you will finance this and how many houses will you build and what size houses. Look I have built some apartments and put them out for rent. And I can tell you it isn’t easy. I have now sold all. I should have done what Gaston did. Just build and sell. But those days you thought to keep those assets and rent them to expats and get good rent to pay of your mortgage. But then maintenance comes around and takes back a chunk of your investment. My friend Salem can afford to do that.

  3. Rent to own is a scam perpetrated on those least able to afford it, the poor. Be very careful people, there are vultures out there

  4. It was a dumb idea when Pringle said to test for covid, now they want to do a lot of test ,what’s dumb they make smart by doing the same thing

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