Lovell’s $900 rent-to-own plan “a very dumb idea” says PM Browne


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has poured cold water on pronouncements by United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell that he plans to offer rent-to-own options for EC$ 900 a month.

Browne was speaking on #Dadlipolitics Twitter space last night to hundreds of young people.

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  1. TOP DAWWWG, you would rather demolish the homes of the Booby Alley residents and throw them out on the street and leave them to fend for themselves.

    But it is not surprising. You are a heartless, cruel, soulless creature who hates black people, especially poor black people.

    Don’t worry, there is place down there for people like you.

  2. @somebody if one is paying &900 per month for 25 years that would be $270,000.if it is 30 years rent to own it would be $324;000. How did $90,000 come into this configuration. Just saying…

  3. Mr. PM
    , please listen to yourself when you speak, 12×25=300×900=$270.000. Remember we also believe in 500 houses in 500 days or lets years.

  4. I wish Gaston would just shut up sometimes and stop criticizing for political sake. Maybe he should read #Bigheadbird# post. To think he said he has a master in finance and talking about amortizing $900 dollars.

  5. You just basically sold the idea that Lovell was trying to sell himself; smh.

    The real cost inflated would be $350,000.00, we are not dumb. I got the same house built on my land for 228,000.00 nah try fool us. CHAPA land ranges between 30 to 50,000.00 making it just about 270,000 or less.

    Please stop takin us for jacka$$es PM

  6. The idea of Rent To Own is a very good one.
    Gaston Browne because you say it is not. Does not mean you are correct. I have seen where rent to own have helped many families in the United States. I have lived in all of the time zones in the lower 48 in the USA. That would be Eastern,Central,Mountain and Pacific Times Zones. Because you are the Prime Minister. Does not mean you have all of the answers to all things.

  7. Gaston Browne : I am fully aware,everything you say makes it into ANR. Sometimes you need to hear things and shut to hell up. ANR,you do not have to print all things.
    $900.00 per month for “rent to own” is very good. There are persons in Antigua paying more than $900.00 per month for rents,for many years. What equity have they accrued from paying such rents. What do they get in return. Absolutely nothing !!

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