ABLP Selling Passports Like Cheap Commodity Says Massiah


The leader of the Democratic National Alliance has taken aim at the management of the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme in a New Year’s message to residents.

Joanne Massiah said notwithstanding the loss of visa-free access to Canada, “and the global pursuit of fugitives boasting Antiguan and Barbudan citizenship by reputable international crime fighting agencies, the ABLP is hell bend on continuing to sell our passports like a cheap commodity to millionaires and billionaires for dubious purposes.”

Massiah said the “inherent corruption by which these programmes are characterised has been exposed by major international media outlets and has now become a fully charged race to the bottom where fees are so low that due diligence has been fully compromised.”

“Yet the government’s mantra, bring your money and come continues to be the order of the day,” she added.

The government say its CIP is one of the best run in the region. Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that due diligence will never be compromised in the programme.

Funds from CIP continue to be used to fund a number of social and economic programmes.

It is projected that revenues from CIP in 2019 will reach close to 200 million dollars.

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  1. Not sure Miss Messiah’s real issue with CIP since she was in agreement with CIP in 2013 when the UPP pushed it. Unlike the UPP senators who spoke out against it, hence got punished by losing their appointment, Messiah was the Senator who moved, on the behalf of the government, to have the Bill recommitted to the Senate. A project she later pushed by Adams investment management, The Labahia Hotel Resorts and Condominium, was a CIP project. Recall seeing Miss Messiah shovel in hand at the ground breaking. Recall hearing it said at the ground breaking, how instrumental Miss Messiah was in making this all happen. Joanne told us all, in attendance that this was all a good model for future development, and more sure than others especially since Adams Investment Management key persons was from TNT ( Imtiyaz Adam and Farman Ramjohn). Ony bush now grows at the site, after said 2016 ground breaking, where the finger food was the bomb.

    • Tenman, when you do not stand in principal you fall for everything
      Opposition is not just for opposing sake.

      • FOOD…

        these are the basic staples, of life for HUE-mans, and any one entity which controls ALL THREE of these, in any Culture will eventually dictate, the direction and progression of said Culture!
        The Chinese knows how to practice, The Art Of War, shadowed by The Art Of Deception, very well.
        All hell could break loose, when the Nation goes to the well, and the buckets bottom has rotted away, by design!
        TEK WARNING…
        The Culture in Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda is relatively weak, and very susceptible. Pay attention to its shift, within the last TWENTY YEARS, and now with the BEAST of the LQGBTA out of the closet, lukkah worries, and madness.

    • No worries, the Chinese knows the Power of, The Art Of War! They’ll be in Parliament, the Police Force and the Army, OFFICIALLY, in the not too distant future, and not just as, the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, just as they now do, in controlling the Public Construction Sector, and about to control the Agriculture Sector.

      A note to the wise…
      these are the basic staples of life, in regards to HUE-mans, and those who controls these in any Nation have a great say, in the direction which said, Nation takes!

  2. As a locally born Antiguan, I can say that I 100% fully support our citizenship by investment program.

    This lady is nuts for criticizing a program that continues to bring real global economic ties for Antigua, leading to great GDP growth for our country. Many small island nations in the world are slowly dying yet Antigua actually is growing and has a bright future.

    Places like Dubai, Singapore and the USA all have residency and citizenship investment programs. Antigua is positioned to be a long-term global connectivity HUB and our citizenship program will assist in that process over the coming decades.

    Also, I know many of our Antigua CIP citizens that have chosen to relocate and make Antigua their permanent home. They are all highly educated, kind, usually wealthy, successful, well behaved and open to volunteering in helping Antigua become a global nation.

    This lady is obviously anti-immigrant. What this clown lady is really saying is that she wishes Antigua would be more like Haiti and Jamaica. Her views are the kind that are always trying to hold Antigua back from becoming a globally connected nation.

  3. WOW…It is wonderful to hear Joanne Messiah . Joanne you finally woke up. I mentioned in one of my postings that DNA could form the OFFICIAL OPPOSITION in 2023. Now I am having second thoughts because you are telling the same LIES like the UPP. The UPP which you were a part of in 2004 to 2014 introduced the CIP now you are behaving hollier than THOU. Now I can honestly say that Antigua / Barbuda will be without Official Opposition for the next decade . You have deceived ME and OTHERS. I think your POLITICAL career is FINISHED . VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  4. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS December 30, 2019 at 11:17 am

    Hon. Gaston Browne
    We are Students attending University . We would like to let you know how We much appreciate the wonderful work you are doing for Antigua and Barbuda. In the next couple of months We shall reach out to you to let you know our support and plans We have outlined for ELECTION 2023 . Although We are out of Island at the moment attending University We are following all the news and media outlets in Antigua and Barbuda. We have come to the conclusion that You are the best Person together with the ABLP to move Antigua forward. We are following all the other Media outlets and all what We are hearing is NON SENSE / RHETORIC. There is NO political alternative in Antigua . Sir, You will be the Prime Minister for many many more years if you so desire. We have developed a MOVEMENT called ” UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FOR HON.GASTON BROWNE 2023.”


  5. Wow! So Joanne has finally dust off her loin cloth and come forth from the political grave? Has the DNA held its convention as yet and ratified her as its leader? Any replacement for Erica Edwards or the “gunman” who ran against Chester Hughes? What about Bruce Goodwin and his declaration of “paupers in Jamaica and Guyana”?

    Will the DNA be contesting all 17 seats as promised last election? If the goal is to become the next government, then surely the party cannot merely rely on the “criticism tactic” to win the electorate.

    Remember dear Joanne that you said the UPP is playing from “the same old handbook”

    Please do NOT fall into the same trap as the UPP Ms. Massiah

  6. @ University Students

    Please invest your time and efforts into learning and mastering the English Language. Take extra English grammar classes and try reading at least one book per week.

    From what I’m reading here, you have a long and arduous road ahead of you.

  7. Caribbean opposition Politicians are all amazing. When they’re in power they sing a different tune. In opposition it’s corruption and nothing accomplished. A different time with the same pathetic comments.

  8. @DESSALINES…Your comment is RIDICULOUS. Could definitely teach you a few things. We are exposing your UPP Party and You cannot deal with it. FAILURE.

  9. When I read it, I thought she was arguing or making the point that the CIP was not being used properly and not that it is a bad idea.

    Maybe you guys comprehension skills are way better than mine.

  10. What of Malaka Parker? She was against the CIP then went on to become the PRO of the DNA. Why not let her run against Richard Lewis?

  11. Joanne Messiah has lost me with Her comments . Not because You are in Opposition that You should oppose everything. There is something that The Hon. Gaston Browne Government has done that is beneficial to Antigua / Barbuda. Whenever I heard an Opposition opposing everything I am concern that The Opposition is talking from both sides of Their mouth. Concerning the CIP I wish Joanne Messiah could outline the Issues / Problems as She sees Them . Let Us Oppose CONSTRUCTIVELY.

    The University Students are available to teach you a few things. Shame on you for your comment.

  13. My advice to my Leader in DNA …Joanne Messiah ..You should
    have never touched this topic. You have opened up yourself to lots of criticisms . Please research your topics before you talk.

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