A letter to Mr. Knight


Dear Mr. Knight

I must confess that I am certainly not a fan of yours. I think that you are very arrogant, and you act as if you have a license for your mouth to be like a loose canon. However, in recent times I have found myself becoming a regular listener to your evening radio talkshow program, all because of the content there within.

I will further admit that similar to other radio talk shows, I find that your talk show can be quite entertaining, very thought provoking and mind stimulating.

It is quite obvious that you take the time to carryout an extensive research to garner a wealth of knowledge concerning the political landscape of our country. Although I am not in agreement with everything you say, I will not use this moment to debate whether your “disseminated information” is truthful or not.

However, I have decided to use this platform to seek from you the reason as to why you, as a political radio commentator / talk show host, focus on such an erratic &  callous style to disseminate your political views & messages.

Interestingly, it is my understanding that you have always indicated that you are not a member of any political party, Yet, you always align yourself with the radio station that appears to frequently oppose the govt’s programs & policies and hence, it is perceived from your behaviour and views,  that you have a strong allegiance to UPP.

Ofcourse, we are living in a democratic country, and so, it is your constitutional right to support the political party of your choice .

Now, according to my observation, it is mind boggling to hear the unique manner in which you disseminate your information on the radio. It is certainly left to be desired. The information is not only disseminated with a passion but it seems to me that it is done with a considerable degree of hate, anger & venom.

As a result, it leads me to ask the following  questions…

1.  Why is ABLP like stinging nettle rubbed on your skin?
2. Why do you behave so angry & arrogant during your broadcasting?
3. Why is it perceived that you have a strong hate towards PM Browne ?
4. Why do you keep embarrassing yourself & the radio station in that manner ?
5. Why are you so abrasive & aggressive while giving your views
6. Why do you always sound like a  cry cry baby during your programs?
7. Why don’t you act more professional on the radio?
8. Why are you always in that cussy cussy mode while hosting your program?
9. Why is it perceived that Mr. T. Rose appear to be a thorn in your flesh?
10. Why do you think that your erratic instructions should be carried out at all times?
11. Why do you oppose almost everything that the govt implements?
12. Why can’t you accept political defeats in a good spirit?

Please Mr. Knight, forgive me for asking these questions but as I mentioned earlier, I do listen to other political talk shows and I can’t recall hearing any other radio host, whether they are anti-govt or otherwise, host their show like you with such venom,  such anger and such hate.

It is my view, that unlike UPP which seems to  be an organization that is falling apart slowly but surely, ABLP on the other hand appears to be an institution that is growing and will be around for a very long time.

In addition, it is evident that PM Gaston Browne, will also be in that coveted position as the Prime Minister, until he has  completed his job of fully transforming Antigua into an Economic Powerhouse.

Therefore, it would only be appropriate & courteous if your supporters / fans be kind to advise you to calm your nerves throughout your talk shows. Your callous & abrasive style is not healthy and it is certainly distasteful, disgraceful, and very unprofessional.


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  1. Where is the name of the writer even if it could be fictitious? Anyway, I must say that the letter sounds very similar to previous letters written by one FITZROY.

    • Fitzroy is a fraud that lives in Florida. Arrogant bastard because he come from Johnson village and end up in a merica a lib side Jewish people.
      Nothing he says should be taken seriously. NOTHING.

      • Fitzroy ya one genius! u are now bringing out the Duncestons & the Dunstontines of UPP out of their shells. Now we can clearly see dunceness prevails among the UPP supporters. Most of dem are suffering with political diarrhea.
        Tanny vs Knight is like comparing a Cross breed Horse (Tanny) with a Jackass (knight)

  2. Mr Knight, please continue to do what you’re doing. It is obvious you are being effective. Your listenership goes far and wide throughout the length and breath of Antigua and the world.

    We could not ask for a more important expose of this administration. They are trembling in their boots. Antiguans and Barbudans are 100% behind you in your quest to get rid of these old renegades that do nothing but enrich themselves.

    Had it not been for you we would have been informed. Thank God for you.

  3. The Voice has his style and Mr Knight has his. While the writer criticizes Mr Knight, since 2004, Tanny Rose has been viciously going after others (on both sides of the political divide)with reckless unsubstantiated allegations. I see it as two different operatives, different styles defending their political interests. All of the questions posed to Mr Knight should also be posed to Tanny Rose.

  4. I am sure Knight will handle you appropriately. Glad you as a labour supporter tune in to knight’s show. Why don’t you tell the Labour aligned radio stations the same thing. Next time write your name so everybody can know who you be.

  5. No Listen,, go an mind your dam business.
    Go Fetch water you Grandie wan fo bathe.

    Grab one of the concrete barracks, dem nar house
    No paint. No plaster.

    Look See you!!

    A Knight Rule.!!! Talk Radio.

  6. Is he the main mouth piece for UPP? When u lie with dawgs then u must rise with their flees….. This man has no class at all…. His mouth runs faster than an open pipe….. PM Browne & his administration and Tanny will continue to be his match….

    • @ Bloody Bloke.
      Shhhhh! Not a good comparison. Remember, when the water pipes are opened, only AIR is coming out.

      • Remember the engines are “NEW” only blood-in-hotel-lobby coming out.

        Remember those 3 buses were supposed to supplement our school bus fleet. Only Jackie and Lovell came out. The Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌is the official campaign transportation for the UPP.

    • Bloody Bloke, you are really a BLOODY BLOKE. All Dane Knight is doing is playing exactly what those enrichment blokes say in their own voice. What happen, the truth is knocking you for 6? Next ball, you will be clean bowled.

  7. Does your PM have any class? He’s classless. Again Mr Knight is very very effective. If he wasn’t, people like you would not be so upset.
    Even school children stay up at night just to listen. He has such a vast listenership that is second to none.
    He scares the daylight out of the minions like you.

    • Are you as TALL as the lone pupah tree sitting on the 26 ACRES of FARMing FOOL land?? OLD FRIDGE,OLD STOVE, DIRTY PAMPERS, RUBBISH AND SMELLY CLOTHES mixed in with HIGH GRADE WILD TAMBRAN. The 🐍 ain’t got shit planted, but want to be Agriculture Minister 🤣😂😆😭

  8. I listened to Knight,every night from 3 thousand miles away.Keep up that good work Knight,at Nights for Antigua and Barbuda.Fitzroy,who the hell do you think you are,to me and others what they should be doing. Go and jump off of the Throgs Neck Bridge.

  9. I am not a knight fan, but fitzroy after all those questions, here is one for you
    WHY DO YOU LISTEN? Sounds also that you are addicted so knight rherefore wins and your questions are answered. Might I refer you to knighty anonymous (KA) for treatment

    POWERHOUSE OR POWERHOOMAN, gaston is quite finished where his goal as PM is concerned

  10. Mr Knight. I must commend you on the excellent job you are doing in exposing the EDUCATED ELITES of the ABLP who are driving our country down the sewer.
    The more you have them listen to their own garbage, the more they realize that they are nothing but USEFUL IDIOTS.

    U BWOY FITZROY, KEEP LISTENING. The truth hurts. Eh!

  11. Missa Knight is NO PATRIOT! He has PUBLICLY DECLARED on radio that an Antigua passport is of “NO VALUE” TO HIM because he has his ameriKKKan passport.

    Missa Knight cares nothing about this country. he just is purely anti-Labour Party.

    If an Antigua passport is of “NO VALUE” to Missa Knight why he pretending to care about Antigua???

    • Calm down man. Mr Knight is really a thorn in your and the ABLP’s flesh. He is so effective at what he does..

    • Hmmmmmmm, stand with me man and fight them UPPites. Don’t get off base.
      We have to defend our prime minister GB by all means necessary.

    • Passports before me: AB and America. I wanna get to America on short notice TODAY. How valuable is the AB passport to me at this time? ZERO VALUE. Does it make me unpatriotic to say that? NO. Hmmmmmmmm. Let’s keep it moving people.

  12. Mr. Knight continue to do what you’re doing. It’s evident that you are thorn in some people’s flesh. Did that person heard when you were bashing UPP during there time in office.

  13. All those low-minded supporters of that shameful Knight rider emitting from Observer Radio have declared to the world their own fully accepted pathetic levels and standards of conduct and thinking, and this is NOT the type of scum that currently defines “Antigua people”…….. nor ever will.
    Regrettably, as is your right, you will be allowed to crawl out of your pits to vote, your claims of dictatorship, notwithstanding. However, following that much anticipated event, when all the vitriol, threats, nastiness, envy, hate and just pure dunceness have been rejected and totally rendered ineffective and primitive, Antigua and Barbuda will return to peaceful, healthy days and restful night’s working towards building a prosperous nation for all. No more putrid “nights”!

    • Compost will always be compost, no matter how nicely it is dressed up. The present government of AB stinks. We know it, and the rest of the World knows it. So Mr Knight, forget the detractors and keep exposing the wickedness of the present AB government.

  14. Lie-nel, Molwyn Joseph, Lennox Weston, Chet, Michael Brown et al that use to spew their venom during those ‘putrid nights’ on ZDK during 2004-2014, but now its a problem, you hypocrites.

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