81-Year-Old Swetes Resident Injured in Home Invasion


Early Thursday morning, an 81-year-old Swetes resident experienced a harrowing home invasion by two armed assailants.

The attackers ransacked his home, stealing a cellphone, XCD$145.00, and clothing.

Despite valiantly fighting back and injuring one of the assailants, the elderly man suffered an injury to his right eye.

He has since received hospital treatment, and police are investigating the incident.

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  1. The opportunity to commit inherently dangerous crimes are available. They will take those opportunities.

    There is nothing wrong with hiring experts in behavior that could formulate a plan on how to effectively police with the most psychological deterrence so that criminals acquire more fear of apprehension and see a reduction in the opportunities.

    You should take advise from those kind of folks with the personality that you can deal with. Those that you believe is not after your job. So, you can accept the advise without worrying that the person, who truly do not want your job, can give you new perspective in policing that have been developed from advance studies, and pragmatic research.

    There must be some locals or others in Antigua and Barbuda with those skills that can be helpful to the force.

    I was saying with the recent capture of the 3 guys, it may stay quiet for about 2 or 3 days and will pick back up again. The continuation of Burglaries, Robberies, Rape, etcetera. I did honestly and truly predicted when it would pick back up.

    The police cannot stop every crime but it felt good when they “randomly” bump into criminals with guns and mask. The strategies I have been highlighting for over a decade clearly illustrates that officers would “randomly” bump into more vicious crimes, stop those and deter others.

    But we cannot no longer complain about the shortage of the police force but instead focus on the best and most effective way to use the available resources you have.

    I truly think social, behavioral and studied policing acquired from advance studies in these fields will help to maximize the police force crime fighting effectiveness. I honestly do not believe years of service should be the only teacher/advisor.

    Society, and behavior are vital fields that advance knowledge in these areas would be vitally and substantially impactful in policing, especially in times like these. The rise of BARRK crimes locally.

  2. Don’t understand why every year the government recruits more soldiers and police yet still the crime rate keeps going up what’s the sense of hiring people who can’t serve and protect

  3. there should be a neighborhood watch honestly this getting out a hand tf u robbing a old man who ain’t even working!!!!! smh am glad he injured one a them such a pitty he never had a gun to blow there brains out or a machete to chop him rass dead the police alone can’t do this because honest they not patrolling areas like that to warn off thief or nun so it go be hard

  4. This is real sad.

    They may not get caught today, but next time, maybe they’ll get a bullet

    Tired of them now

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  7. It says a lot about us as a society when the elderly are attacked and brutalized like this. It seems as if they really expect not to live to a ripe age as this gentleman!
    The God of heaven have mercy on you for such an evil act perpetrated especially against an elderly person.

  8. There’s a special place in hell
    For the perps that committed this heinous act!
    You won’t prosper with such ill gotten deeds!
    Rest assured!
    You will pay, if not in he’ll but on
    Be forewarned!!😠


  10. Sadly this have become all too prevalent, and emanating from a know certain demographic of our cultural infiltration. The phenomenon of bold sadism exhibited by casual firearms usage to effect the rootlessness of criminal elements; has a profound impact on the victims indeed: but it also add to a general panic and apprehensive fear amount the social fabric of the populace – who are law abiding, and cognizant of the fact that; Law & Order must prevail for the sanctity and, maintenance of the society from spiraling into decadent anarchy. Surely: In the current state of the staid mantra of England’s inherited jurisprudence prevailing in population’s mindset. (Private Citizens) are almost unlikely to be issued firearm carry license for the defense of the person, liberty and property. This is an archaic untenable stance of passivity endorsed and, engage by a Governance unable, or unwilling to provide a timely response to the alarming trend of the crime-spree-scrooge here embedded. Surely: An Auxiliary Neighborhood Patrol of the willing, under that auspices of the local precincts, would lend itself to the the physical presence of security under color of law. With community involvement in pro-active policies and policing- the criminal elements in society could be eliminated with strong messages of “neutralized mandate” and extended mandatory time with manual labor confinement upon conviction.

  11. This is sickening, they see poor people as target who just sell two corn or something, the supposedly rich and let say white people who floss by getting thousand of acres land by paying off minister to show they have money, these boys afraid a them gangster there, but the granny and grand pa them gone beat up and rob, don’t get me wrong they are not to rob anyone, but the Robinhood mantra is more applicable, leave the poor people alone you screw up robbers, you are a cold criminal, do you thing grandpa sugar cake money going make you retire to riches? Go check those that rob the country.

  12. Neighbor hood watch ! Wow ! The people in the villages knows the bad eggs , so many records and the police knows all of these rotten elements so Let the police do their jobs be more proactive and get the job done !

  13. This is a very sad story.Those who did it to that man would one day get their dues paid.For they would enter the right house unlawfully and get their just rewards.Get well Senior Citizen from Swetes.The man is 81 years and they beat him up and robbed him.

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