50 Antiguan Students In Cuba To Return Home Next Week


The Minister of Foreign Affairs says several students in Cuba are scheduled to return on a charter one day next week, probably on June 23, 2020.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas says some students will remain in Cuba to complete the current semester.  He says the students will arrive on a charter through Venezuela.

The students are studying long distances from Havana, in some instances; Cuba is 1,300 miles long and its universities are spread out within the country.

A group of almost 50 students were flown from Jamaica to Antigua several weeks ago.

The Minister also confirmed that residents who were stranded in the Dominican Republic will return to Antigua this week. Nicholas said for those in the DR, self quarantine has been ruled out.

Both groups will be required to follow the protocols already in place for visitors and returning nationals.


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    • “Why are these people coming home?” A very condisending question, from you Kristi, isn’t it? Countries all over the world are looking out and taking care of their citizens and here you are, abusing the gift of writing that God has blessed you with. “These people” are scholars who will soon make a positive contribution to the development of their country. What are you? Smh

  1. Kristi: You asked.Why are these coming home? Where the heck are they from.If the University is out until September.Why the heck should they stay in Cuba.A Antigua dem come fram. There is no place like home.Surrounded by persons you know and love.There is a saying.If I only had a brain.

  2. You seem to be a little disturbed. Relax. Just relax. Remember your pressure. Perhaps you didn’t notice but school is not over in Cuba. Read the article carefully. Nothing there about school closed until September. You getting too worked up about nothing. Just relax. SKULL CALLIN!

  3. Kristi:You need to get your facts,all of the facts.Those students classes are done until September.I am telling you.So them war foo cum home.

  4. All the movies people watch they never learn. When the second wave hits we will speculate as to what or who was responsible. What we will know is that the virus was brought by someone from overseas coming to Antigua.

    • A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.What the heck do you know about socialism.Some of you would want to play words that comes out of the mouths of Politicians.I were a founding member of an organization named Caribbean Liberation Front back in the late 60’s and into early 70’s.Some of the members went into main stream politics.They became Cabinet Members in various Administrations.I went in the opposite directions.I wanted no part of any Political Party and their money grabbing politics.

  5. Kristi, I hear you. I just hope that when these mamby pamby comfort seekers return to Antigua with their woeful tales of hardship and deprivation, they would pause to reflect on tremendous financial investment of the Cuban government in their tertiary education. How many of these homesick demanders have parents who could afford to send them to universities anywhere outside Cuba to become doctors, engineers, topnotch scientists, environmentalists, educators, and so much more. Not one!! These srudents should be made to spend their summer holidays, along with their parents, seriously stufying The History of Cuba, past and present. PERHAPS they might then understand Cuba’s invaluable contribution to the world economy during its colonial past, the price paid by the indigenous people of Cuba as well as the millions of African enslaved masses imported to solve the genocide reality experienced by the indigenous indians, the bold and principled stance taken by the Cubans under the leadership of such great men as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, the stinging backlash Cuba faced from the United States of America in the form of an embargo still in effect to today. And finally they MIGHT then understand the strength and resilience of the Cuban people who continue to survive and thrive under unjust strain and pressure from the world at large. What these mamby pamby cry babies might NOT understand is their being afforded the priviledge of studying at first class universities in Cuba which, when calculated moneytarily, is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per student! Reflect on these things dear students as you demand your right to be home in the land of your birth. Reflect on these things, parents, as you demand from the Government your right to have your babies around you…..NOW!

  6. It is sad that Kristi asked such an insipid question like that…. It is clear that Kristi does not know the value to be with love ones…. It is obvious that Kristi does know that being around friends & families can be exhilarating and revigourating especially when one has engulfed themselves in a year of intense studies…. Kristi, u seem to be very much sleeping on the job…. My best advice to u is to wake up and smell the coffee…. The returing of the kids will definitely be a therapy for them and their parents

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