5 tips to become better at Cold War multiplayer


Call of Duty: Cold War is an era that comes with new additions, making it different from its predecessors. The changes necessitate a guide for new COD players to adapt to these changes easily. Thankfully, this article was tailored with the above need in mind.

We have some pro tips to help improve your game. Moreover, you can also Buy Cold War Hacks and Cheats to help you stay a step ahead of your enemies. With that said, find the tips below.

5 Cold War Multiplayer Tips

1. Learn From AI

Taking the time to learn specific movements in the game is a very important bit of the Cold War puzzle. In addition, improving your aiming skills will be of equally great benefit. A good way to do this is by going into custom fights against bots. When in these games, selecting the lowest difficulty, removing the time limit and scores is helpful.

It makes the bots to be less endangering, allowing you to roam the maps and learn those important movements. You can also try to improve your aiming during these games. On the other hand, a high difficulty level can help you sharpen your skills since the bots become more hostile.

2. Familiarize With Your Surroundings

An underrated asset in Call of Duty: Cold War that players often ignore is knowing the map. If you want to know different spawns, routes, flanks, and power positions, good knowledge of your map can help you with that. Knowing some flanks will help you stay safe from being flanked by an enemy. If you manage to get the kill, take note of the same way you flanked them.

Also, you must always have an eye on your minimap. Know where your teammates are having the most hit and avoid those areas. Better still, if you know the routes well, you can see an opportunity to flank them when they least expect it.

3. Have Fun

A good way to get the most out of any gaming session is by seeing it as fun. Don’t spend hours analyzing your bad play- it will make you quickly lose interest in the game. That way, you will end up aborting all efforts to improve your progress. Instead, watch your replays, not only after a bad match but also when you are winning. It helps you to see what you couldn’t see during the game.

Also, avoid putting yourself on the scale against online content creators and professional gamers; you will quickly wear out. Instead, monitoring your progress and improvement is the motivation you need to keep you going.

4. Think like The Big Boys

You may have the skills and precision of the most popular COD professionals. The only difference between you two is that you take different approaches and strategies towards certain situations. So a good way to improve your gaming skills is by watching professional gamers during their gaming sessions.

Thankfully, you have various platforms, including Twitch and Youtube, to help you watch their gaming tutorials. Spending more time analyzing their play pattern and comparing it with your own is a good practice. Over time, you will naturally emulate their tactics, and as a result, witness your skills skyrocketing. Top Col War prayers you should watch on Twitch include Simp, Scump, FormaL, and Arcitys.

5. Avoid Being Static

In a game like Cold War, the intense battle reduces your chances of seeing all your enemies. It becomes worse when you have no teammates close by to warn you about any nearby enemy. When this happens, you may easily get hits when you’re not looking; you may also be in a sniper’s crosshairs.

A good way to reduce your chances of such easy hits is by staying mobile. Also, your enemies can ping their teammates of your location, putting you on the mark for the next kill. So be sure to move from any previous hideouts the moment you discover your cover is blown.


Everyone wants to improve in Cold War Multiplayer. The only setback is that not everyone is willing to put in the required effort. As important as these tips are, you have to apply them if you must see any changes. So take the time to apply these tips every time in your gaming sessions, and be consistent about it

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