Why Online Games Can Help You Learn a Language?


In this age of technological miracles, learning a language does not have to be boring or tedious. Over the past few years, online gaming has proved to be an amazing way to learn languages spark tutoring . Now a growing body of research indicates that gaming can be a highly effective educational tool. In this post, we will discuss how online games can help you master new languages wow classic tbc gold

The Ultimate Combination of Learning And Fun

Contrary to the common misconception, learning does not have to be solemn and serious in nature. Yes, having fun can be a part of learning. Online gaming provides a pleasurable method to learn foreign dialects.

Rote memorization is not learning. Language acquisition involves acquiring skills that enable you to respond in another language appropriately in different circumstances. Games offer a highly entertaining way to do just that. You can unconsciously acquire your target language while being immersed in the fun of virtual battles.

But what if you are a more serious learner and not interested in online games? For serious learners, finding a good tutor is the main problem. And that makes sense, because a native speaker of your target language may not live nearby.

Online tutoring is a surprisingly simple but effective solution to this problem, in part because this form of tutoring is location-independent. No matter where you are, you can get in touch with the best tutors in the world. The procedure is super simple. Just read Preply reviews or reviews of other online tutoring services, choose a tutor that meets your requirements, and get started.

With that said, even if you are not particularly interested in video gaming, consider trying it for educational purposes. Chances are that soon you will find yourself immersed in a game.

Here’s How Gaming Can Help



Engagement is a precondition for true learning. Students understand the content when they are actually involved in the process of learning. Language games make the process of learning engaging and interesting.


Players can enjoy a dynamic learning atmosphere. You do not need an exact schedule. Choose a time that works for you. The best thing is that you don’t have to focus on learning. Just engage in the fun and you will end up acquiring some valuable language skills.


Here is another great thing: as a learner, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Fix your spelling, grammar, syntax and pronunciation at your leisure. You can improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills–all four aspects of learning a language.


In traditional education, lack of motivation is a big issue for most students. Gaming solves this problem to some extent. The element of competitiveness motivates you to play more, and as a result you learn more. That’s why more and more students and their teachers are using computer gaming as an educational tool.

A method to get your neurons firing

According to neuroscience, learning is more effective when there is a context. This is why we find it hard to remember random things. When playing a language game, you use your target language in a context. And that helps you remember the expressions later. A tutor can teach you how to use the same expressions in different circumstances. Learners who combine online tutoring and games get the best out of their efforts.


Repetition is essential for long-term memory. We have to repeat something again and again to make it memorable. Repetition of actions is a characteristic of video games. Players have to repeat some actions many times.


Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the game you are playing, you will gradually learn to associate words with actions. Video games help students improve grades in not only languages but also other subjects.


Apart from that, if you spend time online, you can meet many people who speak your target language. As you engage in message boards, forums and social media, you will practice the language and learn new expressions.



Many schools have already accepted online games as an educational tool, and there is every sign that this way of learning will become mainstream in the foreseeable future. If you are still wondering if it actually can be an effective tool for learning languages, just go ahead and try it. Soon you will fall in love with this fun method of learning.

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