Ziggy Beazer has been charged for the murder of Leroy Caesar.



Ziggy Beazer has been charged for the murder of Leroy Caesar.

Caesar, a 64-year-old resident of Jennings was being held at the St. John’s Police Station lock-up when he and Beazer reportedly got into a fight in the cell they shared about 9:20 on the night of the 30th of December.

Caesar was found lying unresponsive and was subsequently transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center where he was pronounced dead about 10:38 the same night.

Beazer had spent some seven years behind bars on a previous murder charge and was subsequently released in July of 2020.

He was deemed unfit to stand trial after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Beazer is expected to make his first court appearance next week

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  1. Judged unfit to stand trial for murdering his previous victim, so released into the community to wreaked havoc.

    Surely the judiciary should be held responsible for this murder.

    Is there no process for keeping the criminally insane away from the general public?

    • TRAGIC the blame is not to be put so much on the judiciary, but rather on the wider society and the government in particular. The government needs to put systems and mechanisms in place to deal with people with mental problems who run into trouble with the law. In many cases being sent to prison is not the solution. This is a societal problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

      • To suggest that the judiciary has no blame in this is ridiculous, and you know so. If this is a “societal problem” as you suggest, it seems to me the judiciary also shares in the blame.

      • @Charles Tabor…forget all of the fluff, sweet talk and political correctness.

        It’s time to start to #HANG them #HIGH, at high noon.
        These insanity pleadings to blaming the wider society for the behaviour(s) of these murderers is in itself INSANITY.

        Yes, yes, yes the society and culture plays a role in one’s development, but this INSANITY PLEA after you murder someone is a joke being played on the Judiciary.

        HAND DEM RASS…

      • I suggest they add a wing to the “crazy house” to hold insane criminals. What do they do in North America? They lock them up in an insane asylum for life and medicate them into good behaviour. These individuals should never be released on the street to kill again.

  2. Is something wrong with the Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda?
    Why was Beazer who spent seven years in prison for a previous murder and was freed of that murder since he was diagnosed schizophrenic sharing a cell with another prisoner at a police station?
    This situation needs serious attention. And the police force of Antigua and Barbuda needs retraining with regards which prisoners are to be incarcerated at the various Police Stations.
    In other countries of the Caribbean, a known, hard core criminals such as Beazer who committed another offense would have been temporarily incarcerated at the prison until his hearing in court.
    Will Beazer be freed again since he is schizophrenic or has he been cured?

  3. This is shocking. A criminally insaned person, who is also a murderer released to murder another person. Only seven years in jail? I wonder who else had they released to cause havoc. It is getting difficult to sleep at nights.

  4. How on God’s good green earth can it be deemed responsible to place a known schizophrenic substance abuser who is known to the police as a trouble maker in a cell with another person whom it is alleged also has mental issues? How? Somebody make this make sense to me.
    A good hard look needs to be taken as to how apprehended detainees are housed in holding cells to await either being charged or their time in court.
    Are the rank and file officers even trained to recognize the signs of a mentally unstable person? Are there any red flags about persons who come in and out of the system and whether those persons need to be housed away from the rest of the inmates?
    The WHY of this man’s demise needs to be addressed.

  5. Those two men should not have been in the same cell in my opinion.I do believe there are many among us suffering with Mental Health.This is not a damn joke matter.There would be more killings by persons suffering with Mental Health in Antigua. Some of you in this Society think it is a JOKE. IT IS NOT !!

  6. The police are the ones to be charge this shouldn’t have happen mental sickness is not a joke. These two men got into an altercation earlier why put them in the same cell, what kind of police we have that doesn’t think they only use there brain when it comes to search for cannabis.

  7. I was in class with this young man in primary school, actually sat in the same row…he was a cool young man. I’m saddened by the way his life turned out, and I’ll like to express sympathy to the family of the victim, but I’m also empathetic to Ziggy’s family. This goes to show that life is so unexpected because look what has come to my dear classmate.

  8. Seems to me the Police are the ones with mental health challenges…..

    If you do not believe me ask Ziģgy Beazer…..

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