ZDK Owners And Staff At Odds


“Let it burn” was the general sentiment of Sean Bird, Managing Director of Greenville Radio better known as ZDK, when he met with employees today (Monday) in a bid to resolve issues that led to a sickout last Friday.

Majority of the line staff took action alongside Station Manager, Carl Joseph after months of unfulfilled promises of salary increases and better working conditions.

But these issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Employees are accusing the Managing Director of mismanaging company funds to the detriment of the staff. Reports are that employee benefits are not being paid on time, wages continue to be paid late and employees are working long hours without proper resources or compensation.

All these issues have led the line staff at ZDK to withhold their services for the time being. Reports are that hours after employees staged the sickout they were not allowed onto the compound pending a meeting this morning.

It is not clear the details of that meeting but the employees left demanding a general meeting between all those aggrieved and the managing director. Reports are that that suggestion was repeatedly turned down by Bird, who expressed that he saw no reason for employees to protest. He has also refused a meeting with staff union representatives the Antigua and Barbuda Free Trade Union.

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  1. How many persons took industrial action?

    Why not make Sly J the station Manager?

    He has seen it all no better person to fix and turn around ZDK.

    This is what happens when companies continue to overlook persons within that has the experience.

    Give the job to Sly J

  2. Well Sean has brought all this upon himself. Why he think it was wise to hire Carl. Person who sat on Observer Radio and had nothing good to say about ZDK. And than he pushed away all those Labour Party Supporters that were loyal to ZDK. When ZDK needed funds just like Observer the other day, he could count on the loyal listeners to support the station. Even the ABLP member like Asot would dip in their pockets to help out. But Sean has a bone to pick with Gaston just like his cousin Vere. Gaston doesn’t want any of them on his ticket. Cause Sean thought he could run in Lester’s constituency, but Gaston put his wife there instead. I feel sad for the staff, Carl excluded, who are their with Ivor for many years. And he is so hard headed that he’ll rather see the place go to the ground. Anyway he can change the business model and make it an evangelical radio station. He always pretend to be so righteous. I wish him all the best, but the only program I listen to on ZDK is the morning show with Sly J and Max. After that it’s Point FM

  3. Is that the same Carl Joseph who was the former ‘Voice of the People’ host at former Observer Media Group??

  4. Carl Joseph is the best thing that happened to zdk,He brings balance to the radio station.
    Sean Bird is always about himself and what he can get he has no knowledge of leadership. Have you been to Zdk to see the condition under which the staff has to work its deplorable. Some one has to stand up to the Birds. I applaud you Mr Joseph continue standing up for what you believe in. I wish all the best for you and your staff.

    • You mean Carl Joseph bring Bias to the station. “Someone has to stand up to the Birds right? Just a gentle reminder,ZDK is a private radio station , anyone can stand up to anyone but sometimes after you stand up,you just may not be able to sit down again.Although Shawn is not my favorite person,hope you realize that Carl Joseph can be fired as easy as the clap of a hand. On another note,Shawn is slowly digging ZDK grave,he is arrogant and self righteous as hell..

  5. Carl Joseph is an Antiguan and Barbudan.So what if he worked at Observer.You Labor Party supporters do believe that only Labor Party supporters should be employed in Antigua.Carl Joseph is qualified.

    • Thank you for letting me know that he is the same Carl Joseph that had worked at Observer Media. People name like people and so I had to ask. The last I heard of him that he was doing his own thing at Antigua Newsroom which I follow. I always listen to him on Movement Radio on Tuesday night just love to heard him. I am proud of him to be the new face at ZDK which is much needed. I will now switch between NewsCo Observer Radio and ZDK to listen Carl’s radio programs. He is a very educated young man with a lots of experience. I am one that always believed that qualified native Antiguans and Barbudans should be leaders and head of every businesses in our nation.
      Bugsy, I am not a labor party supporters and I will never be. I was born into a PLM family, now UPP and I will remain UPP until I died. I saw how my parents and grandparents all suffered under the labor party government.

    • It’s not about where he worked, it’s about what he used to say about ZDK. If he was a person of principles and character he would not even have applied for a job there. Unless he was willing to offer a public apology for those comments in the past.

      • All of u talking about carl and where he use to work.what about Colin oneil? He said a lot about Gaston and the ablp and he was rewarded his own radio station.please leave carl joseph alone.

        • Agree, Colin O’Neal Brown had said all manner of nastiness about the PM and the ABLP party, and he is the manager for the PM owned radio station Pointe FM. He was also assigned a Senator job position on the same ABLP ticket. Growing up with him in the New Winthrop’s community and knowing the kind of person he is, I believes that he’s still two-face the PM and his ministers.

    • I agree. Antiguans raise hell when they see foreigners in positions but when an Antiguan get a little job, they look for all sorts of reasons including political to say a person does not deserve a post. We are some crabs in a barrel.

  6. I bet if it was a white man that came from overseas it would be OK. Why are we always fighting against our own. The man was given a task and he is doing it nthe best way he sees fit. Does it matter where he works before. As usual typical Antiguan. Continue your fight my brother

    • People name like people so I don’t think it was wrong or it meant anything for anyone to ask if he was the same person that had worked at Observer Media Group. It could have been a foreigner that has the same name like him. Most of us native Antiguans and Barbudans always wants to see the best for our native born especially an intelligent and qualified young man like our very own Carl Joseph. I am happy that Sean had gave him the opportunity to help bring ZDK to a higher standard into the twenty first century.

  7. Why is Sean paying his workers MEASLY wages? What is he doing with all the money earned from ads and promos? When will employers realize that it’s the employees who make the company? Is he mad about not being appointed Senator? If he is really taking advantage of the workers, then I expect better of him since he touts himself as an upstanding, morally sound man of God. He wrestled the management from his Dad and made some good changes to the program line up, so please pay the employees their worth and make the working environment friendly and comfortable place to work in.

    Sidenote: an observation that sometimes Carl seems to be gathering his thoughts on the air. during the Morning Cup. This comes off as if he is ill-prepared to handle the interview and dispense information in a credible manner. He’s doing a good job overall though.

  8. I am reading the comments and I must say you people are so insensitive, it seems Carl Joseph is to be blamed for workers knowing their worth, doesn’t seems like a bad thing to do in my opinion. But I guess we only see politics, only red and blue.some of your ancestors were the enabler of slavery, spoken like true house negros. Let’s not retaliate against Massa. Where we gonna find better house than this, where we gonna find better pay than this. I support better conditions for ZDK workers and all workers in general. And no I do not work there for all who may be asking. I would also like to see better payment for the men and women who risk there lives to guard properties and are regarded as just little security job.

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