Zamoni Releases New Soca Single Energy For Carnival 2020

Zamoni Martin continues to deliver non-stop vibes as he releases new uptempo soca single for the carnival 2020 season called Energy.
The Antiguan artist, based in Switzerland and Germany is calling on his fans, supporters to put on an armour of positivity so that nothing can ever quell your Energy. The high-intensity song lives up to its name with fast-flowing lyrics and catchy melody and leaves listeners feeling truly lifted.

“I wanted to contribute to carnival 2020 despite there being no actual physical festival because I wanted to show that carnival is much more than an event. Carnival is a spirit and a vibe and it thrives through our music” said Zamoni. “I also did not want to leave my fans hanging and really felt I needed to put out something fresh for them”, he says.
Zamoni is currently working on his EP called Wishful Thinking to be released on August 21, 2020.
Energy is available today on all streaming platforms to include iTunes and Spotify.
Listen to Zamoni’s new single Energy here:


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