YouTube Marketing Strategy


Content strategy is a very useful and convenient tool that is used both by bloggers and huge corporations like IBM, Intel, Marriott, and Wargaming. Let’s look at what a content strategy consists of, how to create it, and what it will do for you.

The main points of a content strategy for a blogger are as follows:

  • blog positioning
  • key features of the blog
  • your strengths and weaknesses
  • the values you communicate via your content
  • your history
  • style and tone of communication
  • your blog audience
  • a content plan: what you do, when, and why


You need to understand what exactly your blog will be about. It is bad to do a blog about everything. If you do everything and for everyone, then it is harder to find your audience, harder to promote your blog, harder to develop. Look at TV channels, for example, they are all specialized. There are channels about animals, sports, science, movies, music, and so on.

And your blog should be like a channel, the viewer should understand what you talk about, what you specialize in, and what to expect from your blog.

You should choose the direction based on your skills and abilities, on what you are good at. It is better to specialize as much as possible, especially at the initial stages.


You need to list what your unique features are. What cannot be found on other channels but you have?

In order to answer this question, it is important to study other blogs with similar topics. And find in this niche that is not yet occupied by others. Come up with new formats, understand the requirement of the audience that no one else satisfies.

There should usually be 3-5 unique features. Write them down, make sure they are truly unique. And that they set you apart from the mass of other bloggers on the topic. Always keep these features in mind and strengthen them in every way you can without being distracted by anything else.


Unlike unique features, your strengths and weaknesses may be similar to those of other bloggers. However, it is important to describe them and even more important to know and be aware of them.

The main task is to come up with formats that express your unique features and make use of your strengths, with little or no use of your weaknesses.


As a blogger, you will influence your audience. So it’s worth understanding that you will be “imposing” your values in one way or another. So it is worth making sure that these values are really important and right. Especially if your audience is young. You could be a model for someone to follow.


When you tell it, the audience will understand you better. They will understand your motivation, the logic of your actions. And that will help them empathize with you. Because the better you frame how you decided to become a blogger and started doing it, the easier it will be for your viewers. Try to write it in the form of a story, because stories are better perceived by people, they are better remembered and generate an emotional response.


The style can be humorous, it can be serious, sad, or funny. Of course, style also depends on the genre in which you perform. But basically, as a blogger, you should have a style that is recognizable to your audience.


Audience is a very difficult topic. On the one hand, any blogger tries to imagine the ideal audience for which she/he would like to work. On the other hand, when videos are released on YouTube, they are watched by a different audience than the one the blogger imagines.

Try your best to describe the people you are blogging for. How old are these people, what do they do: study or work? What are their main hobbies? What is their social status? How do they spend their day? When do they decide to watch your videos? What motivates them to do so? Where do they surf the Internet? And so on.

The more accurate portrait of the audience you draw, the easier it will be to make content for it.

If your goal is to gain YouTube views, generate a response from viewers, and grow your subscribers, then identifying the right audience and then working with it correctly is an important step on the road to achieving your goal.

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