Youth Parliament Association Distances Itself From Statements Made By Youth MP Frederick


The Executive Board of the National Youth Parliament Association of Antigua and Barbuda (NYPAAB) would like to formally notify the public that the statements by one of our Members of the National Youth Parliament, Jahmaal Frederick to a popular media entity in regards to reopening secondary and tertiary educational institutions on a rotating system on the 11th April, 2020, it is not a representation of the organization’s position but rather his PERSONAL views on the topic.

In light of this the Executive Board expressed strong support for the Ministry of Education’s position to close all schools.

We also wish to encourage everyone to continue to abide by the public health measures put in place by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to help in preventing the spread of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID -19).

We wish to further implore all citizens and residents to adhere to the practices of social distance, staying at home and maintaining clean and sanitary spaces.

Frederick has since pulled his press statement with claims that it was being misunderstood.

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  1. What a shame on you !
    Reopen schools in such a pandemic as this with people dying like flies every day. Those statements were totally irresponsible,reckless and in total disregard of youths of this little island. This guy should do himself a favor and bury his head in cold ashes and self quarantine himself from parliament for at least 5 years for that foolish statement. With that said, here we see a young man totally out of control ! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore !

  2. Which one of the Political Parties is this group an off spring of.I have never heard of this group until now.What is their mandate.

    • BLACK-MAN the Youth Parliament was a Caricom intiative so there are Youth Parliaments in every Caricom country. Their existence therefore has nothing to do with partisan politics as your question seems to imply. It is really not a bad idea to give our intelligent youths an early exposure to politics and the parliamentary process. However, if you think it is a waste of time then that is your opinion and I cannot argue with you.

      • @Charles Tabor: Where is it written in my comments.That it is a waste of time.Where did I imply that.How did you arrive at such a conclusion in the first place.All I said I never heard of this group.And did ask,what is their mandate.

  3. This guy has ruined the reputation of his organization. He should go into self-isolation and stay there. People are upset with his nonsense already. The organization should remove him from “office” tonight. In fact, why nobody ever hear about this organization before? All I know is the guy is no “MP”, and with remarks like that he never will be. The People trust the education ministry and all the REAL MPs, and know they are handling the school situation in a right way. He withdrew his press release, but it’s already done and we know he meant what he said. He has zero support in this country. A public apology would be a start to clear this mess up. Can’t he see people are “dropping like flies” all over the world. This is a pandemic.

  4. If only we would keep the same energy for the screw ups we have in parliament who actually affect our daily lives – no running water, no Internet for home school, no Covid19 stimulus like St. Kitts and St. Lucia , no local Covid 19 testing and the quarantine center not ever ready.

    But this young man who is sincerely trying to broaden the discussion is cussed out like is his fault were in this mess.
    Some people should not have Internet access, that’s all I have to say.

  5. He immature. Kick him out and let him grow up before he opens his mouth again. We don’t need such immaturity in times like these.

    • I hope you people realize you are talking about a child…

      An adult said we will not close the borders… COVID19 came in
      An adult said community transmission is inevitable…. COVID19 is now in community.

      And you talking down a child. Thank him for his thoughts and guide him according to your limited understanding…..

  6. People,people,people.What if Gaston Browne came out and say the same things.Many of you would be kissing his ring.Because he is the Prime Minister,the Tap Dawg as he described himself.I have listened to and read many stupid ideas and statements made by Gaston Browne.And you same people jump up and applaud him.What is the name of this coronavirus.It is known as Covid 19.Gaston refers to it as Covid.What the heck is Covid? So give this youth man a break.His suggestion does not affect anyone and or anything.However,when Gaston Browne speaks.He speaks as the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.His speeches carries a lot of weight that affects the entire population.

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