Youngster who raped and impregnated foster sister gets 14 months in prison


NEWS CO: A young man who raped and impregnated his 11-year-old foster sister has been sentenced to just 14 months’ imprisonment.

In 2019, when the now convicted rapist was 18, his mother brought the complainant to live with them and would leave the young girl in the care of the defendant when she left for work.

The teen and the minor are said to have developed a relationship and started to have sexual intercourse up until September 2020.

In December that year, the victim went by her foster mother (the defendant’s biological mother) where she saw the defendant and indicated to him that her stomach was hurting.

The defendant placed his head on her stomach and said he felt something move.

As a result, he told his mother what had taken place and she took him to the police station to report the matter.

It was later revealed that the young girl was in fact pregnant.

The defendant was charged with  two counts of sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 14, an offence which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

In April 2022, the accused pleaded guilty to both counts on the indictment and yesterday Justice Colin Williams sent him to prison for one year and two months.

In sentencing the young man, the judge began with a seven and a half year sentence which was reduced based on mitigating factors and the fact that the defendant took responsibility for his actions.

The judge did not consider the girl’s pregnancy as an aggravating factor because the defendant was only 18 at the time of the offence.

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  1. From potential life sentence to beginning with a 7 1/2 year sentence then eventually ending with 14 months
    Having sex with young girls is unceremoniously reviered in Antigua .
    Most child predators worldwide should visit Antigua they will have a field day.
    A 55 year old male can legally have sex with a 16 year old girl.
    Last time I checked 15 comes before 16 that is some sick shit and no one WANTS to change it maybe because of the FRINGE BENEFITS they get..
    At the end of the day when this judge is laying in bed looking at the ceiling reflecting on the days work he would think he did a good job that day ?

  2. I wonder if the Judge and those who create the law would do the same for their 11 year old child – NO JUSTICE!!!

  3. Yu all give me a break they were in a relationship Yu all need to tell Yu all daughters leave sex alone I dnt see how he deserves a life sentence here he didn’t rape her, yes she’s young an that never should have happened some of these girls are too bad,the boy own up to his responsibility,an the mother she never had to report to police she could a do away with it secretly an she didn’t.i dnt Kno these families an first I hearing ths story but am glad he didn’t get more yrs in prison regardless how young she is she agreed to having sex
    We all must pay to learn maybe somebody else out there was already having sex with her too an her step brother isn’t the first person give the dam family a break!!!!

    • There is a reason why it is called statutory rape, and that is to protect children from predators who prey on vulnerable children who can be easily manipulated, but I guess you would think that they are bad bcos you yourself are a predator who should also be sent to jail for passing such remarks. You are nothing less than vile

    • Just shut the hell up because there is apparently nothing of substance proceeding from your brain. So many girls his age all over place giving sex for nun why an 11 year old he chose to deal with. This man is a damn pervert and he deserved a harsher punishment. If your daughter ever ends up in a situation like this I hope you consider that she and the man we’re in a relationship no matter the age difference. Total crap.

    • Y’all better realized that we are in 2022 when parents today leave TV and the internet to raise their kids. These kids today know way more than y’all think. They know all about sex relationships. Right now its Cable TV, social media and Streaming services raising their kids.

    • The legal age of consent is 16 so legally she cannot say yes to any acts of intercourse so yes it is rape and yes he should be charged regardless of whether or not he took responsibility. Just because you’re in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean they can’t rape you. Because rape is dependent on consent and not relationship status.
      Mindsets like yours are they reason why rape victims don’t come forward.

    • Wow, very shock to read this reply. She was 11 he 18. How can you think so low about a 11-year-old girl? Sad mindset. May God have mercy on our society.

  4. This judge is a sick man, it’s people like this judge makes me feel like the tax I paid in the treasury is going to waist

  5. Avatar photo Begging someone anyone on this platform to explain to me what "he own up to his responsibility" means when you rape someone. Anyone except that Mmmm moniker character because you really can't change stupid.

    No on has said he should’ve gotten life but from a potential life to 14 months because according to the judge and you “he own up to his responsibility”?.
    The law is the law until changed..
    Having sex with a minor is illegal.
    What you feel, believe or think means jack .
    Some of you love having sex with minors and young
    It’s inbreded in you some of guys you can’t help it.
    Excuse me while I go throw up 🤮🤮

  6. Notice how he got 14 months for having sex with a female under the age of 14, which means that age of sexual consent has been lowered and girls will be easy picking for the predators and that is disgusting.
    Does anyone realise that the people who have been put in power have taken it upon themselves to determine at what age a person’s daughter can be for a man to have sex with her!?

  7. How can we see the Judge’s reasoning?
    Surely this can be demanded by the AG & placed on public record?

    It would assist this nation greatly if we the people were able to access the rationale behind legal & political decisions. That would be a step towards accountability.
    It may, I say hopefully, make our ‘trusted servants’ think very carefully.

    Is the Bar or willing to shed light on how access to rationale behind decision making can occur?

  8. Let me ask, does anyone know the circumstances of why the child went to live with the family in the first place??? I applaud his mother who when she found out took him to the police….. loads of the people who casting stones at the family would have dash it way and send their child away to hide the scorn….. I have a Daughter and have raised 2 more as my own, things happen and crucifying the victim or the young perpetrator is going to change what happed….. it’s sad I know but as a society we need to want to reform our criminals and not shun and shame them…..

    • It’s easy to do what the mother did given the potential backlash to follow. What is her household like? Little attention is given to her except she was a hero in all of this, but what roll does she play indirectly? Her lifestyle and the state of her household needs to be looked into before you make her a hero for doing what is morally right. We don’t give trophies to all participants. She did the right thing then but according to the report this has been going on for months. You suspected nothing? We’re there not a close knit relationship between mother and daughter?

  9. …Since, lady justice ⚖️is blind,
    …who’s energy’s lives on a tipped scale
    …the punishment will not always reflect the crime
    …,for, this is how HUEmanity’s scaled
    …and, at times!! Such will blow one’s mind!

    Hey, Pedophiles are already declaring, that they have RIGHTS, just like any other HUEMAN who has wants and needs to be met, to balance them, and they’re winning courts cases like the other MOVEMENTS that call upon the ‘Law’ to protect them.

  10. Trying to make sense of this from the legal standpoint mind boggling. First of all according to this report it seems like there were no resistance coming from the prosecutors because it sounds like the judge just listen to the young man and likely the girl in his chambers and came to a conclusion. Usually I thought a persecutor who represents the state of Antigua against the young man, would be arguing vehemently against what he did and to show that the vulnerable which she is and should be protected should be really protected. An 18/19 year old seeing or hearing about this is not at all deterred because he might even get off if he can do one better than this young man and even say he plans to marry her. Where’s the father or step-father in all of this and for both children involved? How old is the mother who made the report? The news media needs to be more detailed in their reporting too, they just about sensational reporting. Give more context to the story next time. The comments seem to be from one end to the other extreme end.

  11. Unfortunately too, to the judge this is not viewed as incest which it is. This is why this is so disturbing. Any man or woman who is a single parent must know who they are getting involved with. I know this is a foster parent situation, but those in authority must protect someone like this. She’s in foster care for some reason or another and someone mentioned that she was likely sexually active before this. Does such a comment really not reveal their sick state of mind but also how slack the system is too. How do they do due diligence in these cases. Do they evaluate the mental state of foster families? What are the criteria for becoming a foster parent? Is her availability to be there for a foster child evaluated, both emotionally and financially? What were the reasons for the child be in foster care in the first place should be considered and match people according to what a potential foster family can do to improve their well-being rather than just doing it out of emotions or the goodness out of the hearts of potential foster parents. She reported it maybe knowing the backlash of criticism of this news is leaked to the public. So much to unpacked and the authorities in place needs to use this case to move towards enforcing laws and legislations to protect the most vulnerable in society. Where are the so-called guardians of women’s rights? According to the Bible this is even considered abominable and it’s incest. Read Leviticus 18. Notable verse 9,11. T tree he judge got this one wrong!

  12. Investigative reporting is so poor and so much so with this case. When you put something out for the public, do more research and while you are trying to protect the names, provide more information for people to understand the process or do a follow up article explaining and outlining the process to becoming a foster parent. Reading that the justification for the sentence is someone admitting his responsibility as someone already mentioned is ludicrous. Interview an attorney in this field and get an explanation and let your readers know you will have a follow up with more information regarding this case and the circumstances surrounding it. There are no evidence of proper investigative journalism in Antigua. The case of the woman with the twins born at Holberton seems to have gotten more attention that this. This is disturbing to say the least. An 11 year old pregnant and only the boy is held accountable. This foster mother got off free. She is the parent here and she didn’t know her son was a sexually active man? Someone said the girl was probably sexually active before in the comments, but what about the mother? What is her role in this? Would she have taken a different approach if it was her biological daughter and her stepson? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Yep plenty info missing. Its all about sensation. Tabloid time. Reporter could have at least found out the sentencing guideline used by the judge (its a publics document) and state the specific criteria he (the judge) used. Judge must adhere to the guidelines

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