Young people in Antigua call for the gov’t to address ‘period poverty’

Menstrual tampons and pads in cosmetic bag. Menstruation cycle. Hygiene and protection.

Menstruation is a natural experience for most girls and women, yet it is often associated with socially imposed taboos and shame.

“Period poverty” is a term that refers to a lack of access to menstrual products, education, hygiene products and so on.

And with the existing stigma on the matter, a woman’s inability to purchase these items will not only affect her physical health but her mental health and consequently her life as a whole.

Unknown to many, it is quite prevalent across the world with an estimated 500 million experiencing this phenomenon.

Well, a group of young people comprising the National Youth Parliament Association of Antigua and Barbuda (NYPAAB) think that the time is now to address the issue by providing feminine sanitary products to school students for free and starting an educational campaign within schools.

President of the association Kamalie Mannix, says that “It would go a long way in helping our young females to focus while actively learning and would assist in ensuring our women can walk with pride even when going through their menstrual cycle.”

The organisation has already begun drafting a bill called the Feminine Sanitary Products Bill with the aim of taking it before Parliament.

The piece of legislation will not only make sanitary products available to young women but also create spaces (Menstrual clinics) where they can address their menstrual issues without fear.

The Bill was the brainchild of Jahmaal Frederick a member of the group.

He said: “I had experiences where females told me the things, they had to go through just to get feminine products just because they didn’t have the finance that they need. So, I sat and I thought, how can I come up with something to help these females?’”

As a result, he thought of a way that women could have “full access to all their sanitary needs” for free in a “non-judgement [or] safe zone”.

Esquire Henry, the NYPAAB’s caretaker for All Saints East and St Luke and Fredericks team-mate for the construction of the bill expressed his passion for the issue.

“It is known that all around the world some females have to resort to using dirty rags, old t-shirts, tissue papers and so on. This can not only cause discomfort but may lead to other health issues. We must not allow this to be the case in Our twin island states, thus we must address period poverty with a matter of urgency,” he said.

In Antigua and Barbuda, feminine sanitary products are not price-controlled so businesses can price goods as they see fit.

In addition, sanitary napkins and tampons are the only feminine sanitary items where no tax is applied.

The young leaders are therefore appealing for a price cap on all sanitary products to be instituted.

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  1. GO BACKTO THE OLEDAYSAND GET NANKEEN CLOTH FE YOU ROTTEN SMELLING CROTCHES…why want tampons a d cant afford it …..tampns issa LUXURY uno too brite and becase.

    Go back to what WORKS. EXT FOR YOUR NON BUDGET

  2. I want some free toilet paper so I can wipe my ass with a little dignity. Every man (and woman) could use a few free rolls. Those leaves are wicked, and hard on the anus. Free toilet paper for all!!!! It’s a health issue.

  3. Over the many decades of years by politicians in our island, one thing has remained constant. This “all about me” constant must be buried and never be allowed to repeat. We have had too many political persons as well as those who support them who are in positions for the “all about me” reasons. Because of that, things have been getting worse from govt to govt and will only continue to get worse. We can no longer vote for anyone who is self serving. The only way out from our deplorable situation is to start voting for the right persons. Those who will only serve our nation and our people. That starts with us nominating the right candidates.

    I hope the current and the young up and coming voters will educate themselves and vote only for people who are in it to better our nation. We also have a duty to nominate candidates who we think will do the job right. The only way for us to stop our current situation from getting worse is to get new people in office. We all know who the current players are and what they stand for. They must all be voted out of office. The same goes for the others who have been in office but have the same “all about me” attitude when they are in office.

    We know the well known phrase “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results”. From the comments on here, most people are fed up with our leaders and the state our country is in. Unfortunately we are also divided and that’s where the current parties take full advantage of all of us. We all need to unite, stand together for what we know is right. We have to nominate candidates who will look out for us, maintain and update our infrastructure, have the best interest for everyone and not just their party supporters. We are responsible for the divisiveness which is another reason why our country is in the current state.

    I hope most of us will start coming together, uniting and looking out for our future and the future of our nation. The government works for us, the people, us citizens. Everyone from the top down must be made accountable, transparent, doing the only will of the people. The common practice of bribery in all forms (we all know what they are) must be stopped. We need to stop looking for handouts and all the rest of that practice. In every business, if an employee is under performing, caught stealing, misrepresenting our business we address the issues at hand and give them time to correct the situation. If we don’t get the desired results, we all know what happens next. We fire them. The government is our employee and all members should be treated the same way we handle our businesses.

    People, it is time to unite, come together and make our nation great. Only we can change our future. That starts with us nominating the proper candidates and only voting for those who have our nation and our best interests at heart.

    Let’s make Antigua great.

  4. Top 4 Organizations Fighting Period Poverty
    1. PERIOD 2. Freedom4Girls 3. Dignity Period 4. Days for Girls (DfG)

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