‘You are f–king ridiculous,’ Barbuda MP Trevor Walker tells PLH official

Walker addresses PHL Official (August 2020 file photo)

A video circulating on social media shows the MP for Barbuda Trevor Walker in a argument with a Peace, Love and Happiness (PLH) official.

The argument began when seven members of the Barbuda Council tried enter the Palmetto Point construction site but were only granted permission for five to conduct their investigation.

It was then that a verbal exchange developed and, in the video, Walker can be heard saying “a white man telling me that”.

When the official called him out on his comments, Walker who was visibly upset replied: “I was born racist! You are not going to come here and behave so stupid. I can understand if you said five and I brought 10, I can see your quarrel, but two extra persons?”

Walker continued by mentioning that the PLH official had no choice but to entertain him because ‘if he wanted to venture onto the property police would have to be called to remove him since they can’t touch him’.

The video concluded with the council members leaving the property quite disgruntled and even captured Walker saying, “You are ridiculous, you are f–king ridiculous. Put that on the tape too.”

But despite the incident, the PLH spokesperson Justin Wilshaw said there were no hard feelings taken against the comments made by Walker but instead they are hoping to move forward and “get along professionally”.

He said they were “looking forward to work along with anyone in Barbuda for the upward development of Barbuda”.

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  1. Mr. Walker’s behaviour is atrocious. By the way, sometime ago I was told that he is a born again Christian, a man of God. If this is a demonstration of being Godly then St. PETER HAS A LOT OF WORK ON HIS HANDS AS TO WHO ENTERS THE PEARLY GATES.

    • What did Walker say wrong? You people like to judge all others.Why not look inside of yourself and judge you.I have used such a word in my lifetime.If Gaston Browne had behave that same way.Using such a word.You St.Peter and Party Loyalists would be praising him.TAP DAWG,WORLD BOSS.So because Trevor Walker used that word.He is an outcast.

      • @ BLACK MAN
        You are the BIGGEST FOOL, ASS on this medium. Always bragging of your WEALTH. Sometime I wonder.

      • I mean trying to even defend that type of behavior tells me more about you and what you stand for. Your hatred for anything Labour Party or Gaston Browne has really taken a toll on you. But people who call themselves a “born racist” are not well in their head and need psychiatric evaluation. Especial when that person is a leader. Trevor clearly has lost it. He just cannot get his way with PHL and that brings out the worst in him.

      • @Black-man, Gaston is no stranger to bad behavior so dont say “if”. Go back to most of his Brown & Brown shows. Can we recall his change of clothes on the side walk. Gaston behavior and his mouth is not filtered.
        Gaston dutty behavior is not justifiable reason for Walker dutty behavior.
        They all need some morals classes and how to be professionals. I am sure either of these so call men would not behave this way on foreign / international trips to conduct business as a leader or rep of Antigua & Barbuda. Why do it locally? Its a bloody disgrace.

  2. Somebody needs to wash his mouth out with soap. If he really said what is reported, there is no way this guy is a “born again Christian” or a “man of God”. There are believers and there are make believers! Enough said.

  3. To be honest if I was PLH I would just up and leave. Cancel the project. Never known someone to be so proud of their racism without a hood on their head.

  4. Heaven help us if there was racism shown the from the PLH official to Trevor Walker. We would never hear the end of it.

    One is NOT born a racist. Racism is TAUGHT and LEARNED. Saying that you were born a racist is just an excuse to justify bad behavior. I think a written public apology is in order and he must resign.

    • Oh please , stfu.
      If they do not want the project then pack the hell up and leave , I hope the hostility escalates .
      I spit in all whites .

      • From the sounds of it, it’s Trevor who doesn’t want the project so I think it’s you and him who should STFU! hahaha. Hope you spit into the wind so it blows back in your own face. Hope when the hostility reaches your own doorstep that you remember you called it on yourself.

      • If anyone needs to be born again, you do. You “spit” on people. Nasty. You sound like a KKK type racist. Ever read the works of Martin Luther King? You’d learn a few things.

  5. Racism is not Taught or Learnt, “it is EXPERIENCED” if you have not experienced it, many others have. It is right under your nose in Antigua. If the people of Barbuda do not want the project LEAVE THEM ALONE and I think they will benfit very little from it the big bucks will fall into the wrong hands. He has done nothing to apologise for or resign, tell your PM to resign..

    • Of course Racism is taught and learnt. Yes you also experience it. Children go to pre-school and kindergarten and play with each other regardless of the color of their skins and social backgrounds.

      The issue is that racism should NEVER be tolerated. He didn’t have to resort to racism to make his point known. He is so much better than that. I do agree with you though. If the people of Barbuda don’t want the project, then do not continue. Let them decide who they want to invest in Barbuda. I for one think it’s time for Barbuda to start standing on her own feet and decide her own fate. It’s time that Barbuda start paying into the Treasury instead of collecting out of it.

      Janice the fact that you don’t think he has done anything to apologize for is what’s truly wrong with the world today. As the person who commented above said, had it been the PLH official who made the racist comment, we would never hear the end of it. Wrong is wrong and right is right. One cannot be wrong and strong. We are all held accountable for our words and actions and he should be the bigger person and admit that what he did was wrong.

  6. Sooner,rather than later.All of the beaches in Antigua and Barbuda.Would be off limits to you the locals.You would need a boat to get to those beaches.Hotels would be on every beach with no pathways to those beaches.That would be a damn shame.If the people on Antigua allow that to happen.I remembered the year they messed with the water way down in Bolans Village.It flooded those who were living on the North western side of the Village.I also remembered there was a salt pond at Deep Bay,Five Islands.It was a place where many persons went to pick sea salt for personal use.A Labor Party Administration messed with that salt pond and destroyed it to this day.The grand plan to turn it into a Marina,never materialized.What a wasted idea and destruction of the Environment.No Investor has that right to come into any Country and screw up the Environment.

    • If we don’t listen to Mother Earth, soon from now no one will have access to any beach anywhere. We are all fighting over something that we will all die and leave.

  7. The guy is a total jerk, obviously, and needs to be kicked to the curb in the next election. Such low life behaviour isn’t Barbudan. It’s the sign of a screwed up mind. Some say the guy is a born again Christian. That can’t be true. He needs to be born-again! We know Christians by their fruit, as the Holy Bible teaches, but his fruit is rotten. We’ve had it up to here with these FAKE Christians. Read him out of the church and defeat him in any election he runs for. In fact, he’d better run the opposite direction. He finish.

  8. The type of development that Gaston Browne is trying to push down the throats of the people of Barbuda should be opposed at all cost. I certainly have no problem with low density hotel plants which do not degrade the environment in any way. These hotel plants should be operated on leasehold land and not freehold. Now, Gaston’s changes to the land tenure system in Barbuda is where the problems will begin. With his misconceived project of allowing the building of residential properties by the rich and famous (mostly white) on a freehold basis will forever change the racial dynamics and harmony of Barbuda. To begin with no such development should have been allowed. It is fundamentally different to a hotel plant on a leasehold basis. With the freehold basis of these residential properties, can you not foresee the problems that will arise in a few decades for the indigenous Barbudans given their small population? While the jobs advance for them by Gaston in these residences will be the “hewers of wood and the carriers of water”, they will eventually be outnumbered and become second class citizens in their native land. Already, we are hearing talk of buffer zones with respect to developments in Barbuda. This no doubt smacks of an apartheid system which should be stopped right now before it is too late. Gaston Browne wants to foist a type of development on Barbuda which will be inimical to the preservation of the environment and more importantly the harmonious existence and survival of Barbudans as a people. My proposed solution to this emerging catastrophe for Barbuda is for Barbudans to begin the dialogue for secession. Act now before it is too late.

    • Tabor I’m starting to lose all respect for you when you so blatantly start spreading lies. The project doesn’t have any Freehold land. They have a 99 year lease and the PM only made Freehold land available for Barbudans for their home dwelling purpose.
      And your last foolish remarks tells me you are really a bush lawyer. Secession is not an option in a UNITARY State. The only power sharing that was agreed upon was for the Island administration. Services like the police and the hospital and military are not localized, they are from the central government. Not because there is a sea of water between us makes them separate. Or you would want all the other Islands around Antigua to seek secession too. You will try hard to lead people astray for nothing but hatred against the man Gaston Browne. I feel sorry for you at the same time.

      • From The Sideline it is you and Gaston Browne who are peddling the erroneous and ridiculous narrative that Barbuda cannot secede from Antigua and Barbuda because it is UNITARY State. Have you forgotten the history of Antigua and Barbuda and how the Unitary State came into existence? Please go and read the history. And by the way at the Lancaster House talks in 1980 Barbuda did not sign the agreement because their goal was secession. Now, a little logic for you to ponder, even a Unitary State can disintegrate into separate entities. History is replete with examples. So please stop following Gaston and talking pure nonsense.

      Our Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne is DELIVERING…Tabor show some love. The best Prime Minister in the world.

      TABOR..Why You Guys BADPLAY DRIFTWOOD ?? UPP the CRUCKISH PARTY. ABLP next 20 years.



      • MARTIN F.G. outline the lies that I am telling? Yes, I fully defend the attitude of Trevor Walker towards the PLH Project. Barbudans are not against development on the island, however, such development must meet stringent environmental requirements. Some of the negative environmental impacts on the island is like killing a patient to cure a disease. Gaston Browne should not be allowed to foist his views on the types of development for Barbuda on the Barbudan people. When you talk about my hidden investments in Barbuda, it simply shows how misguided and laughable your comments are. Perhaps it is the family of Gaston Browne who has investments (hidden and otherwise) in Barbuda to protect you are referring to.

  9. This is not a surprise….. It is a characteristic of those who align themselves with the opposition… They seem to be aggressive, deceptive, liards, ignorant and hence, using profanity would certainly be a part of their demeanor.

  10. We seem to be fighting awfully hard to make sure the white investors get their way. Have we learnt nothing about how they regard us, how they plan to use us? Some of you red people would be singing a different song if it was the UPP in power. When people are pushed to the limit, they say things that normally they might not. I am not a Barbudan, yet I know how Trevor feels. His anger and helplessness at what is happening in his homeland is obviously too much to bear. It is hard to watch a money-hungry leader who doesn’t give a damn for your home, share it up to the highest bidder. Again I strongly urge Barbudans take your beautiful island on your back and run the hell away from Antigua.

  11. Keep out of Barbuda affairs, we live there not I U. We have to stand for something or fall for nothing.

  12. Once again no surprise Tabor is so voccal in support Trevor Walker and his nonsense. Both Tabor and Walker bread well buttered on both sides. Walker and rest of the council don’t want no development for Barbuda beacuse they want the people to remain dependant on the council.

  13. ………….. and what is Trevor Walker’s nonsense, speaking profanity or standing up for Barbuda and its environmental protection. Wasn’t there successful hotel development in Barbuda in the past? Barbudans are not against development. However, Barbuda has a special ecosystem and environmental features that must be protected. If the type of development that Gaston Browne wants to push down their throats is inimical to proper environmental preservation why should they accept it? It is sad that our so-called environmental watchdog the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) is more concerned about the preservation of the raicer snake than Barbuda’s fragile environment. The EAG should be at the forefront protecting Barbuda’s environment. It has been reported that the PLH project at Palmetto Point is breaching the RAMSIR Convention on the protection of wetlands and not a word from them. That is what Trevor Walker and the other Barbudans are fighting against the wanton destruction of Barbuda’s fragile and pristine environment. There was a similar project in the British Virgin Islands to build hotel and golf course etc and the Virgin Island Environmental Council (VIEC) took the developers to court and won. The project was stopped because it would have destroyed the wetlands and mangrove in the area. Only in Antigua and Barbuda such things are allowed to happen since we give scant regard to the environment.

  14. Blah blah blah you really touches Tabor. Neither Walker nor you want developement for Barbuda people beacuse both of you bread well buttered on both side. You really have plenty time on your hands to keep refreshing the ANR page and see who emntion your name so you can write all you long egolistic ramblings. As they say thou empy vessels do make the most noise.

  15. …………. yes I have plenty time but I guess you don’t that is why you write such rubbish. Please take time to read and understand so your short ramblings will make more sense. It will be a great day when ANR contributors are required to use their correct names so we will know who the empty vessels really are.

  16. ……….. yes I do have plenty time on my hands but it would appear that you don’t since you write such rubbish in your short time. Please take some time though to make your comments so that they will make more sense. I wish to see the day when the contributors to ANR are required to put their correct name so that we will see some of the empty vessels such as yourself who are making so much noise.

  17. Is anyone in authority, paying attention to…
    A…the whore houses(centers for HUEman trafficking and pedophilia).
    B…the dope houses(centers for the incubation of thuggish gangs, money laundering and other criminal activities).
    C…the churches(centers for Obeah working, enslavement of hueman thought processes due to indoctrinations, and protections for their partners in crime, politicians).

    Phuck…Fuk…fuc…f–k…fu*k. Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda culture promotes, HYPOCRISY.
    We are a bunch of hypocrites, to the point whereby some morph into parasites, and pick and choose what constitutes SIN, sinners, morality, and the Unknowing Energy of the Universe.

  18. I said it before and I am going to say it again. Barbuda is bigger than Mr. Trevor Walker. It’s time for to get with the program or programs to develop Barbuda for the future generation and even for the present. Hand out may come but for how long? I don’t know about others but I can speak for myself one of the sweetest thing in life is to able to spend your money and mean to have a job.
    Barbudians I admonished you to let your loyalty first be for country than man especially when man standing in the way of progress where developing your country is concerned. When we become of age one of the first thing we hope find is job because it bring independence. So my people stand for development 🇦🇬👍🏾

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