Yida Zhang signs Multi-Million-Dollar Agreement with Investment Company

Digital photos by Maurice F. Merchant/Prime Minister Gaston Browne witnessing the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between Western Imperial Capital Limited represented by Mr. vijender Singh and Mr. Charit Mathur and Mr. Yida Zhang of Yida International Investment Antigua Limited.

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne on Wednesday witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between Yida International Investment Antigua Limited  and Western Imperial Capital Limited for the establishment of an offshore medical university, a hotel, and a financial centre on 100 acres of land in the special economic zone situated at Crabbs.

The MoA was signed by Mr. Yida Zhang of Yida International Investment Antigua Limited and Mr. vijender Singh, CEO of Western Imperial Capital Limited and Mr. Charit Mathur, Director of Western Imperial Capital.

Speaking at the signing, Mr. Vijender Singh, CEO of Western Imperial Capital Limited said that the company will establish not only an  international medical school and hotels, but they are committed to the success of the project and will also work towards attracting additional investors to Antigua and Barbuda.  He noted that his company will also work towards establishing a specialized medical testing facility that will not only serve Antigua and Barbuda but the region.

Yida Zhang, who is now a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda said that he is committed to his adopted home and will continue to work to ensure that the projects earmarked for the property at Crabbs are realized.  He said the developments at Crabbes within the special economic zone will reap significant benefits for the economy and provide employments for thousands of Antiguans and Barbudans.

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne who witnessed the signing of the MoE, said that this new development is evidence that Mr. Yida’s vision for the economic zone is beginning to bear fruit.  “Prior to 2021,  the project was tied up in litigation, and there was actually a restriction on the sale of property within the zone. Those restrictions were lifted a couple of months ago, creating the opportunity now for Mr. Yida to promote his special economic zone. Mr. Yida has assured me that he has had a lot of interest in the zone and that within the upcoming months, the additional investors will travel to Antigua and Barbuda to negotiate various projects. And the sixteen-hundred-acre property, over a period of time is estimated to generate in the region of three billion US dollars in investments,” said Prime Minister Browne.

The country’s leader also outlined that his government believes that the Yida project still has the capacity to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in investments and creating a lot of opportunities for Antiguans and Barbudans.  “There is an abundance of opportunities for employment, for entrepreneurship, opportunities for sustainable careers as we seek to recover our country, from COVID to make sure that we continue to attract investments so that we can accelerate the recovery and put the people of Antigua and Barbuda back to work,” he said.

Western Imperial Capital Limited said that it is committed to spending over $100 million US dollars over a period of two years on the new projects at Crabbes.

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  1. So…. Earlier this year (2021) Mr Yida confessed he had no access to the billion USD the PM talked about since day one in office when his first official act was the Yida Chinese stand-alone special economic zone groundbreaking.(2014).

    Mr. Yida said he was seeking investors earlier this year as to date, little has happened in 6+ years except the degradation of pristine coastal lands & marine environments & photo opportunities when elections get close.

    Now, a few short weeks later, an Indian Investment Group, Western Imperial Capital, LTD. appears (with no apparent internet presence – Imperial Capital Group have a Toronto HQ not same company)
    Vijender Singh CEO may be an Indian professional boxer or in cohort 2022 at Indian Institute of Management in Ranchi, India.
    Charit Mathur -Director, appears to own Saraswati Educational Institutes in Lucknow India but no acknowledgement of his role in Western Imperial Capital online.
    OR the men involved in the Antigua sweet deal may be neither of the above!

    Presumably the relevant authorities attached to the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance & AG have done due diligence and are confident this is a bona fide, well capitalized entity before granting them rights to invest in /operate in Antigua…. Unless A&B has no say as they will be operating in a ‘separate state’.

    1.What concessions/ tax breaks have been granted/offered by you / your cabinet?

    2.Why was this PRIVATE business transaction held in the Office of the Prime Minister?

    3.Why did you witness this private MOA on behalf of this Nations citizens?

    4.Who has gained ‘enrichment” from facilitating this private agreement?

    On 31 March, the PM was quick to state Mr Yida has ‘renounced Chinese citizenship and is now 100% Antiguan’ (implying we need to cut him a break & treat him as a brother)
    The rapid change of circumstances appears odd –
    A supposed Chinese billionaire with no access to funds because of covid (his words earlier this year) …
    Is Mr Yida a fugitive? (Let’s not have another Choksi)
    Is Mr. Yida a strategic plant by the PRC?

    We can’t get excited until we understand clearly what is going on.
    Thank you.

  2. Maybe we will soon see the full name of this company and shareholders revealed.
    Would read something like this: YIDA, Major shareholders: Yida Zhang, Gaston Browne.

    Really, how long can he hold out at playing PRO? He keeps slipping up here and there and giving details that only an insider could have access to.
    And it is probably very difficult for someone like him to stop from boasting about his shareholding.

  3. I am very disturbed as a National of Antigua and Barbuda.To see Gaston Browne as Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda so involved with this Yida matter.It looks to me as if he is in the bowels of Yida Zhang.Is Gaston Browne one of YIDA’S PRO. This so called developer was supposed to spend US$200 Million per year for 10 years.It was going to be a US$2 Billion Investment.So far we have not seen that growth. Other than Chinese. How many persons have Yida employed from the local population. Then this Administration gave Yida an autonomy. Making it an autonomous entity within the Country.It has its own territorial waters.It would have its own customs and border protections.The Nationals would not be allowed to venture into those waters. I am glad at this time .I am not in Antigua. Because no one could stop me from going into any waters around Antigua and Barbuda.Did Gaston Browne before and after he became Prime Minister.Sold himself out and in the process the people along the way to YIDA and others?

  4. Not a peep from the usually verbose PM about the revelation that YIDA is planning to have a high end brothel in his state within a state for high net worth people, along with gay marriages. I guess they tought only they could read mandarin.

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