YIDA mistake all over again with new economic zone, says Lovell


The Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ) will be facilitated by CEO of Western Imperial Capital Limited Vijender Singh and managed by Charit Mathur, Director of Western Capital Limited.


Mathur told media that this development is a separate undertaking from the YIDA SEZ, as an MoU was signed by Yida Zhang and Virjender Singh to establish the development about six months ago.

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      • I guess you have not heard. Too late too late shall be the cry. If you love your children, you should be concerned about what is happening in Five Islands and Jennings!.

      • Me want to know how these people were able to acquire all this land. Were the lands owned by one person? If not, how were they able to get all the people to agree to sell? Something not right here.

  1. Are we getting any taxes from this : A big fat NO
    Are we getting any employment opportunities from this: A BIG FAT NO
    Do the tax payers have to build the roads: YES
    Is it a parallel government: Hell yes
    Will our children, grandchildren, our great grandchildren, our great, great great children etc etc etc ever be able to buy land in this area :NO
    Are Antiguans having a hard time getting land to buy:YES!!!!
    Do we know who these people are?
    Will they be putting up a gun factory? Who knows!!!

    • I guess you are late to the party. Go do your research and then apologize to your children. Why? The man YOU support has sold them out!

  2. Wait is this the same Harold Lovell who a few months before the elections stated his government commitment to Yida? He made clear via observer media group that once the sale with Stanford is complete it’s full speed ahead for yida. Large tracts of lands in the Jennings area were sold during the upp tenure but Harold conveniently forgets

    • The people who sit on Boards and who are appointed by Gaston have to protect their mortgage money. It is a pity that these same people would support the selling of their children’s future just to keep in with Gaston!

      • If you mean me I have no mortgage, paid off the bank since 2005. Took me some 4 years (of 20 year mortgage) , especially since i got the loan after the house was 60 percent complete. If i could go back in time I would not involve the bank. My children are set, you still sacrificing yours for trinkets?

  3. Just like how Gaston took the Moderna vaccine in secret. He signed this deal in secret.
    Over 400 acres. Just a question to ask. Did the ABLP get money for the election from these anonymous investors?

  4. Come, Mr Lovell. You know better. YIDA was not a MISTAKE. It is exactly what Gaston Browne wants to do. You UPP guys keep getting it wrong.Stop trying to be so diplomatic and call it for what it is. The caption should read:

    Antigua garn!Antigua garn!

  5. TENMAN why the hell do you compare apples with oranges all the time and as a result miss the fundamental point in a discussion. It is the government that gives permission for the establishment of Special Economic Zones and provides the parameters for their operation. The way the government has gone about giving permission for the operation of these zones is tantamount to creating a State within a State. It is absolutely ridiculous and there is no excuse for the way YIDA and now the WESTERN IMPERIAL ECONOMIC ZONE are given permission to operate.

    • Probably because I have worked in the offshore sector I am able to see you re chatting crap. Brethren I keep telling you try and stay in your lane Lovell and crew agreed with the YIDA project when in government, they then oppose when in opposition. No doubt if he was still in office he and you would be defending Yida and reminding of the millions already invested

  6. To those with convenient memory loss (Selective amnesia)
    ““Finance Minister Harold Lovell said Yida International Investment Antigua Limited, led by Yida Zhang, is seeking approval under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) as well as incentives under the Business and Tourism (Special Incentives) Act for a mega resort and residential development on Guiana Island and surrounding areas.
    “Government has approved the project and is willing to give the necessary concessions,” Lovell said.
    “We have done everything we can to facilitate the project and get it moving,” he added. “The possibilities exist that we do what is necessary in order to ensure that the project comes off the ground.”…Lovell said the government has been doing its part to ensure the mega project can move ahead full speed, but is waiting for the group to finalise its purchase from the Stanford liquidators. see Gov’t keen to offer incentives for Guiana Island project
    Article Published: May 9, 2014, Daily Observer

  7. TENMAN with all that you have quoted from your archive, why don’t you stop and ask the question why didn’t the YIDA project start under the UPP Administration. The UPP realized that YIDA did not have the finance that they claim and also that they were reluctant to meet with the Chinese officials on island, so with these red flags the UPP put the project on hold. Now, where Angels fear to tread the fool Gaston rushed in. TENMAN can you recall that Gaston admitted he signed the deal with YIDA as Prime Minister even before he was the PM. His illegal actions started then and have continued unabated. The last one being the taking of a vaccine that was smuggled into Antigua. Have YIDA lived up to its $200 million investment a year for 10 years? Your defense of the indefensible is becoming more and more ridiculous and insane.

    • Wait you have comprehension problems? Your question was answered by your man crush, in the said artcile:

      ““We have done everything we can to facilitate the project and get it moving,” he added. “The possibilities exist that we do what is necessary in order to ensure that the project comes off the ground.”…Lovell said the government has been doing its part to ensure the mega project can move ahead full speed, but is waiting for the group to finalise its purchase from the Stanford liquidators. see Gov’t keen to offer incentives for Guiana Island project
      Article Published: May 9, 2014, Daily Observer

      Just to remind you elections took place a month later “12 June 2014”

  8. TENMAN you are the one who seems to have a comprehension and perhaps other problems. Yes Harold Lovell supported the YIDA project. Was the YIDA project strated under the UPP? Like the recent Western Imperial SEZ, the Gaston Browne administration is giving away Antigua like there is no tomorrow. SEZs can be operated without giving away every thing to an investor. Ideally, the government should be in control of a SEZ and investors in the zone benefitting from all the tax and other concessions. I am sure you heard my friend Dr. Thomas Fontaine on the Big Issues this afternoon talking about SEZs. By the way Fontaine is not only an economist but a brilliant mathematician.

    • Charles this is the same guy who had to apologize for chatting ignorance in Dominica regarding their CIP program. Seems the only country that wanted him was war torn South Sedan. Anyway, the Juba Specialised Economic Zone there, have you examined the tax incentives offered to investors? I have seen the Kenyan act ( passed in 2015 and I have no doubt SD is the same or even more (if that’s even possible)

      (1) All licensed special economic zone enterprises, developers and operators
      shall be granted exemption from all taxes and duties payable under the Excise Duty
      Act (Cap. 472), the Income Tax Act (Cap 470), East African Community Customs
      Management Act (No. 1 of 2005) and the Value Added Tax Act (Cap. 476), on all
      special economic zone transactions.https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/docs/ELECTRONIC/101065/121599/F-391907282/KEN101065.pdf

      Guy they are offshore, their clients are not local, and these incentives most times are needed for their biz model to even work. We benefit from the increased biz activity, added work opportunities. Similar happened with Gaming, Medical schools etc.

      • Why has the government created an independent country within a country? The government has no control over what goes on in this zone as they are permitted to do what ever they please and government just rubber stamp it. Not only that but they can acquire any lands in Antigua and automatically these lands become part of the zone. Soon there will be no lands left for generations to follow. Is Gaston really mad or is it what he means to do. Will any constructive company he or his son is affiliated with cash in on these projects? We think that it is the country and people be dammed. What is in this for me. Are any politicians and their allowed to be part of these zones? If I were a better I would say yes.

        • You are wrong. Its the minister (hence cabinet approval) who appoints the boards for said zones. They usually involve the heads of the various government department (eg controller of customs, inland revenue etc). The current chairman is the comptroller of customs

          8. Establishment of Special Economic Zones Advisory Board
          (1) The Special Economic Zones Advisory Board is hereby established.
          (2) The Minister shall appoint not more than 7 persons as members of the Advisory Board,
          consisting of—
          (a) one person representing the Inland Revenue Department;
          (b) one person representing the Customs Department ;
          (c) two persons representing the holder of a Special Economic Zone licence;
          (d) two persons, representing organised business and labour;
          (e) one independent person appointed by the Minister on the basis of such person’s
          knowledge, experience and expertise relevant to Special Economic Zones.
          (3) The Minister shall —
          (a) appoint the persons contemplated in subsection (2) (a) to (e) as members of the
          Advisory Board from nominations submitted in response to a request from the
          appropriate Ministry or Organisation;
          (b) strive to ensure that the composition of the Advisory Board is broadly representative,
          with due regard to experience and expertise; and
          (c) publish the names of persons appointed as members of the Advisory Board and the
          dates of commencement of their terms of office in the Gazette.
          (4) The Minister shall appoint in terms of the procedure contemplated in subsection (3) an
          alternate member for each such member to attend a meeting of the Advisory Board in the event
          that a member concerned is unable to attend the meeting.
          (5) The Chairperson shall be the person appointed under subsection (2) (e);

          • @ Tenman
            Go read the agreement and see what ⎌teeth these boards have. Everything is done within the zone and sent to these boards to be rubber stamped. Do you know what Gaston signed off on? Both you and him should read the agreement. It appears someone drafted the agreement and he signed without reading the contents. He says he doesn’t drink so he may have missed his medication.


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