Yida Interested In Preserving The Environment – Officials


Chiese investment group YIDA is more interested in preserving the environment than detractors, the government has said.

This assertion was made after a discussion on the YIDA project in Cabinet On Wendesday.

Members noted that photos and “unhelpful assertions” were made by environmental activists who “set about to alarm those with access to the World Wide Web and the Internet, and on local radio.”

This led the government to conclude that YIDA has an even greater interest in preserving the environment in and around Guiana Island and the North East coastline, than those who are conveying the impression that they have more expertise than the DCA, the Fisheries Division and the Ministry of the Environment.

“The Agreement with YIDA requires it to re-plant mangrove trees that it may remove,” the government said.

It added that the attempt to “smear a multi-billion dollar investment is contrary to the best interest of the Antigua and Barbuda people.”

Photos has surfaced online showing what appears to be the clearing of mangroves on lands purchased by the Chinese group.

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  1. Yida destroys the environment and the government’s reaction when it comes to light is to attack those who bring the destruction to light. What a bunch of Cabinet clowns and jokers. They care nothing for ecology. They need to go.

  2. That photo shows 99.9% of the mangroves stripped bare! Yida does not care about anything but the almighty dollar. What a farce! Re-plant mangrove? That will never happen. Yida will give lip service to that but in the end he will, when no-one is looking, strip away the few remaining mangroves in the water and try to build sandy beaches (which the sea will take away very quickly).

  3. Yida needs to be removed from Antigua before he destroys 2000 acres of waterfront mangroves. He will do it. Gaston Browne and the ALP Cabinet do not care about mangroves. They only care about sucking up to Yida for their next election campaign donation. The Cabinet of Antigua is now taking sides with Yida against the environment of Antigua.

  4. Really?! Ok.
    Have they begun ANY REPLANTING of those they removed yet?
    So why did it take concerned citizens ‘detractors’ to highlight this ruse? Wow!!
    Has it come to this because of the obvious state within a state agreement , so no oversight and enforcement is expected and if the people cry out the governament will defend the investors against the people??
    Furthermore, if investors are like governments, we can assume that they will not keep their words.
    But we, the loyal citizens, will continue to lobby for good and transparent governance until you get it right

  5. Trying to discredit the expertise of others and failing to mention the reports from both the Fisheries Division and the Department of Environment on this development? Good job! The reports are public, people. Enlighten yourselves and make up your own mind. Don’t let any politician on any side do it for you. Be concerned, involved and responsible.

  6. Government has put two departments in charge to control and watch the project. So these so called activists wants to tell me that these two departments are not doing their work. Well well well. I wonder what the heads of these departments have to say given this indictment.
    I wonder if these activists are really trained in these topics. Cause some years ago they claimed YIDA was removing mangrove only for the Chief Environmental Officer to educate them of the different mangroves. I guess they still need education.

  7. Check out Deep Bay also. Sunwing Group is putting concrete piles into the sea bed and building over the water. I have personally witnessed their workers throwing garbage (used concrete forms) into the bay. The rocky coastline area is littered with construction debris. Surely there is massive environmental impact yet nothing has been said or done about it.

    • No monitors installed for these projects or just have
      salaries collecting positions under these names?

  8. I agree with the activists , however I dont agree with some ppl being borderline racists towards chinese people . Its our government to blame not china , ya yida is a shady company but that is not china on a whole its one small company out of billions … our government ( both ALP and UPP) need to do a better job at scrutinizing investors of any nation.

  9. Yida, Global Ports,E-books,all the imaginary ills the UPP and its ignorant duncy headed supporters are sprouting ,will not help them at all.The Party Done..30 more freaking years in opposition ..Ass Holes

    • Disgusting comments like yours only serve to prove that ignorance still flourishes in this island…get out of the gutter, educate yourself and get a meaningful profession!

      • @Jeb,you really did not point out my Moniker,but i am smart enough to know your comment is intended for me.. My dear,it won’t take my comment to prove that “IGNORANCE” abound in our society-when people like you and other’s oppose all and sundry for the sake of political relevance.,some cannot even put together a proper sentence,yet they are experts on the Environment, Accountants,economist some are even Psychologist.. Name one place on Earth that has developed and hasn’t lost anything as a result.When you name me that place,i am sure to point out to you a Man walking down the street without a Head..Second you knows absolutely nothing about me or my profession so what’s the point of your advice? Third,the truth usually hurts,so maybe its the last sentence that struck a nerve in you -Well too dam bad,because its the truth,the UPP is a done party,so if that makes me ignorant,then so be Einstien,because time will surely prove this ignorant person right..

  10. Having taken the time to go and look up close at the pre-fab “boxes” that YIDA has erected one would have to give an estimate of maybe US$25,000.00 cost per building. The rooms are Hong Kong style small and the upper balconies that don’t look secure are big enough for a person close to dwarf in size. Multiply the above figure by the amount of pre-fabs, add in the warehouse that they tried to pass off as a “steel factory”, plus the equipment and indentured/slave workers and it is unlikely that Yida Zhang has spent more than approximately US$250,000.00 on the property… The first contractor sold his equipment and left because of lack of payment.
    It may exist but up to now I have not seen any concrete evidentiary proof that YIDA paid in full for the property in the first place beyond deposit, finders fees and pay-offs. It should stand to reason that the Stanford staff and victims should have gotten something from a full payment.
    This whole deal with YIDA including the “no entry 2 mile zone” needs to be stopped before he totally wrecks our environment and overloads this island with low-income Chinese in his low-income ugly pre-fabs who will kill everything that even resembles food on the land and in the sea. Nowhere in the world that has been infiltrated by Chinese can show any real long term benefits whatsoever to the country or the local population…It is all about (the pay back) what can be gotten by whatever destructive method for China and their population! The ABLP are a rotund disgrace for allowing outsiders to destroy the lives of we, the people and our country just for the sake of enriching themselves. YIDA WILL NEVER BE A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR INVESTMENT. Don’t lie to the press.

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