YIDA Denies Unlawful Destruction Of Mangroves As Alleged On Social Media


It has come to the attention of Yida International Investment (Antigua) Ltd. that reports
are being made on social media and elsewhere that the Company at present is engaged in
the unlawful destruction of mangroves.

The Company wishes to make it absolutely clear that it is not engaged in any such

The Company continues to abide by all relevant laws of Antigua & Barbuda and any
relevant directives from any appropriate governmental authority.

The Company is engaged in landscaping work consistent with the best environmental

In the Interest of transparency, the Company invited the relevant governmental agencies
to the site on 15th April 2020 for them to examine the current operations on site.

The site visit was conducted having regard to the Covid-19 protocols now in place.
The Company repeats its commitment in being a good environmental and corporate

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    • Who is this MICHELE? She don’t look Chinese to me???? She white or something? Does she speak for Yida????

  1. They say they “invited” government to check things out Hey, just a minute. This is Antigua and these Yida guys and gals have NO right to invite or Idisinvite. Government can walk into that site any hour of the day or night. This is ANTIGUA, not YIDAtown. Know your manners.

  2. Yida can lie about what he is doing but photos do not lie. The mangroves have been entirely removed leaving bare land. He is a god damn liar just like Trump! Gaston, where are you? Why so quiet? Or has this virus and the flat economy made you frightened to question unruly investors for fear they might pull out? Come on, man. Get a backbone and do the right thing for the environment and for Antigua.

  3. Lol

    Were the relevant authorities there to examine the current operations on site with regards to the Covid-19 protocols now in place by the company?

    Or they were there in regards to the Company’s level of engagement for the landscaping work being done?

    Or both?

  4. I suspect that even if Michele were invited to inspect the scene herself, her conclusion would have been the same. Some of us, particularly in this tap-a-you-yard policy due to covid-19, have become bored to distraction and seek drama wherever it could be found. Michele, you look caucasian. Do understand, that neither a white-wash nor a yellow-wash is acceptable. Race relations in Antigua are already fragile so we do not need the likes of you creating language designed to belittle fellow human beings!!

    • Man, y’all leave the people let them work. You guys didn’t know about the mangroves before and wouldn’t care. Stop acting like Not even you all care. Just let them work.

  5. The only set of Chinese I would believed are all dead.Antigua and Antiguans,you are in for a rude awakening.That Chinese Village in Antigua would be out of bounds to you people.Maybe you would need to use your Passports when go to Yida Country within your Country.Going on a boat around that Yida coastline could be dangerous.For Yida could have his own damn Coast Guard.And you the Nationals could be fired upon and or be arrested for trespassing into Yida waters.That would be the day I do believed the “DUNG” would have hit the ceiling.

  6. This project stinks worst than the sargassum when it starts to rot at Half Moon Bay! Remember when y’all thought Stanford was the islands saviour, and all he was doing was empire building and lining pockets of those in his clique! Well… this project is going to turn out to be a whole lot worse than that!

    Our nation is so short sighted, that we only see what we want, when we want. The money coming from YIDA is going to one place, and one place only. I’ll leave it to you to work that one out, but it’s not the people of Antigua’s pocket.

    You vote for government , but don’t vote for transparency… Ask for the details of this project, and look into the detail!!! There are two winners, and the people of Antigua are not one of them!

    • The People have a right to total transparency concerning this pseudo mini-state within a state. This is still Antigua and Yida is not a nation or a mini-nation nor a micro-nation, and they better not forget that.

  7. YIDA has put out a video that I would say is absolute fraud (see ABSEZ website). In reality his buildings are cheap prefab boxes and YIDA, with an endorsement from Gaston Browne, is trying to portray something that has no resemblance whatsoever to reality and the tinsel coloured entrance defies description. This whole project is a train wreck that has destroyed the environment and marine life that used to thrive in that protected area. The mangroves produced oxygen and were a fish nursery. We can only hope that the outside world will pulverize China for costing them and us millions and trillions of dollars and so many painful deaths of loved ones. YIDA Zhang seems typical of the country he comes from where lying, deception, propaganda and racism is an accepted part of their everyday lives. He needs to pack up and go along with the rest of them and Gaston Browne should be ashamed of himself for inflicting by allowing this YIDA crap on us, the people of Antigua.

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