Yepton property could sell to make way for a Marriott



The Minister of Tourism reported that summer tourism bookings are extremely high, and that the usual lull in summer flights and hotels reservations will not be occurring this year.


Hence, the expectation is that demand for services and products will continuously be in demand and will result in greater economic activity throughout the entire Summer 2022.


The Minister further informed that discussions with the current owners of the Yeptons property resulted in an agreement to sell.


The new hotel is likely to be a Marriott which is a well-known brand globally and will surely cause an increase number of tourists to visit Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. “Likely.” Hypothetical word. Let’s not deal with likely hoods!

    Let’s say I use your likelihood Mr. Fernandez. Is it more than likely or less than likely that this scenario will come to fruition?

    Still waiting on the ground breaking for the Airport Marriott, The Hard Rock, The Ritz Carlton etc… too many ground fakings. What about the Best Western? A well known American Budget Hotel. Is that completed as yet?

    This is a disgrace. I didn’t even touch YIDA 2 Billion ( with a B) contribution to the tourism product.

    What’s the next diversion?

    • The Best Western? You mean the disgraceful eyesore in Jolly Harbour. That structure should be pulled down and the land used for something that will be completed. Whoever was responsible for that should be ashamed of themselves

  2. A Marriott Hotel ?? How many times have I heard of a Marriott Hotel to be built in Antigua. The Yepton Estate was own by a man by the name Warneford. Is it now owned by the Government? A Marriott was to be built at Cedar Valley Golf Course. What has become of that plan? All damn sweet sounding nothings.A set of lazy no foresights, sets of jackasses. A way DELUXE CINEMA GARNE? TO THE GRAVEYARDS OF ALL CINEMAS.

    • Fu real $6:00 u watch double movie 🎥🍿 tek way poor people enjoyment and look ya government bailout dey couldn’t pay Dem Bill demde building look rundung poor people suffer now $15:00 Fu one Lord help us

  3. Right now I don’t even care to hear about no hotels. Unless you can tell me how many Antiguans are going to be managing. The Royaltan next door only care about Spanish people. The Gm is Spanish and so are the most of the managers. These people speak to Antiguans like they are slaves. Time for our people to be treated respectful.
    This can only come about with Antiguans at the head. Our labor laws are broken and workers are afraid to stand up. These issues needs to be addressed as we move forward with our tourism industry.
    Barbados and even St.kitts next door have locals managing most the hotels. We sign work permits like ABC. We give duty free concessions and years of tax exemptions, those are for our people to benefit. The hoteliers need to know upfront that these million of dollars of tax exemptions are investment on the behalf of our people.
    These international hotels don’t move Antiguans into their management teams. We send our people to all parts of the world to receive education. Don’t tell me that a simple Job as a maintenance Mansger they have to bring in an outsider. Antiguans are managing APUA and Public works. Same thing with the comptroller of customs, after all these years we regressed to an Indian. Time to make the change now. Politicians when you are coming for votes this time, come good jack!

  4. In the economic powerhouse we will be serving drinks and cooking their food. Making their beds, baby sitting and cutting the grass. Management positions will be reserved for the MONTZUNGU

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