Yearwood says UPP mistreated Caricom nationals


A senior member of the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party has charged the main opposition with making life difficult for Caricom nationals during their time in office.

Sir Robin Yearwood says many Caribbean people moved to Antigua under previous labour party governments because there was excess employment.

He told a recent political meeting that the biggest demonstration of resentment towards Caricom was when the changes were made to the Representation of the People Act.

“Three years you live in a country and you allowed to vote, they went to parliament and they raise it to seven years,” the veteran politician said.

“They spited those nationals,” he added.

Sir Robin said Caricom nationals have lived here for many years and made their contribution to the country.

“Since when a Caricom national can be called a foreigner,” he asked.

Yearwood said the UPP’s attempt to regularise Caricom immigrants through the 2004 Millennium Naturalization Act failed and it is only now “they are getting their Antigua and Barbuda passport.”

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  1. Mistreated Caricom nationals eh. The ABLP has been mistreating Antiguans and Barbudans since I know myself. We can’t go anywhere else in the region and get what Caricom nationals get in Antigua and Barbuda. Yearwood should be tge last to talk. What about Liat Sir. Robin?

    • I keep very far from politicians but I would spit in the face of all the ABLP politicians for the way the treat the people of Barbuda. It is Antigua and Barbuda Not Antigua and Barbuda and non nationals. Charity begins at home Sir Robin.

      ABLP is a curse to Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. Robin need to check his brain before he talk. What mistreated he talking about? Nothing is wrong with the Antigua government putting good system in place to protect it nationals and country. Three years is not enough for anyone from outside to say who is the better person to govern its nation.

  3. the alp has been killing local antiguans for years, y we the born antiguans can’t find someone to fight for us….was in a shop one day and heard a Jamaican nationals say that he love the alp because he got his passport from them nothing else bother him not the gas price ,high food prices the total enrichment of the politicians and they been told to creatively. … guess what u hear of the E books,air conditioning for schools, security cameras for schools and on and on this labour party is the most corrupt party in the world, y would some one listen to guy take a drive to willikies, the most he has done for them is for come begging .

    • That’s true Robin only give the people of wilikies handout la when they go begging and jobs which half of them don’t keep cause they know when deny go begging they will get another one. So they will forever vote for him because of the immidiate gain… as with most constituents in ablp. All they see is the few dollars and empty promises and they don’t look at what makes sense and how broken our country is…

  4. I deeply disagree with your views that CARICOM nationals should vote after being in the county after 3 years.

    You haven’t learnt fully the political landscape of the land to make an informed decision.

  5. Robin stop lie. Stop damn lie please. Ask your daughter how many non Nationals are deported daily by immigration department enforcement. Robin all you disgustin every election with this CRAP. MORE PEOPLE GOT DEPORTED IN THREE YEARS THAN WHAT GOT DEPORTED IN TEN YEARS UNDER UPP.


  6. Stop pandering to the non Antiguans to get their votes. What have you done for your constituents for all the years you are in power? You don’t care about Antiguans. You only care about you and the other thiefing ABLP members and staying in power. This the reason for giving out passports. Why don’t you quit. Are you Hoping to die in Office? Many of us Antiguans are sick of you and your crap.

  7. When you can’t run on your own records get some chitterlings and slander and slander and slander the cloth off the opposition. Man this is just sad. Is this the experience that some people touting? Really! Pathetic!

  8. Check the video “Road outside PM’s radio station fixed” listen to the accent of the spokesman. My Cousin cannot trace his family to no other country but Antigua and he cannot find a job. This is the love the ABLP shows to Antiguans.

  9. The Antiguans Barbudans Last Party showing their true colors. If it were not for non Antiguans they all would be out of a job. Robin the hood need to pay his wife the 4 million pounds he owe her and tell the public where he get all that money from. Tell us about your sweetheart deal with WIOc And APUA. In 5 years time Antiguans will not be able to talk or get a job in their country. Look at Sandals, Epicurean, Jumby bay and jolly Harbour if you can find a single Antiguan working in these places you lucky. Even the Chinese restaurant on old parham road replaced all the Antiguans with Jamaicans.

  10. I am so disgusted with the kind of information and careless way it has been banded about in relation to non-nationals. Can I enlighten all of us on something. Forty years ago one man had the opportunity of fixing things in his constituency and what we are seeing is crap (1) the clinic is housed in the old school in the village, (2) the police station has been burnt down since I was a little girl and I am nearly sixty, and where is it now, down scrotch row in the vicinity of Pares Main Road and it is Willikies Police Station (3) The old clinic at Carty’s Hill that has served the people of that constituency for donkey years has never been replace, Any hands who remember nurse Smith, well I am sure if she was alive she would remember, then the proceeded to build a fire station at Carty’s Hill, I dont know what that is, somebody need to give an account for the stupidity that has been done, it is a waste of resource, waste of money and a waste of good material which could have been used to assist some poor people in the constituency (4) The lands oh the lands to be distributed to the people of Willikies, all kind of people are coming and getting our patrimony, and the villagers, those living in the village who have supported you or not cannot even get a piece of land to build a house, wow Mr Yearwood, what with you and the bribeery


    • Lard tek it easy man. Watch ya blood pressure. Don’t want MBS to rise cause we go have an increase in high blood pressure patients.

  12. Lol. This is just to much. Watch people ah rise their blood pressure over politicians. MBS no matter who win red blue or orange you guys better triple you supplies of blood pressure tablet cause some people go tek in.😅😅😅

  13. Well im jus gonna say this guys……ABLP is gonna win and all of u are either gonna live here and prosper with the rest of us or migrate cause we aint going back to the United Regressive Party days…SORRY 😉

  14. Hey this a one comment me haffu left. Salad this one is a no no you see why immigrants will not stop come here and feel they own antigua that they can do as they feel. Sir Robin its not about treating imigrants right. We have to start with our own before we start with others. They come here and we know nothing about them, this goes into their criminal records etc. Can we do the same in another country sir robin? When i look around we harbour alot of immigrants from highly -crime rated caricom countries to enter in our borders. Look antiguans are sojourners we too go elsewhere and live but we have to abide and respect people when we go and i believe its time a law be put in place for that for antiguans at a whole. Do you think we can go anywhere as antiguan in the caribbean and talk bad about their politicians. It would be a miracle if we made it back home. Not saying that we shouldnt welcome people who would like to migrate bt these days we dont know what people are into and we should have the security of our people at heart along with the pride of being an antigua. You know how it looks to see jamaicans Guyanese going to canada usa england committing crimes on our passport and when they are being deported from those countries is back here because they are holders of our passports! Its a disgrace! I say let them wait before they hold this passport so when they get it they use it well! They should do better because the type of countries they are coming from. If they mean well refrain from trouble and live clean. Not come here with your anger and trouble to try and distroy our society culture and privilèges. We are a booming economy with alot of privileges what will be come of us if we were taking aback because we couldn’t protect our borders? We are a small but highly respected country and we need to do better Sir Robin. ALL WE WANT A SOME LIGHT ON PARES MAIN ROAD FOR GO OUR YARD! THIS IS OUTDATED DAM ROAD HAB LIGHT WA BOUT THE MAIN ROAD LEADING UP TO VERANDAH AND PINEAPPLE MEMBER TOURIST LAND A NIGHT TOO AND THEY WATCH HOW U TREAT YOUR PEOPLE! AH WA AWE BE DOG UP YAH!

  15. Aint no doubt but me na go be one of dem supporters that hear them chat shit and na correct them. I dont care personally what they do for me cause whether they in or out i’ll survive; but when you look at this country, this flag where it has came from your talking about our history ,our pride ,privileges , statements like these makes us low! I check it out in this country we allow ourlselves to be afraid to talk and we have allowed others to come her and talk about or for us which is wrong! Only God knows what tomorrow holds we here we put politicians there put we must remember they are all humans and they eventually makea mistake remember that! Prosperity is not promised only God can secure prosperity not mankind! I dont just support a party for just party thats just me as a whole but support and be sure that they can be corrected if they wish to stay there because it is noted in this country that unless something happens nothing gets done!

  16. I have a Jamaican friend who laughs all the time when a person dies in Antigua and she is listening to the death announcement, because 90% a dem relatives live overseas. Yet they hate foreigners and they are foreigners in another man’s country. Some of us would die first before we give up the USA Green Card and Citizenship. As soon as we get pregnant off to North America to have the baby. HYPOCRITES we are!! There is a VOID and there are opportunities in Antigua why CARICOM Nationals and others come here to reside. Do you really think they want to leave their homes to be treated like dogs? do we go to foreign to be waking up out of our beds with degrees below freezing point, and racism? HELL NO!!! but we bundle up and suck it in. Please STOP the hypocrisy. Robin did not win 40 years plus by his vote only; several people voted for him continuously, He must be doing something right or you are calling his constituents stupid. ROBIN DONE WIN!!!

  17. Why do they continue to tout this non-national shit? These people are our caricom brothers and sisters who come here to make life better for themselves they live and work among us. The majority have Antigua and Barbuda passport. They have children who are born Antiguans. It is time these politicians stop playing political foot-ball with non-national. If Antiguans benefit they benefit, so why would they care to jeopardize the country they so love.

    What Robin need to tell us is why is it after being in politics for so long; working under VC fighting for lands for the people. He is now sitting there and watching Antigua in reverse where the land are now been given back to backra I see that he is tired, and it is really time for him to go. Wake up my people.

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