XPZ Supermarket reconstruction delayed


Reconstruction of popular Chinese supermarket, XPZ, is scheduled to begin by the end of 2022.

The supermarket on Sir Sydney Walling Highway was destroyed by fire on 1st June, 2021, leaving the owners estimating their losses at approximately $10 million.


A former employee, a national of China, is in jail awaiting trial charged with arson.


Speaking to Pointe Xpress from China, the supermarket’s manager, David (only name given), said demolition at the site has begun.


He said their rebuilding plans were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


He added, however, that efforts to clear away the debris of the previous structure are ongoing and promised that the supermarket would be rebuilt bigger and better than before at the same location.


An excavator has been seen removing the twisted metal from the premises.


The owners of XPZ operate another business located in St. John’s that sells clothing, however the supermarket was the larger of the two businesses and attracted many customers who found the prices attractive and the location convenient.


Scores of employees were placed on the breadline following the fire.

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  1. Word (credible) on the street has it that the “worker”, most likely indentured, was being abused by his owners. That sort of thing was supposedly outlawed close to 200 years ago or is it ok so long as the Chinese do it because China has Antigua in a bind with all the debt trap loans for crappy construction that we really did not need at that sort of cost!
    We can only hope that the plight of the worker will be taken into consideration.

    • Word (credible) on the street is that there are splinter groups within the UPP gunning for Lovell to get a final beating from Melford, so that the elitist elements can exit with him. Some want Richard Lewis. Some want Jamal Pringle. And the snake wants to be boss of everyone.

      That sort of thing was supposedly outlawed in ACLM and PLM days of Lovell. We can only hope the plight of the non-elitist elements of the party will be taken into consideration.

        • They are delusiional enough to think that Antigua people will ever trust them again to manage this country!

          The clown Lovell will soon be over the cliff.

          • If they can trust a thief then they can trust an honest man!! Allyuh think aryu can fool Antigua people still?

            At least Lovell nah walk a run he mouth like one septic full a $h!+

  2. Speaking to Pointe Xpress from “Communist” China. Friends well met,sleeping in the same China Beds.When you bed down with DAWGS,you would arise with FLEAS.

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