WTM 2022: Colin C. James, CEO, Antigua and Barbuda


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  1. Strange, isn’t it? Under the UPP this guy was a failure. Tourism was at its lowest. And the minister of Tourism was Harold Lovell. Now under a new party in government and he has really turned Tourism around. I mean we are breaking record after record with him in the same position. And that tells you also that the Labour Party doesn’t fire people just because they were hired by the UPP. The one that they had to let go of, and that was because she didn’t want to work under Colin but wanted to be in charge of him. The girl Derede Samuel-Whitlock. When it comes to tourism, she thinks she knows it all.
    Well it has proven that Colin was a better pick that her.

  2. Also Sir, Colin has a humble spirit and is a man of integrity and also a man on a mission… One of Antigua’s true gems.

    Tell Derede touch not the Lord anointed!!!!

      • If leadership matters as you ABLP acolytes suggest, why did Colin James run to the UK, instead of staying behind and explaining the airline fiasco between Nigeria and Antigua?

        @From The Sideline and Spar par, you both sound ridiculous in your support for this wayward government, unless you can shed some light on this matter.

        The citizens of Antigua & Barbuda are still awaiting an explanation from the 3 other musketeers; Gaston Browne; Chet Greene; Max Fernández.

        Come on, try and defend the indefensible … I could do with a good belly laugh!

  3. congratulation to the CEO Mr. James, the hard-working employees, the Hon. Charles Fernandez and the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

    • Hi @ Hmmmmmm, can you explain then, why you think the aforementioned Colin James and Max Fernández hasn’t come forward to highlight their “hardworking” success – as you put it – regarding the Nigerian and Antiguan airline collaboration.


      Try and explain instead of hiding behind useless soundbites ..

      • … you guys are high on nonsensical verbiage, but low on explanations.

        At least I go the extra mile and construct an exposition, elucidation and explication in everything I write on these ANR threads.

        Try it sometime @Hmmmmmm …

        Remember, Brixtonian only wants to raise the bar on discussions and debates.

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