Writ of Election 2023 Issued


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  1. Well well well, not even an hour ago on ZDK Radio Bruce Arendell and his dumb blond Alison Bramble argued that they have not seen the writ of election issued and therefore parliament is not yet dissolved. In other words, do not just take it from the Prime Minister that Parliament is dissolved, because it is the Governor General that must dissolve parliament. These people are so intellectually dunce it is not funny. I mean you need not like the PM but when he tells you he has written to the GG to disolve parliament, the GG has no choice but to do so. And then the dunce Alison suggested that to disolve parliament you need to have some official ceremony. Which shows her ignorance about our system of governance. Only at the opening of parliament do you have a ceremony. And when Bruce asks his co-host what she thinks about the Cabinet Pres Briefings she made more dunce statements that had me wanting to turn off the radio and throw it through the window. People we need to stop thinking and behaving that when our own locals go abroad or are born abroad and come back home with their funny accent, think that they are better than us. THEY ARE NOT. Some hardly make it in the country they migrated to. Look at Franz and Sean. When the PM did his due diligence of them, we found out that they are broke and bankrupt individuals and have many creditors suing them. Now this is what Dumb Blond Alison had to say; The press briefing is too short, and the journalists do not get enough time to ask questions and that the ministers should come and answer the questions. Guys, pure ignorance of the trade of a reporter. I keep saying these people are not trained reporters. They are just radio hosts because they have a mic and think they can talk as they like. First of all, ZDK has a reporter at every Press Briefing. I believe her name is Zoe. And she asks very pertinent questions from the minister. But Zoe is above Alison’s pay grade. Another thing, a press briefing is not about all the cabinet ministers nor the PM coming to answer questions from the reporters. We have special interviews for that. We have an information minister whose job it is to inform the public on every Cabinet Ministers ministry. And we have a Chief of Staff that should be equipped to do so as well. The Whitehouse Press Briefing doesn’t last more than half an hour if that at most. And the President and the various Secretaries do not come and give account. And the Whitehouse Press Secretary picks and chooses which of the reporters in attendance she would allow to ask questions. And in rare cases the President will make an appearance. Sometimes he/she only comes to make a statement and doesn’t even bother to take questions. Alison is as dunce as they come, and people are making her think that she is bright. Well, I know which set of people would do so. We call them the DUNCE UPP people. Alison you are dumb, blond and all that you need now is blue eyes.

    • Ali B has a personal gripe. Bruce is showing his true colours. He pretended to be intellectual, sensible and impartial, but now that the wind blowing, fowl battum a show.

    • Sidelines: Are you certain that both you and Gaston Browne are not one and the same. Just hoping you no lob foo bang woman. Ask the woman from Villa Area how much blow she used to get from dee man.Call no names,bear no blames.

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