Worst and best reasons for missing classes


Every student has pretended to be sick at least once in his or her life, just to avoid going to class. It is normal to skip classes once or twice; no one is immune to burnout and urgent extracurriculars. However, illness is not the best excuse, it’s better to think of something else.

Let’s analyze the TOP worst and best reasons for missing classes at university.


Worst excuses

Some are very popular and some seem ridiculous. Unfortunately, students don’t always show a lot of ingenuity.


Had to do an assignment in another discipline

It happens that students don’t have enough time to do all of their assignments, especially in minor subjects. There are plenty of such students, and this is normal.

However, giving such a reason to the teacher’s face is a rude gesture that can ruin relationships and damage your reputation. “Do you think my discipline is unimportant?” – is the first thing the teacher will think. Be prepared for an unpleasant conversation after which you will have to apologize. And if you want to avoid such a situation, it is better to contact the essay writing service.


Couldn’t walk

If you can’t walk because you sprained your foot or have an infected joint, that’s a valid reason to skip. If you have blisters from wild dancing at a party, you should not tell the teacher about it. Make a better excuse.


Arguing with your boyfriend/girlfriend

Don’t expect the professor to be sensitive about your private life. Love and studies shouldn’t touch each other, which is exactly what you’ll hear in response to a story about a quarrel.

If you get depressed and need psychological help, see a psychologist. He will give you a certificate exempting you from classes (or maybe not, it all depends on your state of mind).


Being in a bad mood

Let’s go back to the point about the quarrel with your soulmate: if you need psychological help, see a psychologist. But a bad mood, sadness, and melancholy are not good reasons for skipping classes.


Doctor’s advice to skip classes

The doctor may recommend that you stop studying for a while to avoid stress. If this is your case, ask the doctor for a certificate exempting you from classes. And explain at the university why you needed peace of mind.

However, it will be like a fairy tale made up for a particular teacher without a medical note.


Is it always necessary to make excuses?

You’d be surprised, but not all professors are interested in listening to you mutter about family emergencies, bus accidents. Many consider it a waste of time.

Is it worth explaining the reason why you didn’t go to class? It all depends on the teacher. You can give a brief apology first, and then explain in more detail if you are asked. Sometimes actions and a desire to catch up say a lot more about you than excuses.


The best excuses

  • I had food poisoning. (Poisoning is easier to believe than the flu since it usually lasts for a short time and does not require medical attention.)
  • Took an extra shift at work and couldn’t get up for class. (However, some professors don’t like it when students work after class or before).
  • I thought it was another day of the week/I messed up my schedule/I don’t manage time well. (This can happen to anyone, so it’s plausible).
  • I had a migraine (If a teacher has ever had a migraine attack, he/she will sympathize with you).
  • Had transportation/car trouble, train canceled, etc.(This is not the best or most plausible excuse, but it is realistic).
  • Had a family member’s wedding (Also quite plausible).
  • Had a sudden injury (Might need proof).


Most students miss classes for very trivial reasons: illness or some kind of emergency. If it happened to you a couple of times – the teacher may even sympathize. But do not take advantage of it, sooner or later the excuses will stop working.



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