World Wildlife Day 2023 – Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation


Most of the wildlife that we see daily and often take for granted are celebrated annually today! When we say wildlife, we are referring to the undomesticated native animals and plants of Antigua and Barbuda that were not introduced by humans.

Think about all the birds, lizards, frogs, and insects that call Antigua their home, they deserve some love too!

This year, the theme for World Wildlife Day is ‘Partnerships for wildlife conservation’.

Every year on March 3, the United Nations (UN) has recognized this day as an international day to celebrate wild animals and plants and their contribution to our lives and the health of the earth.

This specific day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wilf Fauna and Flora (CITES), which was signed on this day in 1973, making this year the 50 th anniversary of the convention.

At the National Parks, we have been privileged to have formed partnerships with several governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that aid to conserve national wildlife populations.

In 2021, the National Parks Authority (NPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Environment Awareness Group (EAG) for the Offshore Islands Conservation Programme (OICP), with the vision of “adaptively managed, flourishing offshore island ecosystems where wildlife thrives, people are meaningfully engaged, and sustainable use is valued and practiced for the benefit of all.”

Through this partnership, the NPA and the EAG have been able to collaborate on many more projects together.

For example, the NPA has been able to assist the EAG with national records for turtle nesting in the prime nesting beaches within the NDNP boundaries.

Additionally, the NPA works with the EAG to complete bird surveys that contribute to regional counts for birds across the Caribbean.

We have also formed strong partnerships with the Elkhorn Marine Conservancy (EMC), which is an NGO whose mission is “to enhance the resilience and local stewardship of Antiguas marine ecosystems through restoration, collaborative management and conservation.”

This partnership has shown major potential as both the EMC and the NPA have coral restoration nursery sites that were created for the enhancement of degraded ecosystems and the continued conservation of marine wildlife.


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  1. This is really presumptuous…..
    We are the ones destroying wild life by believing consumption is indefinite…..
    We cannot take care of ourselves what do we know about wild life that is capable of taking care of themselves only if we left them alone.

    In this vast universe some how man kind thinks they are superior what a hot mess….END

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