Works Minister says new cells at HMP in 3 months


Public Works Minister, Lennox Weston said new cells will be added to the country’s sole prison within three months.

Last week, the Minister told state media that container structures were being used to construct an additional prison block at the facility that has been plagued by overcrowding for years.

“It’s going to be a 144-bed facility so it should be able to house 144 inmates in, as I said, world class condition. We have already put down some but the COVID stopped us”, Weston said.

Senator Lennox Weston

The prison has reportedly granted permission for the workers to reenter the facility to continue the project.

The method being used to construct the new block is said to be 95% less expensive than building a concrete structure.

“People felt, when they heard, that it’s going be the old container that they stuff goods in, but they are really prefab dwelling homes made out of similar material but fully insulated fully airconditioned”, Minister Weston added.



  1. Always a patch job with this government. What happened to the new prison you were going to build?

  2. Ah now crime ah go rise…..”air condition, world class condition”….where is the “built in deterrent factor”? For those who are on remand it’s not bad’ however for the convicted ones let them piss and shit pan one another. Feed dem bread bush tea fuh brukfus and bread or fungie fuh dinnah and wash it dung wid water. See how quick room occupancy decline. See how murda rate escalate when dem tap heng people ah so crime ah go rise when dem know dem ah go get A/C inna prison. Got to be tough on crime

  3. Don’t make things too attractive, certainly not air conditioned “world class”. Prison is to be the closest thing there is to hells on earth. If every murderer was sentenced (according to law) to death by hanging, we’d have lots of room at 1735. “A life for a life.” Prison should be a place nobody ever wants to go to. It must be unattractive in every way.

    • I agree.. prison life sweet and some people don’t mind it that’s why they commit crimes .. bring back the death penalty !

  4. Did He Say World Class Conditions? So you are going to go from a Rat infested prison to world class conditions in 3 months ..

    Does anyone in this government hear themselves out loud when they speak.

    From the nonsensical proposals with Covid!

    To the reason why we don’t have running water in 2020!

    Now world class conditions in a prison with little or no upgrades since 1735..

    Wow! This government is delusional !!!

  5. If Antigua reduced immigration from Jamaica and D.R., we would have much less criminals in Antigua. I really wish that Antigua would withdraw from CARICOM now, as it serves no purpose for us. Sure, the OECS is fine, but CARICOM is dumb. We need to get at the source of this criminal problem in Antigua.

    I do not like criminals, but I do think Antigua needs to be known as a source of humanity and proper treatment of those serving time for their crimes. Therefore, I fully support a full renovation of 1735. I am sure there must be some left-wing billionaire in the world that is willing to donate $100m to fully renovate and upgrade it. It would actually be a pretty cool historical prison if it was upgraded to 2020 standards.

  6. 3 months?

    Like how the criminal prosecution services was to be in full swing for how long now?

    Give be a break

  7. “World class condition” Mr. Works minister, for a prison? Is it going to be a prison hotel? “Renovation and upgrade” are more suitable words. Try that.

  8. In 3 months?? Let us see what happens then.So by September,the new cells should be in progress.Then again,this man always had a big,loud mouth.Remembered the two highways were supposed to be finished by December of 2019.Are they finished as of yet.May be by December,2021.Bahama Hot Mix gave him that finger.

  9. I use to like Weston because he had a big mouth and would say it as he saw it. Of late he has been quite quit. Did he realize it was more profitable for him to join the gang?

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