Women’s Forum condemns ‘disgusting’ remarks by Prime Minister Browne about the Women of St. Vincent & The Grenadines


The Women’s Forum of the United Progessive Party (UPP-WF) strongly condemns the Facebook remarks made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne regarding the women of St. Vincent & The Grenadines.


At any time at all, these remarks would be considered vulgar, demeaning, sexist, and inappropriate.  But at a time like this, when the people of that nation are vulnerable, anxious, in peril, and are likely to be displaced, the Prime Minister’s comments are inexcusable.


Mr. Browne’s words were neither funny nor light-hearted, and we are disgusted that the head of Government would behave in this manner.


The Women’s Forum views his statements as predatory and an encouragement of the men of our Nation to see women as “prey” and as sex objects.


Were the situation reversed, with Antiguans and Barbudans invited to accept refuge elsewhere, would we not want to be assured of a haven that is safe and honourably intended?






We urge the women and men of Antigua & Barbuda – including the religious and civil-society leaders – to condemn the Prime Minister’s remarks and any actions that might result from them, since they set an un-Christian and dangerous example.


We further encourage all persons to pray for the safety, security, and well-being of the people and nation of St. Vincent & The Grenadines, and to do all we decently and charitably can to ease their suffering and return them to normalcy.


We are, indeed, our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers;  and on this National Day of Prayer, we are guided by the words of Matthew 25:40: “ … whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

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  1. chups? yall tek every thing and make it political. it was funny i laugh and i am female. just give me a break

    • Seriously so when the young lady said bring all old man how y’all not talking about that ….it was a simple joke because of what the young lady said ..y’all hate the pm so much that everything he does is wrong …He can’t make a joke ? Isn’t he human …ridiculous!!! Give the man a break …

    • Gaston is still going to win his seat 🤗🤗🤗 . Look how man got homes & lands , look how we got a university…yes thank god for uncle Gaston

  2. Ok….so since they political candidates are of no relevance this so called forum has now reared its UGLY HEAD.

  3. Where were the women forum of the upp when knight n dem were attacking Donna chai on the radio…..Stop being bias one sided ppl
    This newsroom is one side and bias..they never pick out the positive new always the negative.!!!!!!!

  4. UPP hate CARIBBEAN / CARICOM Nationals. UPP does like NON NATIONALS. I heard the Hon. Gaston Browne on Pointe Fm on Saturday.

  5. I heard FRANZ on The OBSERVER RADIO. We NON NATIONALS condemn Franz for what He said about NON NATIONALS. FRANZ is an AWFUL PERSON.

  6. When the grapes are flowing throughout the body of life. Anything will be uttered by the said individual. Woke women know that it’s time to CANCEL he out! His time is up! VOTE him OUT! The moment has come. He has overstepped a fine line as a statesman. The truth serum always find a way to bring his thoughts to utterance.

  7. These women never said what was uttered by the Prime Minister. This tells Us that These women of the UPP are
    are looking for votes. Just to let you know that 100 % OF NON NATIONALS support ABLP. Your UPP DOES NOT like NON NATIONALS.

    We have formed a group called ( NON NATIONALS WOMEN FOR ABLP ). GABRIELLA We shall a meeting this Thursday. I shall call you today with the details.


  10. I don’t follow the 🤡 show on facebook and for good reason and this forum is not saying what he said so this is a non story .

  11. Thank you for speaking out about this. I was so shocked at the comments that I could not believe they had come from anyone in this region, especially not a leader.

    We need to continue to hold our leaders to the highest account particularly when it comes to issues of our most vulnerable.

    • Goodness.. Gracious… This is a non-issue. Politics have really clouded you Nayseyers minds. You guys have no credibility. Don’t you all hear the toilet comments coming from the PM opponents. Get a life with your foolishness.


    • @Santana….Franz could not even beat the mosquitos in Malawi. Franz is a joker. Not even his John Peepies will vote for him.

    • Santia
      She needs a good bashing. Coming on media to defame Harold Lovell for political gains when she has not one shred of evidence. Harold, put the law suite on her and let she provide her evidence, other than Bloomberg.

  13. GABRIELLA you want to know what the Prime Minister said. Well he said he spoke to the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and ask him to send only the pretty women to Antigua since we need to expand our population. Even in jest that sounds crass coming from the Prime Minister, especially given the gravity of the current crisis in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

      I do not see anything wrong with what the PM said. You Guys are pulling at straws. Loosen up UPP. That’s why WE Spanish Girls love ABLP and Hon.Gaston Browne.

    • @ Tabor …. is this the father or the daughter… or sorry I didn’t realize charles was mentioned …please say hi to your daughter for me … you really need to get a life and stop being a mother with all girls

  14. Once again the PM shows he is out of step with public opinion and has little concern about how his words and actions are perceived. Just like in is disastrous response to the pandemic, so far costing 30 lives and many livelihoods, he simply laughs off criticism of his sexist remarks, believing, just like trump, he can say what he likes and is untouchable.

    • You guys are so santimonious and full of it. Wow.. the leader of your party used more denigrating language about women on radio. You self-righteous people are so gauling and pathetic. You guys lacks credibility and decency.

    • And he is still going to win the next general election hands down we voting ABLP and honorable Gaston Brown

      • As a Non National who is proud to become a Naturalized Antiguans @Gabriella, when you are talking please talk for yourself. I am definitely not a part of your dreamless team and can testify to what I have seen done in Antigua and Barbuda under the leadership of the UPP and what they are doing now in Opposition. Please up and get a life of your own in Antigua. Talk for your dunce self

        • @ CAMPECHO
          Stop singing for your supper. You’re NOT a NON- NATIONAL. You’re just trying to add your voice to The Losing UPP. Shame on CAMPECHO.
          By the way stop hiding behind FAKE NAME.

  15. @scpuld not beat the mosquitos in malaria in Malawi aFranz is a joker. Not even his John Peepies will vote for him.

  16. Antigua needs to take a page out of St. Kitts playbook. Non Nationals are not going to decide the political future if there country. Dem no let are u rass in and when they do. You have a time limit and send you rass back whey you cum fram! Are you have sum damn nerve to say wha shoulda happen yah! Gwan go home. Antigua no need all you! Full stop!

    • Unfortunately, uneducated fool’s needs to be educated about their story. Your Caribbean brothers and Sisters could be related to you. Research the history of fore father’s. Please stop your nonsensical and foolish comments.

  17. Are you non nationals seem to forget to gave you you an opportunity to regularize your status and make you stay out when the lights got turned on. A UPP do that and caught plenty flack. Damn ungrateful!

  18. In my opinion.He should not have responded the way in which he did.He is the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.He has to choose his words wisely.Especially when doing so on Social Media and in the Public. Tempered his remarks to suit the occasion.Not everything is a joke.Not all jokes are funny.

    • I totally agree with you Mount O. Everyone has the choice to make jokes but when you’re a Prime Minister of a nation, a leader, and a role model especially to our young men in Antigua and Barbuda certain jokes, coming from you Mr. PM, should not be uttered in the public domain especially on social media. Mr. PM seek advice of the words you will be posting on social media.

  19. Fortunately for me my degrees were earned not conferred. I know my history Mr. crime fighting Colombo. I know where I come from and I know where I belong. Yes you’re correct. The Western Hemisphere was not inhabited by the Africana. We were transplanted here. The ruling African tribes enslaved, caught and sold their own people to white colonialists who saw an opportunity to free labor that could endure the harsh environment of the Americas. So it is true that we have relatives spread throughout the Americas. That does not excuse incursion upon sovereignty. Check your Constitution!

    • Earning degrees don’t make you educated, I am sure you know the word called Mis-educated. My Grandma used the term educated Jack Donkey. Politics have a way of blinding some followers and it’s appears that you fit the role. Please don’t used foolish comments to describe people that looks like you. You are demonstrating a person who is a nincompoop. You can choose to support any party or Politrickians but I strongly disagree with your Diatribes and tribalism with your rum shop comments.

      • Antiguans have always welcomed people from all over Caribbean. But a lot of Antiguans are mad that the non nationals are being used by the Labour Party to usurp their right to elect their government. Why does every opportunity Gaston gets he says UPP doesn’t like non nationals? I am sure he said this again on his Saturday radio program. If his is such a good government, why does he have to pander to the non nationals? He and his party are causing divisions between native Antigua’s and non nationals just to stay in power.
        The Labour Party uses non nationals, and the black African leaders use their military. All are you black leaders will try to hang to power by any means.
        One of papa Bird’s details years ago told me that at one time there were Haitian garbage collectors in Antigua and papa Bird would have them bussed to Cedar Grove to vote for him. A long time the Labour Party is playing this game.

      • Do you have a degree? You would not be talking such crap if you did. Go and get a degree and then talk.

  20. What is the women forum saying or would have said about the fact that the party has a woman criminal on its ticket? One who has committed the most heinous of crime on a woman!!!!

    • I would love to know who that woman is. We are not perfect and we all have faults and come short of God kingdom. If you’re looking for perfect candidates, well God has not created them yet.

  21. JUST SAYING looks like you know a lot about Franz. It indicates you listen to his show. Anyway, one of the major upsets in the next general elections is when the “Love Man” loses to Franz.

    • Sign here, Mr Tabor. You are on point
      I woul encourage Just Saying to listen to Franz more and get educated as to when, where, how and where to speak when you say what……
      What are you defending…..

    • @Tabor. Yes I do listen. Will not for one day pretend I don’t listen. How else would I know of the folly he speaks?

  22. UPP and CHARLES TABOR are throwing MUD to see what stuck. I have been reading the comments and it show that UPP has 00 ( ZERO) SUPPORT.

  23. And being a politician and trying to recite what someone have written for you make you sound eloquent. Not even having the mental capacity to make sense from nonsense. If your uneducated, corrupt and scheme driven mind can find the brain power to decipher the innuendo. For someone to push education and the establishment of higher education to the forefront of an educated society. To enhance its citizenry. To diminish it with such vile, pompous attitude,arrogance and indifference shows that your limited educated mind did not make the cut. Your missing a several screws. Several synapses were not connected during fetal development. What you finish? Secondary school with one CXC. Let me guess! PE? You know very well how to run a scheme. Politicians like you make the good intention ones look bad. Alp has squandered the resources of Antigua and Barbuda. Trevor smarter than you. You have zero credibility. You’re done!

    • Where were you from 2004 to 2014? The worse government in Wadadli story was the UPP. Miseducation is terrible decease. Should I say amnesia and dishonesty.

  24. this article is lacking,,,,terribly.
    WTF did he say?
    That should have been included in this horribly,written piece.

  25. Go back to this ANR article: BREAKING: La Soufriere explodes, Antigua will accept 250 Vincentians, April 9, 2021, and read the comments by ‘No Post Office’ and ‘Mhmmm’.
    No preacher or humorist can top this! True Caribbean talk!

  26. This Jamaican PM is without class or dignity. At this point, he’s a national embarrassment and nothing he says should surprise anyone.

  27. Ordinarily I would have dismissed this as just callous “man” talk and perhaps that’s just what it was. For someone as solicitous, thoughtful and precise as the PM and given the urgency and sensitivity of the moment, the PM would agree that his comments might have been a little incentive and ill conceived. The best of us sometimes err and when we do, we should offer a simple apology and move on..

    • 1. The PM did not agree that his remarks were inappropriate. He just went on Facebook and told people to “get a life” because he’s a big inappropriate child as always.

      2. Your PM is neither thoughtful nor precise

  28. Was this womens forum in existence when Lovell BADPLAYED Joanne Massiah for party leadership or when Shawn Nicholas was edged out and Sherfield Bowen welcomed with open arms? And what about their treatment of Chaniel Imhoff in the St. Peters primary?

  29. Why is this a surprise? We all know dictator traitor Gaston bang up his wife on many occasions and I am sure he has done the same with many other women especially while abusing his position.

    Traitor dictator Gaston must be voted out. He is the worse person to represent Antigua and its people.

    • Men who are bullies like him marry younger women that they can take advantage of. They don’t woman in their age group as they may not be able to walk all over them. Anyway children eventually grow up.

      • Traitor dictator Gaston time will come. I will drink a juice and celebrate when that happens.

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