Women dominate Party monarch in Antigua

Claudette ‘CP’ Peters and Empress took home the crowns for the Jumpy and Groovy segments of the 2023 Party Monarch

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  1. First let me say Kudos to all the participants of this year’s Soca Monarch. I must commend especially the new and first time finalists. I think everyone did exceptionally well. Amidst the fact that major heavyweights were absent except for CP and Menace. I think the show was ok.

    Honestly I think Menace deserved better. I’m honestly confused regarding judges choices on the jumpy placements no disrespect to Dj Who but… Whoa. I mean WOW. I would dare to say Zamoni deserved better.

    Anyway judge’s decision are final they say but, Menace seriously deserved better. Might’ve created a hazard in the grounds but hey. Good job to everyone

    PS we need better song choices or writers for the artists. Soca Monarch can’t always be about what we call da ‘Chuppit song dey’ insert Princess Thalia should give a lesson in writing. She is an Excellent artist. Songs like Tizzy’s Expose, or Claudette Peter’s All I know. Songs that are memorable and make you fell something.
    The Artists really need to push their pens and minds to reach not just an Antiguan audience but relatable to a wider region and world over. Soca Villain kudos to you brother you got Strength.

    Great job everyone

  2. Menace should have won in the second segment..
    He performed much better than dj who?
    That is my opinion!
    In the first round he did a better performance than cp..
    But I guess she was the crowd favorite…
    Menace perhaps you should sit out 2024…
    I certainly would not be going to the show!

  3. Congratulations to Empress and Claudette CP Peters on their well-deserved wins in the 2023 Soca Monarch Competition. Menace got exactly what he deserved! Dr Who should be thanking his lucky stars for his surprise placement! Lyrics Man in my opinion wasmuch better than Dr Who???? He should have placed – even out of respect for his reigning monarch status. After all, they did it for Zachari a few nights earlier.

    • chupz!
      DJ Who love carry gyal feelings and push up he face like man a beg he hail. Should not have even passed infront Island Prince but we know he kiss ass with certain people 🙄

  4. Congratulations to the Ladies on their winnings.Empress in my opinion was rob some years ago for STAND UP.How she did not place then was unbelievable .

  5. Always like Empress. Congratulations Queen and the Road March belongs to you also.
    The big question is on the international front, why aren’t we mashing up the big stages and international carnivals? You go to one a these Big name carnivals and once you hear them Trini tunes pumping, it’s like a gravitational pull, yet year after year our radio announcers kept telling our artists we even surpassed Trinidad with our music and this goes for both Soca and Calypso. This was the downfall of the Windies, tell them they are better than the Best and the Best just kept on doing what they do Best, win. Some of these Calypso by the time de rhythm start you know who the singer is, cause they come with the same thing every year and still end up in the finals. As RED Hot say “Do as the Roman’s do” and they use to mash up any stage with this Aryo, Aryo one of the Maestro very best.

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