Woman Who Breached Self-quarantine Could Be Charged

'Spanish Girl' In Black Top

Police Commissioner, Atlee Rodney has said that charges could be brought against a woman who allegedly breached self-quarantine orders.

“The matter is being investigated with the likelihood of charges being brought against her for breaching the Quarantine Act once her quarantine period comes to an end.”

The woman and her friends were seen on social media at a tattoo palour in St. John’s on Tuesday. They have all been quarantined at the Hawsbill Hotel.

Health Officials confirmed that the woman in question came in on American Airline flight 2405 from Miami on Friday 19th June 2020 and after undergoing screening, was given permission to self-quarantine at her home.




      These simple questions would show there would be no darn charge;

      (i) …Is Commissioner Atlee Rodney the ‘Quarantine Authority.’

      (ii) …Did he accede to a request from the woman to allow her to be ‘Self-Quarantined at home?

      (iii) …Was her home a ‘…designated Government Quarantine facility?

      (iv) …If so, when and by whom?

      (v) …Was such a declaration made by the Commissioner or ‘Quarantine Authority Dr. Rhonda Sealy-Thomas?’

      Let not your emotions get the better of you.

      She was granted ‘…Special Privilege’ to go home.

      This was as opposed to being placed in ‘…Mandatory Quarantine.’

      She reportedly ‘breached stipulated ‘Guidelines.’

      The ‘Special Privilege’ was withdrawn’

      She was then placed in ‘Mandatory Quarantine.’

      Let not your hopes go too high or your ego could be deflated.

  1. The women should be arrested and tried for treason and/or attempted murder and declared persona non grata at the completion of a lengthy prison sentence. If not BORN here, their citizenship should be revoked and tgey should be repartiated from whence they came.

  2. People like this makes me SICK!!! Total disregard for the population!!! Because a f’ing tattoo or piercing is sooooo important right now!!! Couldn’t get it done where you were? “Should be charged”?…SHOULD?? Charge her ass and give her time at 1735. Then if she’s not Antiguan by birth, revoke her citizenship and get her a$$ out of here for good!! We can’t expect the government to do everything! We all have a responsibility in these times to do the right thing!

  3. Look at the picture. The two ladies aren’t even wearing the masks correctly and the person taking the picture/video isn’t even wearing one. I don’t think that people understand the seriousness of this pandemic. Everyone will sit there and “we should do this and we should do that” and the “government should do this or should’ve done that”. When we get shut down completely again we will understand. Innocent will always suffer for the guilty and we will only have ourselves to blame. We all think we live in a bubble and it won’t affect us, but we will continue to say this until….guess what?….it INfects us!!!


  4. Absolutely disgusted by her actions !!!!

    You have put the life of others in danger !! Breaching the contract with the GOVT. is a punishable offense & she should definitely be charged for the same as “attempt to Murder”, if you look at it, you are trying to kill others with the virus you bought in.

    Shame on You !!

  5. All I know is this person should pay compensation to the tattoo artist who had to lock down his business. Small businesses are already suffering and he had to close down yet again because one dutty foot gyal couldn’t wait to get a tattoo or piercing?

  6. It’s more than just her …alot more came and has left already or they still here …some connected and know people in very high places

    • This is very strange. A number of people were arrested a few weeks ago on the streets, locked up overnight and fined $1,000 for not wearing a mask. Agreed, they broke the law.They were not even afforded the physical distancing protocol when they were locked up..That act could have or maybe spread the virus in the communities from which they resided. because they were not tested. This woman now ‘could be charged’.. Stupidity abounds.

  7. Selfish and ignorant. She should be fined and she should be forced to pay Mongoose for the revenue he has lost at his place of work due to her recklessness.

  8. I see three persons in the above picture.Not one is wearing a mask.If you have a mask being worn improperly.In my opinion you are not wearing one.The mouth and nose must be covered when wearing a mask.If you are not covering up those two areas.Then having a mask on your chin is useless.You would either be spreading the virus and or getting that virus. Where is the so called physical distancing in that business.

  9. It is wrong , but I see a lot of people on the streets without their masks on, and nothing happened all of a sudden you want to nail this women on the cross come on people you judge people and don’t judge yourself and others that do the same o even worse

    • The Government is at fault….Anyone coming from covid19 hotspots should automatically be quarantined at mandatory facilite…..the woman should of adhere and self quarantine but she’s not the only one that did not stay home

  10. But why was she allowed to self quarantine when she’s coming from Miami which is a covid19 hot spot

  11. That white woman in Urlings is quarantining in two houses. Urlings and St Johns and flaunting it on her facebook. Disgusting

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