Woman Wakes Up To Abandoned Baby At Her Door


A resident of Grays Farm got the shock of her life this morning after she woke up to a newborn on her front porch.

The baby boy is described as about one month old and of Hispanic descent.

The woman reported to the police that she woke up at 1:30 a.m to sounds outside.

She said she initially thought it was a rat playing outside.

The sounds persisted and the women said when she investigated she saw a baby in a box.

The person who left the baby at the front door also left a note saying “I bring baby for you.”

The baby was taken to the hospital.

Police are investigating.

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  1. What a sad story indeed! The good part is that the baby was not abandoned in the bushes or killed. It is clear that the mother needs help, both psychiatric and physical help. It is easy to bash the mother but we have no clue what she is going through. Sometimes we see people smiling but we don’t know how much they’re fighting to keep it together. There are so many women struggling to have a baby and there are those with babies who simply cannot afford it or cannot deal with it.

    • Thank you Audley. What you’ve said is so true. Life is a struggle for many people. Do not judge unless you are wearing the shoes.

  2. At least they left the baby at someone’s door…better than leaving the child elsewhere to die. Now someone can adopt him into a good home.

  3. Is of Spanish what ?? Did the baby speak or when it cried it have Spanish songs

  4. I just gotta say thank God that this is the best decision this person made. Now a decent home can be provided for this innocent child. I ain’t even gonna knock the person who did this since I dont know their situation however my suggestion is please use preventative measures to stop unwanted pregnancy. God is in the midst.

    • God is in the midst of every “unwanted” pregnancy too. Babies that are born, no matter the circumstances, are born because they are meant to be born.

    • You sound like a full fledge jackas. Your narrowminded ass don’t know the circumstances that lead to the decision of leaving the baby there but you are crying down the place calling here a cartoon country. Only cartoon charater I see here is you dumba

  5. Wow! At least she placed it where it could be found and take care of.
    Women, protect yourselves when having sex if you neither want children nor able to take care of them.
    Problem of abandonment solved.

  6. I hope the mother gets help and care. I pray this baby lives a healthy, happy, and productive life.


    Infant who should be in the arms of his mother had exposed him to ‘…physical danger.’

    The Juvenile Act has made this sufficiently clear [Section 5: Chapter 229].

    There is something equally as important, and begs the question ‘…What may have driven the mother to such course of action?

    Reasonable inferences might be drawn that she had ‘…absolutely no intention to kill and disposed of the infant’s body.’

    Heartless, reckless and cruel. Yes!

    Still, it would be nice to ‘…know what had triggered her mind to act in such manner, before jumping to premature conclusions or even criminal prosecution.’

    • Too late re jumping to conclusions. You’ve already labelled it heartless, reckless and cruel when it could be none of those.

  8. I agree with you Mr. Pompey. Depression after giving birth is very real. We need more support for mothers.

  9. Antigua desperately needs to put in place the “safe haven law” this will definitely be of Benefit to us and provide peace of mind for these situations! Providing a safe channel for mother’s in bad situations will keep baby’s safe and give mothers a secure channel for these children.

  10. alot of you will have your two cent about the woman but take that two cent and realize a man will say its not his baby but a woman will not we all read and watch the news and have them two cent on the matter no one know what drive the woman to the left her baby there but am sorry for the mother and the baby for the hardship she batting to that decision

  11. I would adopt this baby as my own if I was that person and in the position to do so, its sad though but the up side to this the baby wasn’t found in a toilet or garbage

    We live in a real world with real uneasy situations and we need to show more love

    I hope this baby finds a really good family

  12. I’m glad the baby is ok. Thank God she left it a someone’s door. Let’s not be so quick to condemn her. There should be laws in place for struggling parents to be able to do this in a safe place without repercussion.

  13. I hope the police don’t bring a charge against her but give her the help and support she needed in the first place.

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