Woman to face reckless driving charges after crashing into Land Registry


The woman who crashed into a utility pole and the Land Registry yesterday is to be charged with reckless driving.

She was the driver in a minivan and according to reports, after using the parking lot opposite the building that now houses the Land Registry the woman refused to pay the $2.50 charge.

Instead she decided to flee by breaking through the chain baring the access gate to the parking lot.

The driver then lost control of the minivan which careened across High Street, destroying a lamp post, then ran up onto the sidewalk before finally colliding with the glass door of the building.



    • I agree. She need to pay for the pole, and repairs the damaged made to the building. This was not call for if she wasn’t so ignorant in her attitude. Old people do say that who na hear feel.

    • That should have taken the same day to see what she was highout on. These things only happened in a civilized country. I don’t even think that had cross our police officers mind to have her take a drugs and alcohol test right away.

  1. Wow ANR! Talk about sexism. “WOMAN to face….”???? Why not “DRIVER”???? This is 2020, not the Dark Ages. Come better than that!!!!!

    • Jennifer come on be fair. Saying “Woman to face charges for reckless driving ….” could not be considered sexism. Moreover, you have said in another article on ANR dealing with the same accident that “the driver must be a man”. The latter statement could be considered to be more sexism than the former.

    • The things you all tend to come up with really amaze me some times.
      I await your response also to the news headline that two MEN injured in smash up on Fort Road.

      • I think you’re the one living in dark ages. Other countries usually says the sex of the drivers. I watched America news every day, and they always mentioned the sex of the driver.

    • @Jennifer:To say “WOMAN TO FACE RECKLESS DRIVING CHARGES”.Could you tell me and only me.How is that sexism in any year.If a Man was driving and the same thing happened.What would they have printed.MAN TO FACE RECKLESS DRIVING CHARGES.Would that be seen as a sexist headline then? Come on.If you need something to sleep on this is not it.You have missed your mark.You have missed your bullseye.Go after real pertinent things pertaining to women and sexism anywhere.Do not waste your time on a matter like this insignificant Headline.

  2. Well well well now she have to pay for her van worst if it is someone own, lamp post and the infrastructure of land registry all because she refuse to pay $2.50 boy she a kill me, and worst case scenario she may seriously hurt someone.

  3. That driver must feel like the dumbest jackass in the world right now! Sorry, no sympathy from me. For the want of $2.50, $25000 might be lost.

  4. I heard it was an accident. The lady hit gas in stead of brakes and that caused the accident. Antigua have more important things to bicker about than this. Glad the lady wasn’t injured.

    • Yes Renee she hit gas instead of brakes because it is alleged she was trying to flee the car park without paying the parking fee. The exit for the car park directly faces the Land Registry. One can surmise therefore that when she hit the gas she failed to control the car and it went straight into the Land Registry.

  5. I am trying figure out.Where on High Street this happened.Where is the Land Registry.Give me a building and or company name from 30 plus years ago.

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